Tuesday, May 18, 2021

2021 Buffalo Bills Spreads for Full Season

by steve

The draft is over, the schedule is out and no one gives a shit about dudes working out in shorts and belly shirts. Thankfully, Westgate Casino released betting lines for all 18 weeks of the NFL regular season. Here are he spreads for all 17 Bills games this upcoming season:

Week 1
-6 v Steelers

Week 2
-3.5 @ Dolphins

Week 3
-7.5 v Washington

Week 4
-14 v Texans

Week 5
+4.5 @ Chiefs

Week 6
-2.5 @ Titans

Week 7

Week 8
-7 v Dolphins

Week 9
-6.5 @ Jaguars

Week 10
-7 @ Jets

Week 11
-6 v Colts

Week 12 Tgiving
-1.5 @ Saints

Week 13
-7 v Patriots

Week 14
+4 @ Buccs

Week 15
-9.5 v Panthers

Week 16
-3.5 @ Patriots

Week 17
-8.5 v Falcons

Week 18
-6.5 v Jets


The Bills, per this vegas sportsbook who is actually taking bets on this stuff has Buffalo favored in 15 of 17 games and dawgs only twice at KC and at TB.

Granted Buffalo is only double digit favorites once, vs the Texans but the amount of respect for this team right nownis pretty remarkable.

The most surprising lines are at Miami and at NE where Josh Allen and no are -3.5 in both games and as favs at the Titans & at Saints in prime time.

Monday, May 3, 2021

2021 Buffalo Bills Draft Review

by steve

The draft has come and gone. Did the Bills improve their roster for 2021? How about 2022 and beyond? The question really is, what was Brandon Beane's goal coming in to the 2021 NFL Draft?

Quite clearly it was 2022 and beyond. The Bills did address their biggest need according to me, edge rusher, with their first TWO! picks but other than taking a flyer on a super fast yet raw WR/KR in the 6th round, Marquez Stevenson, did nothing to help the offense at all.

Buffalo's first 3 draft picks played a combined 7 games last year. Rousseau is young and wont grt on the field much next season. Its much more likely Basham could make an impact but he comes off as more of a hole plug & run D guy and less a QB killer.

The offensive linemen are tackles except the 7th round dude from Texas Tech that looks like Richie Incognito. The more pressing need will be inside in the near term considering both tackles are under contract for at least the next 2 years.

No tight end at all, no RB, no receiver before the 6th round, no agressive action for a team ostensibly fighting for a Super Bowl.

Do i HATE this draft? No. Are the Bills an improved roster for 2021? Likely no. Is there much more to be expected when Beane and Co had limited picks, cap space and picking 30th? Not really.

This draft was more of a crapshoot than most years with very limited tape and medical info etc. Then again thats why I wanted to try snd get 2022 draft picks but instead Beane drafted players for 2022. Maybe thats the same thing?

Grade C+

Saturday, May 1, 2021

2021 Bills 5th Round Pick 161 OT Tommy Doyle

At 161 in the fifth round the Bills draft offensive lineman Tommy Doyle

Bills 2021 Draft Review After Day 2

by Steve

After the second day of the NFL Draft the Bills clearly dont think they have many holes on the roster. Instead of trading back and adding draft picks for 2022 McBeaner added players to contribute in 2022 or perhaps 2023 at the earliest.

On day 2 the Bills took another defensive end, Carlos Basham and a raw yet tall offensive tackle Spencer Brown from small Nothern Iowa. Mel Kiper said he is a 2 to 3 year project. Yikes, then again the Bills did just extend both tackles so there isnt a starting spot either way.

Combined, Rousseau, Basham & Brown have played 7 total games since 2019. Rousseau opted out, Wake Forest only had 7 games and Nothern Iowa's season was canceled.

Basham to me projects as more of an interior lineman. He said his ideal playing wait is well under 300 pounds so maybe Im wrong. But with Hughes and Maddy Addy and Rousseau there are a lot of bodies in the DE room.

Maybe Hughes gets cut to give cap relief and playing time? But how does that make the Bills better in 2021? The only way Im getting on board with cutting Hughes is if it allows the Bills to add a post June 1 cut or maybe even Zach Ertz.

The Bills didn't get better in 2021 this weekend. But did they need to?