Friday, August 31, 2012

Buffalo Bills final cuts

by Steve

(for now)  Tyler Thigpen remains on the roster (although I doubt he is there come 9/9 since the Bills would have to pay him his entire $2.5 mil).  Tim Graham tweeted this "Team source: Bills keep 5 WRs, counting Brad Smith. Gone: Hagan, Martin, Roosevelt, Aiken, Easley."

Huh?  Yeah Easley and Kumar Aiken might be hidden on the practice squad, but what kind of wide receiver corps includes and injured Brad Smith as #5?  That asshole should be cut, what does he provide to the Bills? Well, besides fumbling kickoffs and/or failing to even reach the twenty yard line.

Not to mention local boy Naaman Roosevelt being axed (he isn't p.s. eligible).  Who would have thought there would be four quarterbacks on the roster and they all suck? 

Tank Carder I assume will be on the practice squad but I thought it was undersized from the beginning.  Dorin Dickerson is an interesting player who appears to be safe for now but please change your number bro.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bills @ Lions Preseason Finale preview

by Steve

Finally! The preseason will mercifully end for the Buffalo Bills when they visit the Detroit Lions tonight at 7pm.  Is it just me or has this preseason been seemingly longer and more excruciating than normal?

The Bills have to get down to 53 players by 9pm tomorrow and there aren't even very many compelling battles to watch tonight.  What, Terrence McGee either going on the PUP or being out right cut is causing Bills nation to hold their breath?  Whether Ty Thigpen will be released tonight or tomorrow morning?  If Zebrie Sanders will be stowed away on the practice squad?

Maybe it is the tight race between Dorin Dickerson and Kevin Brock for spot 53!  Or if there will be three kickers on the roster come 9/9. Johnny White or Tashard (my boy) Choice?

I'd say watch for what Tarvaris does but how many plays can this guy even know being on the roster a total of 3 days?  If Thigpen is kept on the 53 man come week one, according to the Buffalo News, he is owed the entire $2.5 mil on his 'tract.  Hopefully Brad Smith (cut him) can still air it out because if Fitz gets hurt against the Jets that's who will be next in line.

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Kirk Morrison gets cut along with McGee tomorrow. (Schwarts don't get cute and put Calvin Johnson in the game tonight, I drafted him #8 in my ffb league)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Buffalo Bills trade for Tarvaris Jackson

by Steve

Peace out Vince Young and Ty Thigpen? Evidently, after Adam Schefter reported the Bills have traded an "undisclosed draft pick" to the Seattle Seahawks for Tarvaris Jackson.  My first question is how many times am I going to have to correct people's spelling?  There are TWO R's in his first name. TAR-varis.

ESPN is speculating, "A seventh-rounder that could upgrade based on playing time would represent fair value."\

Last season starting 14 games Tar through for 14 TDs 13 INTs and a completion percentage of 60.2, pedestrian numbers at best.  Include the 9 fumbles at five lost and the dude isn't even average.  He's due $4 million this season which is double what VY is/was schedule to make in 2012.  Furthermore at 6'2 225 he isn't some behemoth either.

I guess those back foot throws across the field really sunk Buddy Nix's opinion of Sr Young.  Let's just home Ndaumong Suh doesn't stomp too hard on T-Jack Thursday night before the final count down.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Steelers @ Bills preseason game 3 preview

by Steve

Kids day game! $1 and $1 pop I believe. Game starts at 7pm and it is gonna be a hot one.  The Bills are +2.5 (+120) o/u 40.5.  I say bang the under.  Chanwich said the starters may play into the 3rd quarter.  The only reason to take the over is if Ty Thigpen is raining TAINTs at the end of the 4th quarter.

Rosters need to cut down to 75 by 8/27.  There are 86 players still listed on the roster according to (sans Troup).  Prince Miller, step yo game up.

 It will be interesting to watch the back up defensive end battle with the cutting of Shawne Merriman earlier in the week. Jarron Gilbert seems to be in the mix along with Kyle Moore and Robert Eddins.

Kirk Morrison will allegedly be taking reps at MLB.  Is it possible this guy gets cut a few weeks after he was the assumed starting strong side line backer?  Weird.

Hopefully ol' Thigs is only renting in the greater Buffalo Niagara Region.

Rashard Mendenhall and Mike Wallace won't be playing and I assume ol' Rapelisraper won't get a ton of snaps but man do I hate the Steelers.  I'm predicting a good 5k stupid fuckin piss stained towels waving around the Ralph tonight, ouch.

Under 40.5 prediction

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Bills half way through preseason

by Steve

There has been some news this week, mid way through the Buffalo Bills preseason schedule, that shouldn't have come as a shock to anyone. Shawne Merriman was cut, Vince Young was named the backup and Cordy Glenn has been anointed the starting left tackle.

Merriman is over paid, hasn't done anything in nearly half a decade, is more fragile than granny with one good eye, and isn't a 4-3 defensive end.  Would I have liked him to stay on the team and get 5-7 sacks? Maybe, but not if it meant he'd be on the field for 8 plays and doing nothing against the run.  It was time to stop giving that dude another dollar.

Vince Young vs Tyler Thigpen may have been the biggest joke heading into camp.  The real competition should have been between VY and Ryan Fitz-noodle-arm Fitzpatrick.  Good luck waiting for a better arena league to form Ty.

The right tackle, Eric Pears, has been hurt most of camp, Cordy Glenn was drafted in the second round specifically to be the left tackle and Chris Hairston is a natural right tackle. Seems pretty obvious Nix and Gailey would do just about anything to make sure Glenn starts week 1 at LT.  We'll see but at least he'll be taking all the reps at the position until he lines up against Aaron Maybin 9/9.

Is 43,267 season ticket holders an impressive numbers?  I think the Bills are a bit disappointed but hey it's a 15% increase!  Those four late home games will not sell out so don't get used to seeing them on TV non-season ticket holders.

Why is Josh Nesbitt still listed as being on the roster?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Preseason Game 2 Bills @ Vikings preview

by Steve

The second least anticipated preseason game of the year (#4 is the pits) is upon us tonight at 8pm.  Our Buffalo Bills play at the Minnesota Vikings in the second of four useless preseason games.  Luckily I'll be in-transit and won't be able to watch but here is what you should be looking for tonight:

  • A cup of coffee to stay awake from the boredom
  • #81 (Marcus Easley)  Might be time to die soon bruh
  • Vince Young gets second team snaps, can he do anything besides tuck and run?
  • Torrel Troup on the sidelines for perhaps his second last game as a Bill.
  • (Cut down day #1 is 8/28)
  • Adrian Peterson in street clothes
  • The Metrodome roof that a local company fixed over the offseason.
  • Arthur Moats returning to the location where he made a name for him self (Brent Favor hit)
  • Naaman Roosvelt is in a battle for the last WR spot, unfortunately it comes down to special teams so watch those wedges and gunners on punts BIG TIME.
  • Fill-in ref mishaps, that was the clear highlight of last weeks game.
  • Chan Gailey's facial hair
  • Kickoff specialist John Potter.  He best be bootin' the ball into the endzone every time if he wants 1/53.
  • Jared Allen's 3 or 4 plays against our suspect tackles.
That's it, this game is going to be a bore.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Is the Preseason over yet?

by Steve

Is it possible to not over evaluate these endlessly boring preseason games?  The Buffalo Bills didn't even freakin' run the ball once with the first team offense on the field in preseason game 1.  Do we really think that is what the offense will look like in the regular season?

I blame all these blogs/twitter/internet/sports talk radio (ha).  This shit is so annoying and boring it isn't bearable (kinda like the recent Rick Ross album).  Wasn't the new CBA supposed to cut the preseason to two games and add two regular season games? Damn it.

Thankfully I won't be able to watch the "game" this Friday night.  Although I won't be able to complain about how terrible the scab refs are (aren't the real ones terrible too though?).  I won't be able to bitch about Fitzpatrick's accuracy (62% last season) or the offensive line's ineptitude (two of the supposed starting five didn't play last week).  I'll survive missing that torture and probably will forget there was even a game.

At least training camp is over today which means we're getting closer and closer to September.  Ugh, how miserable is that Detroit game going to be 8/30 only five days after the Steelers game?  I'm goin back to bed until 9/9/12.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Washington 7 Buffalo 6 F Preseason game 1

by Steve

RGIII didn't look like shit but the security just to get into the game did.  Am I going to a US embassy in Syria or a football game?  Fuck you NFL.

Oh, Fitz had bad stats, they didn't run the ball once with the first team offense, the under was a lock, Bills covered +2 and it didn't rain.

The meteorologists in this city need to be tared and feathered.  Bought my first ever beer at a game @ $9, #notworthit.

My boy from LSU Ron Brooks had a nice pick but he probably dropped two others.  Nick Foles had a god damn day for the Eagles why the fuck didn't we draft him?? Brock Osweiller for the win.

Marcell Darius bust?  Stephon Gilmore cost us the game.

Preseason is boring

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Buffalo Bills V Washington Redskins Preseason game 1

by Steve

Washington Redskins @ Buffalo Bills (Bills +2, over/under 34.5)

Here's what to look for:

RGiii v Ryan Fitz-noodle-arm-Fitz-Fitzpatrick, I don't like my chances if I'm the Bills.  Wait, nevermind, I can think for my self and not buy into the ESPN/ BIG 12 hype machine.  What says Robert Griffin III will be a great QB?   Great, he's a good guy (meaning he's a white black person) and he lost big games at Baylor.  Pssht.

Preseason game 1?  Look for a wand instead of a pat down at the gate.  That will be a clusterfuck delay we will not accept.  As long as they keep driving us out of the "official" lots for parking the more we'll be  parking in the grass lots, fuck 'em.

I'll be watching:
Paint dry
The left tackle and right tackle position
RGIII flop
Fitzpatrick's foot work
The new scumbags in my section (200)
Female Refs
Everyone's boy Arthur Moats starting at strong side LB
Terrance McGee's injuries
Naaman Roosevelt, will he make the team?
Will Tank Carder ride a BMX bike onto the field?
Any new paint jobs around the Ralph
Drive 5 still not being re-paved
My under 34.5 wager