Monday, December 31, 2007

Year in review, this isn't pretty.

by Steve

The year ended about as horribly as it started for Buffalo sports fans in 2007. From the crushing defeat at the hands of the Senators after so much hype and promise, to the drafting of a running back in the first round (which actually looks like a great move) to July 1 one of the darkest days in Sabres history to the Broncos game and the Cowboys game, to December 31, 2007 the day Levy resigned. Holy shit what an awful year.

It is tough to put into words the agony defeat and utter-hopelessness a Buffalo sports fan endures on a daily bases. Another 7-9 season, a Sabres team that went from 1st to worst(just about) in less than 1 day, and also from the favorite to win the Stanley Cup to a pathetic afterthought in 5 games in the Eastern Conference finals, 2007 was not a good year for the franchise. Sure there were some high times down at Seymore H Knox plaza but that is mostly an after thought now.

For arguments sake I'll say the loss to Ottawa was worse than losing Briere and Drury, mostly because realistic fans knew they were gone after that over time loss in game 5 at HSBC arena at the hands of Daniel Alfredson. July 1st was just an after thought, because we all should have known with Darc/Quinny at the helm they would fuck it up, and they did, royally.

What might have been worse than losing those two players, well it wasn't actually worse, but the famous press conference after the debacle that was July 1st. We got such classics as "we will be less competitive" and "everyone has to remember this is a two legged horse here" Now Campbell is on his two legged horse out the door.

What a train-wreck of a football season as well. From the first game in September to the last day of December Bills fans everywhere only knew heartache and pain. First was the Broncos game, where the Bills played like shit Losman looked like he wasn't a starter, and Steve Fairchild seemed destined to destroy the team with a lack of faith in his players and a lack of vision and creativity the o-coordinator position requires. Before the game was over we lost are free safety who some including me had high hopes for. Then with less than 2 minutes left a garbage QB took a bad Broncos team down the field didn't spike the ball with 11 seconds left rushed the FG unit onto the field and kicked a game winning field goal with :00 on the clock.

AND it wasn't the worst home loss of the year. The losses continued to pile up as the quarterback play was awful and the coaching staff questioned after every disappointing decision. "Are you ready for some football" Yup Monday Night Football was back in Buffalo. The Bills defense completely owned Tony Homo or so it seemed. Nope the Bills and their idiot coaching staff, rookie QB, and worthless POS o-coordinator cost the team a chance at knocking off an undefeated team at home at night in prime time. The Cowboys scored a late touchdown, Jabari Greer made a great play on Owens to break up a two point conversion. So what happen? The Cowboys recovered an onside kick, completed two passes without a timeout and kicked not one but two field goals to win the game in heart wrenching head splitting agony. Gomer and his group of over rated assholes and piece of shit owner stomped on the Bills their owner their fans and the city. AND it wasn't the most embarrassing prime time loss of the season in Buffalo.

The Bills regrouped, oh wait I forgot to mention also that their 3rd round pass catching Tight End due for a break out season nearly lost his life and certainly lost his NFL career in game 1. They won some games, even got another prime time game SNF was back in Buffalo for the first time since 1994 or something. The Bills lost by 46 to the Patriots it was awful.

BUT they regrouped again, Losman lost the Jaguars game couldn't do anything against Miami, and Trent took over again. Neither QB showed they are worthy starter caliber players in this league. AHH then the Browns game, where it snowed worse than at any game I've ever been to, we couldn't even score a point, Jamal drug dealer Lewis ran roughshod over our team, but at least we exposed them for the frauds they were. Losing to Cinci was a worse loss than any the Bills had in 2007 if you can take solace in that.

The Bills finished the season with 3 straight losses as we all know, but what was more shocking, on the last day of the year things got worse. Marv Levy retired. I wanted continuity for one more season under Marv. A new coordinator, a year for Jauron to learn from his mistakes, and another solid draft. Instead we'll be the laughing stock once again by making John Guy our gm, the o coordinator will be Schonert and I may quit the blog.

Here's hoping for a better 2008 and a solid pick @ #11 to go with our 10 selections in the 2008 draft

Saturday, December 29, 2007

WR or Tight end in the draft?

(This was "borrowed" from sn Evans555 on )

Peter Warrick (4)
Plaxico Burress (8)
Travis Taylor (10)
Sylverster Morris (21)
R. Jay Soward (29)

4 out of 5 are busts. Burress is a very good player.

David Terrell (8)
Koren Robinson (9)
Rod Gardner (15)
Santana Moss (16)
Freddie Mitchell (25)
Reggie Wayne (30)

1 is elite (Wayne), one is decent (Moss) and the others range from disppointments to flat out busts.

Donte Stallworth (13)
Ashley Lelie (19)
Javon Walker (20)

Walker is the best of this bunch but only has had two good seasons out of his six in the NFL. Stallworth and Lelie certainly aren't #1 WR's that you'd hope you would get with a first round pick. Stallworth only caught over 60 balls once.

Charles Rogers (2)
Andre Johnson (3)
Bryant Johnson (17)

Andre Johnson is on the verge of being a dominant WR in this league. He has suffered from being on a team that hasn't been very good and has been about their only threat on offense. Rogers is a flat out bust. Johnson is a 3rd WR with Arizona.

Larry Fitzgerald (3)
Roy Williams (7)
Reggie Williams (9)
Lee Evans (13)
Michael Clayton (15)
Michael Jenkins (29)
Rashaun Woods (31)

3 of these guys are the real deal (Fitz, Roy Williams and Evans).
Reggie Williams has been very disappointing for Jax considering he was taken 9th overall. Clayton had a great rookie year and followed that up with 3 pretty bad seasons, Jenkins seems like he has turned into a viable option as a 3rd WR, and Rashaun Woods has played 7 games in his NFL career.

Braylon Edwards (3)
Troy Williamson (7)
Mike Williams (10)
Matt Jones (21)
Mark Clayton (22)
Roddy White (27)

Edwards and White are the class of this group. Both have developed nicely and are considered legitimate weapons. Clayton is a servicible player who seems to be no better than a #2 or #3 WR, but still decent.

Williamson, Williams and Jones are on the verge of all being busts. Actually, Williams is already there and the other two are right on his heels.

Santonio Holmes (25)

Is turning into a nice #2 WR that can score from anywhere on the field. Probably would have about 60-65 catches if he remained healthy this season.

Calvin Johnson (2)
Ted Ginn Jr. (9)
Dwayne Bowe (23)
Robert Meacham (27)
Craig Davis (30)
Anthony Gonzalez (32)

Way too early to tell on any of these guys but Johnson's season has to be considered a disappointment for all the hype he had coming out of college. Ginn seems like an exciting player but has only caught 27 passes. Dwayne Bowe is a legitimate horse. IMO, this guy seems to be the real deal. Meacham hasn't seen the field this year and Craig Davis has put up very small stats.

Now for the Tight Ends....

Bubba Franks (14)
Anthony Becht (27)

Both Becht and Franks started off promising but both have faded severely in the last four years. I'd consider both disappointments.

Todd Heap (31)
Alge Crumpler (35)

Both Heap and Crumpler have been very successful in their NFL career. I don't know what else to say abouth either of them other than I'd be thrilled, as I'm sure most of you would be, to have a player at TE like either one of these two.

Jeremy Shockey (14)
Daniel Graham (21)
Jerramy Stevens (28)
Doug Jolley (55)

Shockey is an absolute monster when he is healthy. The other three? Blah. Not much from any three of them at any time in their careers. #2 TE's for sure.

Dallas Clark (24)
Bennie Joppru (41)
L.J. Smith (61)
Teyo Johnson (63)

Clark has developed into a legitimate threat but has other legitimate threats surrounding him that may have helped him. Regardless, his stats are impressive.

Bennie Who???

L.J. Smith had pretty decent stats up until this season in which he has only played 10 games. Solid, but far from elite.

Teyo Johnson is just a step above Bennie Boy in this draft and that isn't saying much.

Kellen Winslow (6)
Benjamin Watson (32)
Ben Troupe (40)

After a slow start in his career due to his own stupidity, Kellen Winslow Jr., has deveolped into maybe the biggest threat at TE in the NFL.

Watson is a decent TE that has had problems staying on the field. Nothing great, but not bad at all.

Ben Troupe started with two very nice seasons and followed them up with two pretty bad seasons where he hasn't seen the field very often. It has been well stated he fell into Jeff Fisher's dog house last season. The potential is there but will it ever be realized?

Heath Miller (30)

At first glance his stats look pretty average...until you see 18 TD's in 3 seasons and 74 of his 117 career catches have been for 1st downs and 18 for TD's. I think he is a very solid player.

Vernon Davis (6)
Marcedes Lewis (28)
Joe Klopfenstein (46)
Anthony Fassano (53)
Tony Scheffler (61)

Davis had a slow rookie season followed up by a pretty solid 2nd year on a very bad offense with bad QBing. He looks pretty darn good to me.

Lewis has had a better 2nd year than rookie season but I would think Jax would like to see a little more from him.

Klopfenstein hasn't been doing good at all in St. Louis.

Fassano is being used as a blocking TE with Whitten on the roster.

Scheffler has had a pretty decent 2007. Seems to be developing into a reliable TE...solid but definitely not spectacular.

Greg Olsen (31)
Zach Miller (38)

Olsen has had a solid rookie season and is on pace for 40 catches.
Miller's season almost looks identical to Olsen's as he also is on pace for near 40 ctaches.
Pretty decent rookie seasons for these two.

Seems the Bills should definitely avoid a WR in the first round of the draft. Troy Williamson of the Vikings seems to be on the outs and either cut or traded in the offseason. Go defense first round and probably second look for a possession WR in the 3rd and look tightend via free agency.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bills shit and other shit

Here is the Bills home and way games for 2008

Home- NE, NYJ, Mia, Clev, SD, Oak, Sea, SF

Away-NE, NYJ, Mia, Jack, Den, KC, StL, Ari.

Yes, the closest game is in New Jersey.. and you'll either get stabbed or breate carcinogens the entire time you're there so fly to Arizona go to the game there then drive 4 hours and 43 minutes to Las Vegas and blow another huge amount of money I areckon that is what WNY water cooler is doing for the 2008 road trip.

I don't feel like posting anything else so
  • Whitner isn't worth the #8 pick
  • Schobel sucks
  • Kelsay sucks
  • Jauron sucks
  • I dont give a fucking shit about the Patriots going 16-0 just so they can lose in the playoffs.. Congrats you are playing against maybe 1 Hall of Fame QB compared to about 6 in 1990 maybe more. They are good maybe great, not the best ever or even close.
  • I'd rather go 8-8 than move up 3 spots in the draft.
  • Fuck the Browns
  • Please trade Vanek before the trade deadline
  • Why not move Max and Vanek on a line? Both are useless
  • Someone give Connolly some Emergen C or EsterC or some bone marrow please.
  • The Ice Bowl might suck cause i'll be hung over, cold, it might rain, the Penguins suck, the Sabres aren't that good.
  • I'm thinkin LB then DT in the draft, get a WR and TE in free agency
  • fuck PFW In Jimbo we trust

Monday, December 24, 2007

Bills Offseason Preview

The 2007 Buffalo Bills season is over. Yeah, there is a game this weekend, but who really gives a shit? The only thing that can come out of Sunday's game is me hating the coaches more and thinking the players suck more, if that is possible.

So, it is time to take a look at the off season. What should the Bills do? Well, I am going to pretend I am the general manager of the Buffalo Bills, which I know I can do a better job, and discuss what it is that needs to happen. I am also going to try and be rational and not try firing and cutting everyone in sight because truthfully, that is what I want to do right now.

Let's start with Monday, December 31. As much as I want to fire Dick Jauron I can't because the players like him and it would cause some tension around the locker room. Thankfully, that ass hole Fairchild is gone. The only negative is that I wouldn't have the chance to fire his bitch ass since he already has another job. He is the kind of idiot you would just love to fire. The Bills need to bring in an offensive coordinator with a clue. We need a guy who isn't going to try to run the St. Louis style offense in the snow. Who is that guy WTF? No idea but I do know that I would look outside the organization. I would not promote QB coach Turk Schonert because he probably has the same type of mind set as Fairchild. Whoever it is, they will be under the understanding that if they run draws in the 4th quarter down 8 on third and long they are going to lose their job, simple as that.

As far as personnel, this is honestly what I would do. On offense, I would cut Peerless Price and Robert Royal. On defense, Larry Tripplett would lose his job. The dude is making 18 million dollars and is a joke. JP Losman would need to be traded. However, if we cannot get anything better than a 5th for him, ie. a 4th, I would keep him as the backup for 2008. I don't really see the need of getting rid of him so bad next year. He is still under contract. We might as well hang on to him if we can't get anything good for him. Next on the list is Aaron Schobel who is making $50 million. He is terrible. Sadly enough, people around the league actually think this bum is good. Is there any difference between having him out there or Denney or Hargrove? He probably still has some trade value. The Bills could probably get a 2nd or 3rd for him just because he somehow has the reputation of being good. He is after all a pro bowl alternate. I don't know how. Trade the bitch get him outta here.

Finally, March 1 comes around and so does free agency. Let's face it, the Bills biggest need right now is wide receiver, tight end, D line, D end, Linebacker wow there are a lot. The Cardinals third wide receiver is a UFA this year, Bryant Johnson. He is a big body, he stands at 6 feet 3, which is 5 inches taller than the Bills tallest receiver this year (not including Jenkins and Aiken). I would undoubtedly bring him in. Then, as far as tight end, LJ Smith is a UFA. I would make sure I brought him in too. These 2 dudes can help our offense and our young quarterback significantly. Finally, on defense, there is one free agent I would pursue and that is Albert Haynesworth. He may be too expensive and a charecter risk but I would take a look. Defense can be helped in the draft a lot quicker than offense so offense should be more of a focus in free agency.

This brings us to the draft. First round, outside linebacker. If I see Keith Ellison and/or John DiGiorgio in the game not on special teams I am going to fuckin snap. These dudes are little fuckin girls out there. They are so small and are outsized by almost every running back in the league. Ahmad Bradshaw, Jamal Lewis, and Brandon Jacobs racked up about 500 yards in two games. That will not happen if I am running things. In the 2nd round, with Schobel now traded and gone and who gives a shit about him I would take a defensive end with some size or a defensive tackle depending on who is available. I like Johnny McCargo in the middle paired up with some other beast who I would have to say isn't on the team right now. McCargo maked two plays yesterday on the goal line stand and then on the next drive he is out of the game. Screw this rotation. Why does Jason Jefferson need to be in the game ever? I would cut his ass too by the way. In the third round I would take yet another defensive lineman or a center depending on the best guy there. Upgrading the center position would be nice. The only way I would take a cornerback or another position is if there was a steal available.

Finally, the quarterback next year is going to be Trent Edwards. I don't want any competition for the starting job. Competition among the quarterback position is stupid. If he is the guy, he is the guy, period. Bring in an old veteran type like Todd Collins who knows his role. I don't want my guy nervous about losing his job every game .

Finally, why does this team not have a god damn full back playing in Buffalo weather. Screw the H back. I don't even know what an "H back" is. Bring in a beast lead blocker for beast mode. There has to be a full back around in the free agent market.

Projected starting lineup in 2008.
QB- Trent Edwards
FB- Brad Hoover (UFA from Carolina)
HB- Marshawn Lynch
TE- LJ Smith
LT- Jason Peters
LG- Derrick Dockery
C- Melvin Fowler ??
RG- Brad Butler
RT- Langston Walker
WR- Bryant Johnson
WR- Lee Evans

DE- Chris Kelsay
DT- Albert Haynesworth
DT- John McCargo
DE- Anthony Hargrove
OLB- Angelo Crowell
OLB- Keith Rivers (OLB USC, this dude is the best outside backer in the draft)
MLB- Paul Posluszny
CB- Terrance McGee
CB- Jabari Greer
SS- Dante Whitner
FS- KO Simpson

*The Bills could land a starting defensive end with one of their 2 2nd round draft picks (from the Schobel trade) The Bills also have 2 thirds (From the McGahee trade). So I would look to build defensive depth on day one. (Editors note, rounds 3-7 are on day two starting in the 2008 draft)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Shut off the lights

by Steve

A seemingly fitting end to the Buffalo Bills 2007 home schedule came today with mid thirties, rain, and an awful performance. The weather Sunday was, outside of tornado or hurricane, the worst possible one could dream up for a sporting event, especially for the fans. It was absolutely miserable but not as bad as the Bills play.

The 38-21 shalacking today was the perfect ending to an up and down Bills home schedule that saw them play two prime time games, get blown out in one, lose on a last second field goal in the other, and all I can remember is embarrassment.

Not to be all doom and gloom but the season was pretty much over before it started, and it all started at home. The Broncos game was a complete joke, it proved we didn't have a quarterback, a coach, a tight end, not to mention it was a pivotal home game against a conference team.

Things got much worse before they got better. Injuries to Ko and Paul P, Everett, Price then of course week 5. The Cowboys game was the icing on the cake. A proverbial nail in the coffin, gut wrenching infamous loss that will haunt me for seasons to come. But things did improve. Sure they beat up on awful teams, but they did rattle off some nice victories including the Ravens game with McGayhee returning for the first time.

Bills nation had some hope, not only in a quarterback, but in a coach, a team, and a shot at the playoffs with 3 weeks to play. Things came crashing to a halt in the bad weather however, and the teams flaws and major weaknesses haven't been more evident than in the past two weeks. Getting run all over for about 500 yards in two games, a QB that probably has never seen a snow flake before, or at least looked that way, and a WR corps that is abysmal. (Why don't the Bills practice outside in the elements a few days a week? Why haven't we been running screens to Beast Mode all season? Why are Kelsay/Schobel making $75 million? Why is it so grueling to be a Bills fan?)

The 2007 season at the Ralph was a decent one, with both MNF and SNF making a return, the emergence of an elite running back, and 8 strong sell outs, maybe things weren't all bad. You gotta give it to the fans for showing up in full force today especially, and I can only see better things in store for 2008, from the fans, to the QB, to the defense because hey


Saturday, December 22, 2007

by Ark

It’s theday after Daniel Briere got absolutly owned in HSBC with the rematch set for tonight. Briere made an embarrassing return to town for the first time after bolting for free agency this last off-season and signing an 8 year, $52 million deal. Since that deal and Chris Drury’s heading home to his beloved NY Rangers for 5 years, $35.25 million, the Buffalo Sabres “faithful” have been handing it to this team and this organization for the better part of the year, sans the winning streaks. People have called for Regier’s head numerous times, and it sometimes seemed justifiably so. Ruff has been the coach of the year, and Mr. Quinn and Galisano are nowhere to be heard, so Regier took the heat for much of the “downfall” of the 2006-07 Sabres team.
With that in mind, let’s look at how these Sabres (the players filling in for key spots, and the organization as a whole) look right now, moving forward this season and into the future.

First of all, everyone cried when “Danny boy” left. How could we ever replace him? Well, look at Derek Roy’s numbers compared to his. He has 13 goals and 16 assists for 29 points with a plus (+)10 which is one of, if not the best on the team. Mr. Briere on the other hand has 15 goals and 20 assists for 35 points but has a minus (-) 8, the worst on his team. Then you can think about the contracts. Roy is on the books for 6 years and $24 million. Briere, as mentioned is on the hook for the previously mention 8 years, $52 million. Here’s the kicker... Roy is 24 years old, Briere is 30 years old. Who would you rather have now, all things considered?
Now let’s take a look at Mr. Clutch, Chris Drury. He’s making $7.05 million a year for the Rangers. Our big signing was Vanek at $7.14 million a year. Right now, Vanek is the only player on the Sabres roster making more than $4 million. By comparison, Drury has 8g, 15a and is a minus(-)4. Vanek has played one less game and has 10g,11a, to go with a plus(+) 6. The best part of these deals is that Vanek is only 23, turning 24 in a month while Drury is 31. That means that Vanek will finish this contract out before turning the age of 31. He has way more upside than Drury does. Hopefully his leadership can somehow catch up to Drury’s to make it really worth our while.

Miller (2.58) has a better GAA than Biron (2.69). Biron (.921) has a better Sv% than Miller (.910). Both have 2 years remaining according to on their deals but Biron makes almost $1million more/year. I thought miller signed an extension so I’ll look into it, but I will most certainly take these numbers, especially considering that Miller is 3 years younger. He’s an American boy and has seemingly embraced Buffalo and shown leadership qualities for this young team. I just hope that they can lock the guy up for the foreseeable future.
So with the Flyers losing here Friday, the Sabres now have 2 more points with 33 games played. The Sabres have more Goals For, and fewer Goals Against than the Flyers. The Rangers have 37 points with one more game played and have around 25 less goals but have allowed around 14 less goals because they play a terrible brand of hockey.

So just think about that for a minute Sabre “fans.” Look where the golden boys are now with their new teams, and look where we’re headed. The only players that the Sabres need to worry about resigning are Campbell who is steadily earning more money and then Gaustad, Paille, and MacArthur. You have to figure that unless something drastic happens for Kalinin, he’s coming off the books at $2 million. Then Teppo is off the books at $2.6 million. There’s the money you need to add to Campbell’s $1.5 million salary to resign him. Then you have youngsters that have played in the system early on this year in Weber and Sekera. We’re $3.77 million under the cap as it is right now so I think we can bring back 2 of the other 3 forwards mentioned. Then next year you have almost the same team with the possibility of a free agent or two and a little “hunger in their bellies” of a lot of players who will be playing for contracts .

By contrast, the Rangers have 5 guys making over $4 million, 2 guys over $7 million and Lundqvist is going to be a RFA. Half their team will be unsigned including Shannahan (no big deal) Avery and Straka.

Philly isn't looking too smart for signing Richards to a 12 year deal, $60 something million. Briere on the books until the little dude is 38 years old at $6.5 million. Other guys like Umberger are getting new deals this year; they’re up against the cap this year and are going to be in trouble. So if you’ve somehow read all the numbers, made it this far and are looking to understand everything I’ve said, then listen to this:

The Sabres are just as good as Philly and NY, with a better outlook for the future. We are balanced all over the board. Our best C right now numbers-wise makes $4 million a year which helps set a precedent when negotiating with future players in the organization. We made some tough decisions with players this last off season. I know Sabre “fans” feel cheated but if you don’t want to support the team now, you don’t quite meet up to fanatic standards. We didn’t beat Ottawa with Briere and Drury, and we didn’t win a cup. They had 2 phenomenal years here for us, made a lot of people get on the bandwagon but they didn’t get it done. Love him or hate him, Regier brought us here and has us in good shape for the future yet again. Whether that crystal ball shows a cup in the future is yet to be seen.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Buffalo Sabres podcast

Yup, it is officially Sabres season as the Bills are out of the playoffs. Hosted by Steve, Water Cooler talk breaks down the big home and home with the Flyers, fuckin Briere comin back, big schedule comin up, Ark joins us, holllla!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

8 Nil Browns

by Coast

I guess the sting has finally worn off just enough for me to write about this game. That doesn't mean I am not still pissed off as I will be until September when Jauron will have another chance to find away to embarrass and piss off Bills fans everywhere.

I want to start by saying I am 100% done giving these coaches a free pass because of injuries. I am sick of hearing Dick Jauron coach of the year acclamations because of the job he has done with all the players on the IR. Out of everyone on the injured reserve for the Bills really only two players matter. Here is the list:

  • George Wilson (Wide receiver turned safety)

  • Anthony Thomas (Old, slow running back)

  • Kiwaukee Thomas (Not a starter, lost some depth at the position)

  • Matt Murphy (Who?)

  • Derek Shouman (Rookie 7th round pick)

  • Peerless Price (I don't know a single person who actually liked him)

  • Kevin Harrison (Again, who?)

  • Jason Whittle (Not a starter but lost some depth)

  • Paul Posluszny (First person I care about on this list.)

  • Jason Webster (Terrible signing, this dude got lit up all pre season)

  • Kevin Everett (May have hurt the team emotionally)

  • KO Simpson (Second guy on this last I care about)

So, enough of this bullshit about the coaching doing a great job with injuries. Only 2 good players got hurt. Our coaching staff is a disgrace, period.

I have attended two road games this season and probably spent around 4 or 5 hundred dollars total to go to Heinz Field and Cleveland Browns Stadium. The Bills managed just two field goals in the two games combined. The team did not show up in either game. The coaching was awful in both games. So many Bills fans were excited about this team and spent their money and time to travel through the blizzard to watch their team play only to get punched in the stomach by our gutless head coach.

The gutlessness of this guy never ceases to amaze me. How many times this season has Dickhead Jauron packed it in with over a minute left and timeouts left in the first half? Good teams try and score. Scared teams take it to half. I don't give a shit who is in at quarterback in those situations. I don't care if Hamdan is in there. If you are down 8-0 with 3 timeouts and a minute and a half left you try and score, plain and simple.

On the Bills second drive they got into field goal range. From the 23 yard line, they faced a 4th and 13. They decided to go for it because apparently Lindell couldn't make the kick from that distance. Edwards had not even come close to completing a pass over 10 yards let alone a pass period thus far in the game. The Bills did not convert. later in the half, The Browns attemped a 48 yarder and made it from the same side of the field. Dawson's leg is 8 yards stronger than Lindell's? I watched Lindell warm up at half time on that side of the field. He tried a 40 yarder and it hit the up right about 3/4 of the way up the goal posts. I blame that 100% on the head coach. He should make sure he knows the max distance his kicker could kick in the conditions. He couldn't possibly have thought we could possibly convert that fourth down...but he is Dick Jauron. This brings me to another point. Nearly every single time on 3rd and long yardage the Bills came out in 2 wide receiver sets. How do you expect to pick up 10 yards with only Reed and Evans in there? Does Jauron and Fairchild realize that we don't have a tight end that can catch the football down the field? On third and long defenses are usually in the Nickel or the Dime. This means they have at least 5 defensive backs on the field. If they only need to cover 2 receivers between the 5 of them, how do you expect them to get open? On that fourth down play, only 2 receivers in the game.

Then, we go to the fourth quarter. Still down 8-0 with about 6 minutes to go. The Bills face a 3rd and 8. They run a draw and pick up 5. Good call, now they are going to go for it on 4th and only need 3...right? Wrong, they punt. They ran it on 3rd and 8 only to punt the football back to the Browns down by 8 points with 6 minutes left with their season on the line. You have got to be KIDDING me.

Then, on the last drive, the Bills Josh Reed catches a ball on the side line and gets pushed out of bounds. The clock doesn't stop for some reason. Dick Jauron has to be livid. I mean, Christ, I would have ran half way across the field parking at the officials. Where was Jauron? Nowhere to be found. That play cost Buffalo 27 seconds.

Later on in the drive, on 4th down and 5 from the 10, the Bills run a screen pass. They had no timeouts left and their was under 20 seconds remaining. How can you make this call? I know Fairchild calls the plays, but does Jauron not have a clue what play he is calling? As the head coach, can't he step in and tell Steve that he is an idiot and to throw the ball to the end zone. Even if somehow we convert the first down and get stopped in bounds, we would run out of time. Absolutely head scratching play. How does an NFL coach make decisions like that? I have never seen another team in the league in my entire life that plays as scared as this team and is as stupid on game days as this team. I don't give a shit about the week and how the team prepares or how hard they try. Games are won and lost in Sundays and our coach is the worst on Sundays that I have ever seen.

That brings up another point. I am god damn sick of people saying that the players on the Bills defense have good motors. You know what that means? That means that they are bad and need to have good motors to ever make it in the league. Aaron Schobel has the biggest motor and he is terrible. I am sick of this motor shit. Why don't we bring in some god damn linebackers that are over 220 pounds. The Bills made Jamal Lewis look like a hall of famer this weekend. Why? Because he outweighs our god damn linebackers. He can just blow through them. He probably outweighed half our defensive line.

Can Dickhead Jauron make a half time adjustment? At one point in the game the Bills ran the ball on 16 of 18 first downs. At halftime, as a coach can't you see that what you were trying to do in the first half did not work at all. You can't come up with a game plan to score a single point against the 32nd ranked defenese in the league? Jauron isn't smart enough to come up with something????? This guy went to Yale!! Wow, who were they letting into Yale back then. What an embarrassment to Yale and the entire IVY League. You would think he is smart. Well if he is smart he certainly can't think on his feet on Sundays.

Peters made the pro bowl. Only if our offensive line could run block. Way to get dominated in the trenches by the Browns.

Edwards was 13-33 and is 24-56 in the past 2 games in sub par weather. He is supposed to be Mr. Accurate. Can he handle the Buffalo weather? I am not ready to say no, but it doesn't look good.

Finally, Browns fans are idiots. First of all, the only thing they kept saying before the game to talk shit is ohhh four straight loses in the super bowl or something related to that. How can you possibly talk shit about a team losing 4 super bowls in a row when your team has been to a grand total of zero?? Don't give me this NFL championship bullshit from the 60s. We got some AFL championships. They don't count. Congratulations Browns fans, you beat us for the first time in 18 years and you needed a god damn blizzard, a lucky ass safety, a lucky ass third and long conversion in which your stud receiver dropped the ball and it landed in Jurevicous' hands for like 3o yards, and a lucky ass field goal where your kicker pulled it out of his ass. That was a lucky kick. He had to play like 20 yards of wind and somehow got lucky and made it.

Finally, what is with the barking. You know how ridiculous it sounds when you just bark as like a team chant. What a joke. "Here we go Brownies, Here we go, woof woof." Give me a break. See you in Orchard Park next year and I can guarantee things will be a little different. Good luck agianst whoever you play in the playoffs, you aren't winning a game with the 32nd ranked defense in the NFL unless you get another Nor'Easter which magically hits at 12:45 on Sunday.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Son of a Bitch

by Steve

Not really sure, I guess if the game was in Buffalo the Bills might have won instead of the Browns, but damn that was a boring game. I Guess Steve Fairchild was planning more on his move back to the college ranks than about this game.


Dick J and Co. made us realize we aren't a playoff team. Keep practicing inside the field house Jauron thanks. What happen to the running game? We really need some tightends that can catch. Screen pass with 15 seconds left and not time outs from the 12?

2008 I guess... Don't even talk about or mention Losman please

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bills at Browns

by Coast

It is about time to dissect this matchup of epic proportions. Who would have ever thought that in week 15 the Bills would be traveling to the "mistake on the lake" for the biggest game of the weekend. Two teams with winning records with their sights set on January will take the field Sunday...winner in the drivers seat, loser, at least as far as Buffalo is concerned, is essentially out of it.

The Browns are feeling pretty confident right now. Listening to the Browns post game show on Sunday night, the idiots were already discussing a rematch with the Steelers in the wild card. Even more ridiculous, they actually compared Jamal Lewis to Jim Brown. Jamal Lewis and Jim Brown in the same sentence? Cleveland really has been deprived of talent in the past 20 years.

This will be a matchup of probably the two most cursed franchises in the NFL. The Bills have "wide right", "music city miracle", and the list goes on forever it seems. The Browns have "the drive" and the Byner fumble at the 1 yard line. Neither team has ever won a Super Bowl. Since the 2000-2001 season, these teams have a combined one playoff appearence and it just so happenes the Browns blew a 24-7 lead in that game in Pittsburgh to Tommy Maddux of all people. Fans in both cities have been waiting for a game this big this late in the season for so long.

So, can the Bills go on the road and win a game that is this important? They haven't done it since...well if you count winning in San Francisco or in Cincinnatti in 2004, niether of those teams were in playoff contention at the time. The last time Buffalo went on the road and beat a team late in the season with playoff implications on the line was all the way back in 1993 week 15 when we went on the road and beat Miami. The Phins finished 9-7 that year so this is a reach but at the time of the game Miami was 9-4 and Bills were 9-4 as well. The Bills had some hall of famers on that team, wow it has been a while.

The Browns come into this game off an ugly win over the Jets in which Mangini probably lost the game on purpose to get a better draft pick. Down 5 with less than 2 minutes left 4th down at the Cleveland 20 and you kick a field goal? Come on. The knock on the Bills is they haven't beaten anyone. Ok, true, but has Cleveland? Yeah..they beat the Seahawks, but that was when Seattle was banged up and slumping. Their other wins...Ravens twice, Bengals, Rams, Dolphins, Jets and Texans. They needed the luckiest field goal in the history of the league to beat Baltimore. This is also a team that lost to the Raiders and Cardinals in the same year. If you lose to Zona and Oakland in the same season, how good can you be?

The Browns have been carried by their offense this season. They are ranked 9th in the NFL in total offense but only 17th on the ground. With the weather not looking very promising for a good passing attack, the Browns could be in trouble with their old, drug dealing criminal running back Jamal Lewis. How good is their offense anyways? They were shut down by the Jets essentially for 50 plus minutes last weekend. The Bills whose offense ranks awful we all know is starting to come along with rookie Trend Edwards. The Browns defense is ranked dead last, 32nd in the NFL, and for anyone who has a clue at all they would admit that Marshawn Lynch is in a class way above Jamal Lewis.

Well, except

I'll go with Cleveland. But don't count out the Titans. They have a favorable schedule the rest of the way, and if they win out they will be in the mix. But I think Cleveland will beat Buffalo this week, which is why they get the advantage over the Bills. They're also a better team right now. They have a better quarterback in Derek Anderson and they also have more weapons on offense. In time, Trent Edwards will be in the Anderson class -- yes, he's that good -- but not yet. The Bills have had way too many injuries and that will catch up with them. Dick Jauron has done an amazing job with his team, but their dreams of a playoff run will end Sunday in Cleveland. - Pete Prisco

Cleveland because the Browns are better on offense, have the easier schedule and get the Bills this weekend in Cleveland. The Browns score in bunches, scoring 24 or more points in all but one of their past eight games, and have one of the league's most effective quarterbacks in Derek Anderson. I like Anderson over Trent Edwards. I like Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards over Lee Evans and Josh Reed. And I'll call Marshawn Lynch and Jamal Lewis a push, though Lewis is having the superior year. Dick Jauron has done a marvelous job keeping the Bills afloat, but there's too much talent in Cleveland to keep him from making it to January. Besides, after this weekend the Browns have Cincinnati and San Francisco left. The Bills have the Giants and Philadelphia. Over and out. -Clark Judge

Are these guys serious? These two comments are filled with completely ridiculous statements. First off, how are the Browns a better team right now? The Bills have won 6 out of 8 games. The Browns lost to the Cardinals 2 weeks ago and barely escaped against the Jets. Prisco is talking about Edwards eventually being in the Derek Anderson Class and saying that he is that good. Are we talking about Derek Anderson or Brett Favre circa 1996? Give me a break. Then you got Clark Judge. Derek of the most effective quarterbacks in the NFL? He has had a surprising season, but I wouldn't put him in the top 10 I don't think. Calling Lynch and Lewis a push is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. He has 100 less yards than Lewis, has had no passing game and has missed 3 games. That is just plain retarded. How much talent does Cleveland have? Look at their defense...32nd in the NFL. Over and out my balls Clark you retard, how are you getting paid to write shit like that?

Can the Bills just run it down the Browns throats all day in the snow? They should be able to. Edwards with the short passing game and Lynch with the power running mixed in with a sprinkle of Freddy Jackson could prove deadly with the Browns pathetic defense.

The Bills need to find a way to stop Kellen Winslow Jr. Every team the Bills have faced with a good tight end has seemed to destroy the Bills D. Witten, Watson and Cooley stand out. The Bills linebackers are undersized but you gotta have faith in Jauron to draw up some sort of scheme to stop these guys. Braylin Edwards and Winslow are their two threats and I have faith in the Bills defense neutralizing them.

Speaking of Dick Jauron, you gotta give him credit for giving this team the opportunity that they have. I have been calling for this guy to be fired almost all season but right now I have to give him credit, at least for the next 3 days. The fact that this team is above .500 right now is amazing. Colin Cowherd and Bill Parcells think Jauron is the coach of the year. He actually has the coaching advantage for the second straight week probably for the first time in his career.

Any Bills fan without tickets better get on them as soon as possbible. We need a minimum of 20,000 Bills fans there to take over the Dawg Pound...stub hub, ticket liquidator, ebay, the streets of Cleveland...I don't care just get on them. Look for us in 349.

Go Billllllls.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Buffalo sports links 12/13

  • Bills offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild is leaving but not until after the season unlike that ass hole Petrino. ( Good riddance Fairchild[just hope this doesn't mess up Trent in '08])
  • Trent Edwards is blowing up. He is getting run in the Jungle with Jim Rome and other news outlets. Maybe its the fact he has nearly as many wins as Losman already.
  • Trent rookie of the week again? Vote!
  • Browns stole Cieslak from us.
  • Perry Fewell the next Bills cordinator to peace out?
  • USA Today giving us some run.
  • Kevin Everett on the cover of .
  • Dan Briere commercial on Versus
  • Yeah, the Sabres played Wednesday, and won 5-3
  • Kelsay probably will play, other injury updates from Chris Brown
  1. Bills are +5.5 against the browns
  2. If you're not going to the game that sucks
  3. Make that 1 goal in 17 games for Max.. and counting.
  4. Rule 5 draft 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Buffalo Sabres podcast 12/12

Podcast for December 12th Water Cooler talk is hosted by Steve in front of a live studio audience. Todays edition is a break down of the ills of the Sabres and really nothing that will help them. Max needs to be cut, Vanek sucks, the schedule is brutal, the West coast trip was a bust. SPECIAL Guest Ark helps talk Sabres hockey. Look for a Bills Browns podcast either Wednesday or Thursday. (some complaints about the writers strike and football also mentioned)

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Monday, December 10, 2007

7 and 6 Buffalo Bills

by Steve

Who the hell woulda thunk it. The Bills are 7-6 and in the thick of the AFC wildcard rare. They started out 0-3, they have lost 2 embarrassing games in prime time at home. They have juggled quarterbacks, they have a third round rookie starting at QB, their future big time star running back missed 3 games, they play against the Patriots, but then again they play against the Jets and Pats, bunglas and ravennettes.

They haven't beaten anyone with a winning record, but evidently in the nfl you dont have to to be in the playoffs. They could conceivably go 9-7 sneak into the playoffs and not beat a team with a winning record.

Then again who gives a shit. The Bills are playing huge games in December, they are playing a team only 3 hours away across the lake of Erie. 7-6 vs 8-5, playoff implications, Trent Edwards, Derek Anderson, Jamal Lewis, Marshawn Lynch, how could you not be excited.

It was a great atmosphere at the Ralph yet again this past Sunday in an ass whooping of the winless Dolphins. For those who grew up Bills fans in the 70's that had to have been a sweet victory. For young fans like me who only know that Marino was owned by Kelly, and the Dolphins suck worse than the Bills, it was a blow out against a lame team with teal and orange colors with John Beck starting for them.

Tough to stay on track when discussing this game with the Browns looming and me having tickets in the dawgpound for the game but lets discuss it a bit:
  • Trent Edwards is much better than John Beck right now in their careers. Beck taken in the 2nd round looked lost, but didn't have the best protection, his WRs are shit and he had a 4th string rb. Edwards had 2 100 yard rushers, Lee Evans and all day to pass. Either way who would take Beck over Trent right now?
  • Marshawn is a beast, Fred Jackson is a good frick to his frack, ying to his yang, blitz picker uper to Marshawn's red zone insatiability.
  • Evans probably likes Trent a bit more and Losman a bit less after this game.
  • John Digiorgio sucks.
  • Schobel picks up a garbage time sack.
  • How did Whitner not take that ball into the endzone? Nice play by the bust that is #9 over all though to tackle him, he made another nice tackle on McGee on another int.
  • George Wilson, a play maker? too bad he's out for the year?
  • Dick Jauron coach of the year? Reallllly??
  • Who wasn't nervous heading into the 4th before Trent threw that bomb ?
  • Sick by the Bills to show the end of the Titans Chargers game on the jumbo tron after the game. Only the die hards really stayed to watch that. Thanks Bill Rivieria
  • Can everyone else hear the "Lets go Roscoe" chants from the rockpile during punts during the game?
  • How many pro-bowls and Superbowls is Trent Edwards going to win 13? 15?
Quick takes on the Browns which we'll break down furter later in the week
  1. Romeo Crennel? I love it, Bills coaching mismatch of the year outside cam cam.
  2. Jamal Lewis the drug dealer sucks.
  3. The Browns are smoke and mirrors
  4. There better be 20,000+ Bills fans in attendance.
  5. Why aren't the Bills Browns Steelers and Lions in a division?
  6. Bring it Derek Anderson.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Phins @ Bills

The Bills own the Miami Dolphins. Buffalo is 8-3 vs. Miami since the 2002 and since the beginning of 2004 the Bills are 6-1 against their rivals from South Florida. This begs the question, is the Bills Dolphins rivalry really a rivalry anymore? The Dolphins have been so bad lately it is hard to even take them seriously. With how bad the Bills have been since 2000 that is saying a lot. Any team who has lost 8 of 11 against the Bills since 2002 is not a good franchise. Regardless, Bills fans still hate Miami more than anything, especially those who lived through the 70s. The Bills were 0-20 against Miami during the decade. Fans still burn fish in the parking lots and the cops don't even care. Isn't that animal cruelty or something? Welcome to One Bills Drive where the laws hardly apply.

For the first time all season I am actually confident the Bills will win a football game. The Dolphins are still winless which has to make you nervous because they are so due but they are also just so bad. They are coming off an embarrassing home loss to the 3-9 Jets by the score of 40-13. The Dolphins are ranked 28th in points, 29th in total offense and 27th in passing yardage. The only average portion of their team is their running game, ranking 18th, but they are going to without their third string running back Jessie Chatman and down to fourth stringer Lorenzo Booker. Defensively, Miami allows 26.4 points per game ranking 30th in the league and allows a league worst 149.7 yards on the ground per game. Their once proud defense is getting really old really fast. Ironically though, the Bills offense is statistically worse than Miami's in every major statistical category (points 29th, yards 31st, pass yards 29th, rush yards 2oth). Despite this, they have 6 more wins. Wow Cam Cameron must be an awful coach. How do you have 6 less wins than a team that you are statistically better than in every offensive category? Ouch.

To make things worse for Miami, they may be without half their starters. Chatman is probably not playing already. Listed as questionable are Traylor, Porter, Holliday, Crowder, Booker as well as Chatman. These are probably the only guys on the team the average football fan has ever heard of besides Ginn Jr. who is hardly a difference maker at the 9th pick overall. At least it seems like they have a quarterback in Beck. He is completing only 54% of his passes and has yet to throw a touchdown with his 3 interceptions. Last week alone, in a home game against the Jets, Beck turned it over 5 times. 5 turnovers at home against the Jets? Nice draft pick. If it seems like things couldn't possibly get any worse for the Phins, they did this week. Mike Mularkey is calling the plays tomorrow. Should be interesting to say the least. Last time Mike Mularkey called plays I think he was calling half back passes on a 2 point conversion at the end of the game down by 2. I love it. This guy is brain dead. I don't know how he is employed in the NFL. It makes as much sense as Isiah Thomas being employed by the Knicks.

As for the Bills, Marshawn Lynch will probably be playing. This is the first time playing since the Bills first outing against Miami in which the Bills were awful and still somehow won. Lynch will have Freddy Jackson to relieve some of the load when needed. This will be a huge boost to a lethargic offense. Since Lynch left the lineup, the Bills have 0 rushing touchdowns and only 3 total as a team. They only have 13 offensive touchdowns on the season and 7 of them are accounted for by Lynch. Trent Edwards will start yet again and the Bills have only lost 1 time when he has started. Edwards completes a lot of passes (65%) but he needs to start finding the end zone. The Bills need to score touchdowns, especially next week when they go to Cleveland. Edwards was clutch last week on that final drive, but if Buffalo could have turned a couple of their first 4 field goals into touchdowns they may not have been in that spot. The blame doesn't go entirely to Edwards though if at all. Penalties and specifically number 84 have been killing the Bills in the red zone.

The Bills defense has done a good job keeping teams out of the end zone but they need to get better on third downs. They are allowing nearly 50% third down conversion percentage which is the worst in the league and probably the worst ever at least the worst I have ever seen. Tomorrow could cure some of the problems they have had because Miami has literally 0 talent and has even worse talent on the field tomorrow than they did 4 weeks ago if that is even possible.

The Bills will win tomorrow and cover the 7 points they are giving the Dolphins. Buffalo is better on both sides of the ball and finally they can out coach an opponent as well. Cam Cameron is awful and Dick Jauron does deserve some credit for this team being 6-6. The Bills will win 27-6. They will produce 3 offensive touchdowns for only the 2nd time all season.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills podcast

WNY Watercooler Talk podcast hosted by Steve. A break down of the Bills and dolphins game Sunday December 9th. Trent gloves? Mularkey play calling? 3rd string qb 4th string rb for the dolphins? Prediction and other fun stuff

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Baseball Winter meetings

by Steve

I'd like to congratulate the Detroit Tigers for successfully pulling off the biggest heist in perhaps baseball history. Not only do they get the heir to Manny Ramirez' thrown as the best pure hitter in baseball, they also get a World Series winning Cy young like talent dynamic young left handed pitcher in Dontrelle Willis. And for what? A bag of baseballs and a prospect.

Dontrelle Willis
Miguel Cabrera

bag of baseballs
Andrew Miller LSP
Cameron Maybin LF
Mike Rabelo (fringe catcher already 27)
Eulogio De La Cruz RP (has pitched 6 innings in the bigs)
Dallas Trahern (possible #3 rotation pitcher will be lucky to start in AAA)
Burke Badenhop RP( 2006 minor league P of the year, tops out at 89mph hasn't been past AA)
50,000 less fans and an average attendance of 9,000+

Alright maybe three of these dudes will be good but none will ever be as good as Miguel Cabrera already is now. He is 24, a Man-ram with an eating disorder. He is the figgen player you build your god damn team around. Sure he has a-rodian like stats but you could work out a cheaper deal with him, put some weight clauses in there and you have a .300 30 hr 100rbi guy at least every year, a silver slugger. The Marlins are a joke.

Not to mention Dontrelle Willis, a young energetic black lefty pitcher. That is rare, he is a rare talent, he is what makes baseball exciting. He may have had a "down" year but he will win a Cy Young, he has won a World Series. The dude can pitch, he's a baseball player, a face of a franchise, holy shit.

Lastings Milledge trade
Washing Nationals
Lastings Milledge

Retarded piece of shit
used baseballs
Ryan Church
Brian Schneider and his $10 million for the next 2 years

Talk about embarrassing. Not even a year ago this dude was the center piece to aquiring Santana or Haren or Willis, now they get a defensive catcher who couldn't hit water if he fell out of a fucking boat and a career .271 29-year old platooner in right field who couldn't hit a lefty if he was using a red wood. Omar Minaya is a fucking retard.

Johan Santana
Evidently the only player is the Red Sox at this point. Although I could still picture the Yankees stepping in late and over paying. The Sox would deal a highly touted pitching prospect and Ellsbury and a middle infield prospect. Or Lester but not both Lester and Jacobi. I don't care, the Twins are building a new stadium and Johan is the best in the game, pay the dude pitching prospects are a joke. They get one injury and their career is in doubt. And please please do not accept that POS Milky Cabrera if the Yankees climb back to the table.


According to numerous rumors, the Mets offered Carlos Gomez, potential stud OF, former first round pick and SP Phil Humber, and Heilman for Erik Bedard, the hard throwing stud Lefty from the Orioles. If this dude is available the market may be too high in regard to prospects but anyone with pitching should be calling up GM MacPhail ASAP.

DAN HAREN Hello, The dude is a righty but, he is a beast, easily a #2 if not a solid #1 at the top of the rotation. Billy Beane is a beast and will probably rob any team blind if they trade him, but prospects are prospects. He has a sweet contract $5.5 mil for the next three seasons! And would be a much better value trade. I predict he stays in Oakland unless the Yanks over pay.

Tim Lincecum for Alex Rios?
Pitching prospects? Solid cornerstone out fielder? Go with the outfielder, pitching prospects are a minute away from ending their career. Blue Jays would lose but perhaps win later down the line. (Giants won't do it they're pussies)

Take a flyer on:
Bartolo Colon, if he comes cheap, rest him give him a 2 year deal and see if he drop 50 pounds and stay healthy

Aaron Rowand, dude is a baseball player, and is beloved every where he goes. Solid centerfielder who was under rated in Philly.

Eric Gange (for the right price), Red Sox gave up way to much for him, but in a less intense market and a reasonable contract I'd throw him in as a set up/back up closer.

Milton Bradley, dude is messed up in the head, but a solid contributer in a small market.

Paul Lo Duca- old and declining but worth it for a year with a young pitching staff.

Jorge Julio, decent reliever

Scott Podsednik, there must be something I'm missing, at least a role player.

Mark Redman, back end guy pitched well for the Rockies.

  • Andruw Jones Roids
  • Giving Torrii hunter that much money. The dude is banged up and plays the game too real, he's older than he seems.
  • Mike Cameron, dude will get over paid.
  • David Eckstein, the cardinals are
  • Odalis Perez, never lived up to the hype
  • Torrealba, might be a one hit wonder or the Mets will wish they had him

Monday, December 3, 2007


by Steve

You wanna talk over rated, smoke and mirrors, lucky, get every call, might have paid the refs, whiners, bitches, pussies, cock suckers, jokes, OVER RATED, pieces of shit, well look no further than the New England Patriots.

Sure they cheat, sure they've been fined heavily, proven with out a shadow of a doubt that they cheated, and aren't as good as they seem, but when will they truly be exposed for the over rated pieces of shit whiner pussies that they truly are? Tonight against the Ravens.

Not only did they complain and whine and carry on like they always do, and not only did they get every penalty called in their favor like they always do, but they also in a perfect trifecta got all the lucky in their favor as well. It is rare when such a good team can be pissed on and called cheaters and liars and over rated but this team can and is over rated.. It is all smoke and mirrors.

4th down a defensive coordinator calls a time out after the Ravens stop Fagbrady on a 4th and 1 run. Then a an offsides after the Patracheats get stuffed on 4th down. No it didn't end there with the bad calls luck and the like, on 4th and 6 in side the 10 they get a phantom ticky tack "holding" on the defense for a first and goal from the 3. Then they get a questionable touchdown that could have gone either way and of course the refs give it to them

Then, something I have never seen in my entire life, a team kicks off from the opponents 35 yard line cause the refs are obviously out of the closet Gaytriots fans.

What is worse is this N.E. cheaters team isn't all that good. Sure they can pass but they suck when it is cold out, or raining, or snowing. They can't run the ball, they can't stop the run. They have a bunch of old decrepit linebackers come in on goal line situations for god knows why.

I love the fact that this team is going to lose at home in January probably to the Bills. The Patriots are built fur September-early December. They have the oldest most shitty rotting linebacking corps in the league, they running back is an injury prone piece of shit and can't effectively run the ball. Think about it.. snowing blowing windy they won't be able to pass, Moss is useless, Brady will be crying and the refs can continuesly give them all of these calls.

Not to mention Brady choking against the Raiders before they "won" their first superbowl mike martz handed to them. Yeah, when Brady fumbled. Look at the quarterbacks playing against the Patriots in the NFL. Compare the QB's now to say the early 90's. Aikman, Cunningham, Moon, Kelly, Marino, Elway, etc etc. Maybe 1 hall of famer in Manning that is it right now. They didn't even make the playoffs during their 'superbowl "dynasty"' in 2002. Give me a fucking break.

HOLY SHITTTTTTTTT SMOKE AND MIRRORS FOLKS SMOKE AND MIRRORS (congrats on Belichick's success in Cleveland too)

Alright fine, you want numbers? How about 24 point favorites? They won by less than 7, how about 18.5 they won bye 3. Statically they are over rated if they can't cover the spread. A little bit?

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bills 17 Redskins 16

by Coast

Unbelievable. Incredible. I still can't believe what I saw happen today. An incredible last second win and yes, finally, the Bills were not the victims of an unbelievable finish. Instead it was the Bills with the improbable last second win. Did we see the birth of a franchise quarterback today? The jury is still out but Trent Edwards took a stride today that JP Losman took 3 years to make. Edwards was mediocre all game. He was inaccurate on some throws. The Bills offense sputtered when they got inside scoring territory. But, when the game was on the line, Trent made perhaps the best throw I have seen a Bills quarterback make in that type of situation in my entire life as a Bills fan. The play came with 27 seconds left in the fourth quarter. It was first and 10 from the Bills 37 and Buffalo had no time outs. They needed a miracle. Then, Edwards fired a dart over the middle for 30 yards, in between 4 Redskin defenders, right in stride to Josh Reed to the Redskin 33. A 30 yard gain and the most clutch throw in recent memory.

Yeah, the Bills offense did struggle for a lot of the day. They looked awful in some situations. But what really matters in this game is your rookie third round pick. A guy that I have said I didn't want in the game. A guy I said isn't ready to be an NFL starter. He proved me wrong in a big way. He looked un-phased. He never looked nervous. On that last possession, he seemed like everything was under control even though all Bills fans were pretty close to killing themselves or at least I was. Edwards may have just had that one moment that allows a young quarterback to emerge onto the scene in the NFL and he is only a rookie.

I was impressed today, but I am not ready to anoint Edwards as a future all pro. I just saw a sign of something special on that last drive. All that said, the offense needs to improve in the red zone. The Bills scored no touchdowns today and I can't really blame Trent for any of that. The Bills killed themselves in the red zone with penalties. Twice in the red zone the Bills took holding penalties that really shot themselves in the foot. Also, the fumble by Royal killed them on another drive in which they were nearing the red zone. Without those penalties, who knows what could have happened.

Freddy Jackson has solidified himself as the number two running back on this roster. What a day for him. Jackson had 82 yards rushing and 69 yards receiving for 151 total yards on the day. This was only with 20 touches. That is 7.5 yards per touch. He made a huge play on a 54 yard reception that set up points. Fred never seemed to take negative plays either. He ran tough inside and showed great hands out of the backfield. What a one two punch him and Lynch can be.

I have had enough of number 84. This guy kills us week in and week out and I don't know why he is on the roster. Royal fumbled in scoring territory and then took a holding that put us in a hole in scoring territory again. There is just a laundry list of plays where this guy has killed us in the 28 games he has been a member of this team. I think everyone knows how I feel about Robert Royal and it gets proven every week. This guy is an idiot. His IQ has to be 2 maybe 5 if that. What does he do that is a positive? He doesn't catch passes down the field. Is he really this good of a blocker? He better be in a league with Steve Hutchinson because that is the only way his blocking should warrant him being on the team. I am done with Robert Royal and have been since week one 2006.

The Bills defense stepped it up today in the 2nd half big time. What a job by them today. After watching Washington just march the ball all over them in the first half, the Bills defense made big play after big play in the 2nd half. The Bills bent significantly in the first half, but all that said, they only allowed 3 field goals. In the 2nd half, the Bills were able to force some turnovers and they came from an extremely surprising source. Defensive tackle Larry Tripplett had his best game as a Bill. On back to back possessions, Tripplett intercepted a pass and then forced a fumble. Each turnover led to Bills field goals. The Bills also were able to generate a pass rush for the first time in weeks or possibly all season. The Bills sacked Jason Campbell 3 times including once for a safety. The Bills run defense was great all game as well. They were only able to generate 80 yards on the day. Portis had 25 carries for only 50 yards and the Redskins offense as a whole only generated 282 yards.

The Bills special teams was again bad today. Rock Cartright averaged 26.8 yards per kick return. The Redskins seemed to always be starting drives around the 40. On the other side, McGee only averaged 12.7 yards per return. The Bills also took stupid penalties on special teams destroying field position. Two holding calls today cost the Bills. Brian Moorman sucked again today. He keeps shanking punts and it is unexplainable. A 35 yard average for Moorman is not what we expect. Whats more, pooch kick offs were fumbled by tightends and linemen twice resulting in near turnovers, WTF Neufeld you are a tightend catch the ball!

Finally I can take this opportunity to say for the first time ever, Dick Jauron you impressed me at the end of the game. Jauron was all over the back to back time out unsportsmanlike call. As soon as Washington called the second time out Jauron was screaming that's 15 yards. He knew the rule and him speaking up may have alerted the officials. Jauron needed to redeem himself after not challenging the non fumble call on Cooley's reception on the Redskins first possession.(Although if the play on the field was ruled incomplete the defense can not challenge it calling it a catch allegedly) What is wrong with NFL coaches? Joe Gibbs, the hall of famer, doesn't even know the rules. How come every game there are decisions by coaches where you just scratch your head and wonder what the hell these idiots are thinking. These guys get paid millions of dollars and seem to just be completely lost at times. If you are a hall of famer, you know the rules Gibbs. Stick to Nascar buddy.

The Bills put themselves right in the middle of the playoff race with this win. As we speak, the Cardinals lead the Browns 27-21(now a final) and the Browns have the ball at the 35 of Arizona with 15 seconds left. Assuming the Browns lose, the Bills will sit one game behind the Titans and Browns for the final playoff spot in the AFC. And the Browns have lost so here are your up to the minute AFC standings.

Patriots 11-0
Colts 10-2
Steelers 8-3
Chargers 7-5
Jaguars 8-4
Browns 7-5 (5-4)
Titans 7-5 (4-4)
Bills 6-6 (5-5)
Broncos, Texans 5-7

The Bills are somehow one game out and next week they got the 0-12 Dolphins at home. This team is a live big time. Beat Miami and you got yourself a showdown week 15 at Cleveland Browns stadium, winner potentially takes a strangle hold on the AFC wild card race.

Absolutely unbelievable.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Week 13: Bills @ Redskins

by Coast

The Bills last stand has to be tomorrow if they still want to think about the playoffs. Despite the embarrassment of the past 2 weeks, the Bills are in the fray in the AFC wildcard race. The current standings for the playoffs in the AFC taking tie breakers into effect are as follows:

1. Patriots 11-0
2. Colts 9-2
3. Steelers 8-3
4. Chargers 6-5
5. Jaguars 8-3
6. Browns 7-4 (5-4 Conf.)
7. Titans 6-5 (3-4 Conf.)
8. Broncos 5-6 (5-3 Conf.)
9. Bills 5-6 (5-5 Conf.)
10. Texans 5-6 (3-5 Conf.)

The Bills are right in the mix, no matter how you look at it and how bad you think the team is, they are right in the mix. They play @Washington, Miami, @Cleveland, NY Giants, @ Philadelphia. I am not scared of any of those teams.

It all must start tomorrow. The Bills are taking on a team in Washington that has lost 3 games in a row and lost their best defensive player Sean Taylor earlier this week. If you are a Redskin fan you can hope that the team will rally around the passing of Sean Taylor and use the pure emotion to carry you through the day. The fact of the matter is, it was impossible for this team to prepare for this game during the week. In order to prepare for an NFL football game, your heads have to be 100% into the job at hand during the week, and for the players, football was the last thing on their minds.

It will be Trent Edwards getting the start for the Bills on Sunday and rightfully so. JP Losman has earned the right to be benched. He has played three consecutive awful games and last week when the team needed him to be at his best, he was at his worst. The Bills now need to find out what the rookie third round pick brings to the table and they have 5 games to do so. He has proven to be efficient in completing a high percentage of passes. He has proved that he can move the chains and keep our defense off the field. That may be the biggest key. The Bills defense cannot stop anyone so long time consuming field goal producing drives could be just what the doctor ordered.

Trent will have to work tomorrow with little or no running game. Fred Jackson is getting the start, the first of his career. Jackson is a small, fast, and illusive back who is a good receiver out of the backfield. He also showed toughness last week in converting a 4th and 1 on the ground. The coaches showed a lot of confidence in Jackson by giving him the ball in that spot. Edwards will look to pass to Jackson early and often as he might be the best pass catcher on the field tomorrow. In just the 2nd half last week, Jackson had 5 catches for 47 yards, only 3 yards behind the bills leading receiver on the game Josh Reed. Edwards loves the check down, so expect a lot of number 22.

The defense needs to play better. I don't expect much from them, but in the past 2 games they have surrendered 85 points offensively. They haven't come close to getting a sack and the defense took the ball away zero times. They couldn't get off the field on third down and just have not been able to stop opponents from scoring (4 stops in the last 19 drives by opponents.) The Bills coaches must come up with a way to pressure the quarterback. Any NFL quarterback, whether you are Jason Campbell or Tom Brady, will be able to have success if the defense cannot apply any pressure. It is time for the 50 million dollar man Aaron Schobel to make his presence felt. He will have to pick up his game with his fellow overpaid defensive end Chris Kelsay out of the game. The Bills 2nd year safety is a solid player, but it is about time he makes a big play. He only has one interception in his 2 seasons thus far. Fewell must be aggressive tomorrow. Bring blitzes from all different directions at Jason Campbell. The Redskin receivers are undersized just like the Bills so the corners should be able to match up with them. It is time for the defense to get back to it's mid season form when the Bills were running off 5 wins in 6 games.

So what are the keys to victory tomorrow?

First off the Bills must weather the early storm from the Redskins. There will be a lot of emotion in the stadium early in the game and the Redskins will feed off that. Just hang tough early and when the emotion subsides, the Redskins inability to prepare this week should show.

Trent Edwards needs to do what he does and move the chains. Control the clock and keep the Bills undersized, overmatched defense off the field. Get the ball to the backs out of the backfield and take what the defense gives you. Then, take an occasional shot down the field to someone if they can get open.

Steve Fairchild needs to find a way to get the ball to his weapons. Lee Evans, the Bills biggest threat, did not touch the ball until the Bills final drive of the game. Throw some wide receiver screens to Evans, get him the ball on an end around, do something to get him involved. Do the same with Parrish, just get the ball in this guys hands any way possible. The short passes to these guys might need to act like our running game this week.

Field position will be important so the Bills special teams needs to play better than they have. Morman needs to stop shanking punts, and the players need to stop taking stupid penalties. Roscoe, I am not sure if you know how to count to 11 but I am hoping you could have learned during the week so please make sure we have the correct number of guys on the field on a punt. How does a 12 men on the field penalty happen on a punt? Doesn't everyone know if they are in the punt team or not? It is inexcusable.

Prediction: The Bills will probably lose tomorrow but I am going to pick them to win just in case that they come through. The Bills really are worse than Washington all over the field but that is the case week in and week out. The Redskins are reeling and things in Redskin park have turned disastrous this week. Lindell has 4 field goals tomorrow including one in overtime and the Bills get the win 19-16.

Let's go Bills, Let's go Bills, Let's go Bills, Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Billllllls.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Buffalo Bills @ Washington Redskins podcast

Hosted by Steve. A breakdown of the up coming game between the Redskins and the Buffalo Bills. Sean Taylor, Bills injuries, Marshawn Lynch, Dick Jauron, everything dissected.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Double Podcast Sabres and Buffalo Bills

Special double Podcast tonight. Part 1 Bills talk hosted by Steve with guest Coast. Part 2 Sabres talk hosted by Steve with special guest Ark. First is 18 minutes 2nd is 10 minutes.


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Part 2

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Trent Edwards QB of the present

by Steve

In a move that was largely anticipated, although not until at least Wednesday, Tricky Dicky J today pulled the plug on Johnathan Paul Losman and his career as a Buffalo Bill. Somewhat sadly and extremely disappointingly, JP's career in Buffalo is unofficially officially over. He didn't do enough, he didn't improve enough, he flat out didn't win enough.

I don't want to get into numbers, or the first round draft pick, or the broken leg controversy, or the gardening jokes, or his perceived cocky attitude, or the bullshit comparisons to ROJO(Rob Johnson [fuck you Doug Flutie]) I just wanna say, peace out dude wish you were better.

Trent Edwards is the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills for the rest of the 2007 season. He will also be the only quarterback currently on the roster that will be brought back for the 2008 season. Hopefully as the starter, and as a baller, and as a playoff performing quarterback he will take over the reigns of this embarrassingly playoffless team for many years to come.

There are five games left, hopefully he can stay healthy enough to start them all. Who the hell knows exactly what we and more importantly the Bills front office needs to see in these remaining games for them to fully throw their hat in the TE ring. A win on the road? Just a win? Respectability? Game management? The ability to throw down the field? I'll stick with look at least as good if not better than Losman has thus far in his career.

What I certainly don't want to hear is that Trent Edwards is not the quarterback of the future. Or, that he can't or never will be the future in Buffalo. BECAUSE IT IS INFRICKIN POSSIBLE TO DETERMINE THAT. Sure he hasn't looked great, he has 5 picks and 1 touchdown, but he is a third round rookie, he has started 4 games in his career. And don't even god damn bring up Stanford or his record there, because quite frankly that is absolutely meaningless and irrelevant to his current career in the NFL.

Also this column is anything but a glowing endorsement of Trent, because I along with all of us have no clue what this dude is going to do in the NFL. You can't. But lets give him a chance, and a chance he will get. Redskins, Dolphins, Browns, Giants, Eagles. Those are the remaining games, and none are impossible to win.

If Edwards severely shits the bed in these final five I will not only be pissed off I'll be suicidal. I cannot for the life of me picture a scenario in which I will cheer for the Buffalo Bills if they waste another first round pick on a quarterback. If Trent does shit his pants the Bills may not have any recourse. Thankfully it is very unlikely that he does completely self destruct.

It starts this Sunday @ Washington against a team that has suddenly become either very vulnerable or very inspired after the shooting and (for now) near death of a cornerstone of their franchise in Sean Taylor. Who knows how they'll react, but either way in Washington (err Maryland) it is always a tough place to play, especially for a rookie quarterback. Furthermore ffffrickin Marshawn is probably going to again miss this game. FAUCK.

Lets goooooo Trent Edwards, Bills are +5

Do not I repeat do not use a first round pick on a quarterback whatever you do.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Seasons All But Over

Jacksonville 36
Bills 14

by Coast

Another embarrassing performance by our offense. JP Losman's career as the starter of the Buffalo Bills is over. He had a shot today but again the offense was embarrassing and he was inaccurate. Yeah I agree he doesn't have any weapons, no tight end, no running game and no wide receivers. What is the point of still playing him? I am the biggest Losman backer but what is the point of playing him? He isn't going to get an extension and no he hasn't played well enough to deserve one. Is Trent Edwards the answer? Probably not but why not find out I guess. I don't even know or care as of right now to be honest.

How bad is our defense? I don't care about this bend and don't break shit. We gave up 29 points to David Garrard. Give me a break. Reggie Williams and Earnest Wilford?

(On a side note, I just saw the most embarrassing and ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my life. JP Losman just threw a pass to Josh Reed and Reed literally saw a defender and ducked. That was the most pathetic play I have seen in my life. Was that some kind of joke?)

(Side not number 2: Score update Jacksonville now leads 36-14)

Back to the defense. In the past 2 games the Bills have faced 19 drives and the opponents have scored on 15 of them. This is unofficial, I just figured that out off the top of my head but it is close to that and that is pathetic. Again no sacks. Again not even close to a sack. Actually I think we got credit for one sack because Garrard ran out of bounds but the point is our front 4 is awful. Why do we give receivers 8 yard cushions every play? Are our safeties that bad? I guess they are. It isn't like you need to worry about Reggie Williams and Earnest Wilford running by you. Jacksonville will finish this game with 416 total yards of offense. The third down defense is the worst I have ever seen. They were 9 for 16 on third downs and converted numerous third and 10 or longers. They had to have converted at least 5 third and 10 plus situations. How can you let that happen if you are a defense? The Bills have the 31st ranked defense in the league and it is starting to show. They aren't playing the Ravens and Jets and Dolphins anymore.

The offense was pathetic. Losman made bad throw after bad throw. He turned it over 3 times and all were critical. I have defended this guy all season and I can't even do it anymore. They have to make the change just to see if Edwards is good enough because if not they need to try and make a move for another quarterback if possible. Lee Evans just caught his 2nd ball. The offensive staff can't come up with something to get him the ball more. Fred Jackson was the leading receiver on our team today and he didn't even play until the second half. This defense was ranked 23rd coming into the game today and our offense looked terrible against them. Is Marshawn Lynch really that critical to our offense? I don't even know what to say really. We are running a play with 0 seconds left. Nothing to lose and we threw a 6 yard out. I really hope Steve Fairchild gets fired after the season. Have you ever seen an offense which has allegedly improved personnel wise get this much worse from one season to the next. Who did we lose from last year? Willis McGahee? Lynch is a way better player. Apparently Peerless Price was the most important part of this offense. He is the only difference I think. Steve Fairchild is the worst coordinator in recent memory. Worse than Tom Clements, worse than Kevin Gilbride, this guy is awful.

The special teams was awful today. McGee got stopped before the 20 yard line on numerous occasions. A 12 men on the field penalty on a punt was devastating as it gave Jacksonville a first down and then a 50 yard touchdown on the next play. The Bills wasted a timeout on a punt. How do you waste a timeout on a punt in the third quarter of a tight football game? Jauron just wastes timeouts and he always has. A punt is the same play every time. Just go out there and kick the football. Why would a timeout ever be needed? The Bills went offsides on a kickoff today. Jones Drew returned the kick to the 12. After the penalty Lindell kicked it out of bounds. Jacksonville got the ball at the 45. That is a 33 yard penalty and just can't happen. Who should you blame for that? The players? The special teams coach? Well all these guys work under one guy, the head coach and that who deserves the blame for the terrible play on Sundays. Brian Moorman had another embarrassing game. He has shanked an unbelievable number of punts this year. Moorman doesn't have a free pass anymore in my opinion. I am sick of seeing balls bounce in front of return men. His last punt in which he was kicking from the 40, he needed to pin them, and the ball bounced at the 25 and went out of bounds. This has been a theme this season.

I hate Dick Jauron and have wanted him to be fired all season. He won't be and therefore this team will never be a winning team. The head coach is a loser. He had one lucky winning season in his career and every other season has been a loser. The GM is a loser. Yeah we went to some super bowls but choked in every one of them. That makes him a loser in my book. I don't think guys who go places with multiple hall of famers on the roster and choke in big games should be considered a winner.

So where do the Bills go from here? The season is over. Put in Trent Edwards, maybe he is good who knows, but they need to find out.