Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Buffalo Bills preview podcast

Steve and Coast lament their existence as Buffalo Bills fans, look back, look forward and predict the debacle that is the upcoming Mularkey bowl.

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UB 39 temple 54 F

By steve

Is Reg Witherspoon serious? 39 points? 3 free throw attempts TOTAL? Javon McCray catching the ball 25 feet from the tin?

What I watched last night from my comped courtside seats was not basketball but I have no god damn clue what it was.

What the hell is worse with UB Bulls athletics right now, 'spoon's 14 year failed tenure or Jeff Quinn getting a contract EXTENSION??!?

Yeah the hoops team lost their best player and it will take time to gel but they looked pathetic.  Two points in the first 9 minutes? Temple didnt even play well and they crushed these guys.

If McCray doesn't touch the ball in the paint just about every time it is a failure.  He is now a junior and he has seemingly regressed.  Reg hasnt been able to recruit one decent guard that isnt scared to drive the lane?

Last thing, Will Regan, the Virginia drop oit sucks. He looked weak timid and devoid of confidence. What happen to his former back to back TBN player of the year?

Get your shit together Danny White.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Bills 13 Colts 20 F

by steve

Classic Bills loss. The saddest part about yet another choke job L against an inferior team on the road is that this was considered a "big game".  What if the Bills had to beat an actually good team.  A playoff team? A team with a real head coah? A team with a decent defense?

God help us all.  The coach is officially worse than Jauron.  The QB couldn't complete a pass down field if it meant saving his familea life and they'll both be back next year!

Yet again I must ask, can things possibly get worse?

After the game I said two things I never thought I would. "i dont want to get season tickeys next season. And i sort of hope the team leaves this isn't worth it".

What other insight or interesting tidbit need I provide? This am Gailey said it was fred's turnto go in in that fourth quarter drive. KILL ME

Read this a few times and tell me if it makes any sense?
“The pass rush had a lot to do with that,” Gailey said, referring to Colts edge rushers Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis. “They were doing a good job with their pass rush and we ended up trying to throw the ball a little bit more on first down and second down.

“But then you go back, C.J. is running the ball extremely well,” Gailey said. “So do you want to throw it to stay away from those obvious passing situations, where they got the pass rush coming? Do you want to throw it and not hand the ball to C.J.? So we were trying to strike a balance in those two thought processes.”

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Week 12 NFL Picks

Steve 27-24-1 (Best Bet 2-8-)

Pittsburgh -1.5 v Cleveland
Miami +3 v Seattle
Buffalo @ Indianapolis over 51.5
Tampa Bay +1.5 v Atlanta
Baltimore @ San Diego over 47.5

Wreck 28-25 (Best Bet 7-4)

Oakland +8 @ Cincinnati
NY Giants -2.5 v Green Bay
Buffalo +2 @ Indianapolis
Cleveland +1.5 v Pittsburgh
Miami +3 v Seattle

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Buffalo Bills @ Indianapolis Colts podcast preview

Steve and Coast breakdown the Dolphins victory last Thursday, talk PLAYOFFS and the Indy Colts, no happy thanksgivings here son


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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Buffalo Bisons logo

Retro yet classic, cartoonish yet kinda cool. A-

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Week 11 NFL Picks

Steve 23-23 Best Bet 1-8-1

Green Bay -3.5 @ Detroit
Tampa Bay -1.5 @ Carolina
Cleveland @ Dallas under 43.5
Indy @ New England over 54.5
Denver -7.5 v San Diego

Wreck 25-22 Best Bet 6-4

Jacksonville +15.5 @ Houston
Washington -3.5 v Philadelphia
Carolina +1.5 v Tampa Bay
NY Jets +3.5 @ St Louis
Kansas City +3.5 v Cincinnati

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills podcast preview

Steve and Coast revisit the Patriots L and look forward to the prime time Dolphins match up Thursday.  Get your brown paper bags ready



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Sunday, November 11, 2012

New England Patriots 37 Bills 31 F

by Steve

I almost forgot what it felt like to be thoroughly dissapointed after an L and didn't think I cared about this season any more.  But on that last drive I actually had hope and thought the Bills some would actually win.

We've seen Ryan Fitzpatrick and co do it to this team before.  Why didn't the Bills give it to CJ Spiller more? Even on that last drive?  The injury to Donald Jones hurt.  Fred fuckin Jackson did his best to allow the team to lose. Two lost time outs on that last drive fucking hurt too.

Brandon Spikes has elevated himself to piece of shit status.  I hate that guy.  Mario Williams did next to nil.   Fitzpatrick played really well.  That is pretty tough for me to say.  I haven't even referred to him as his nickname yet.  Yeah, he threw the INT to end the game but I might might blame that on a rookie WR playing a position he shouldn't have been, at least not nine games into his career.

Overall this game is a perfect summation of the entire tenure of Chanwick Gailey with the Buffalo Bills.  Just enough to not win.  The penalties were a disaster.  The refs were a fuckin joke, honestly a joke.  I'm not blame the ref guy, but c'mon some of those pass interference calls were awful.  Even the announcers called out the refs.

Bottom line, the Bills should have won and didn't.  On a day when Spiller was unstoppable, Fitzpatrick played extremely well and Tom Brady couldn't score a TD in the fourth quarter, the Bills still lose.  I guess it is good to know I still care and can trick my self into hope still..or not

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Week 10 NFL Picks

Steve 21-20 Best Bet 1-7-1

Patriots -13 v Buffalo
Minnesota +2.5 v Detroit
Tampa -3v San Diego
Pittsburgh -12.5 v Kansas City
Chicago -1 v Houston

Wreck 21-21 Best Bet 5-4

Tennessee +6 @ Miami
Buffalo +13 @ New England
Cincinnati +4.5 v NY Giants
NY Jets +6@ Seattle
KC Chiefs +12.5 @ Pittsburgh

Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots preview

by Steve

Obviously there is zero point in breaking down the x's and o's of this game.  The only debate is whether the Bills will lose by 11-20 points or 21+ points.  We all know how the Bills play against the Patriots especially in the second game of the season, so I'll spare you the stats.

So what's the point?  If the Bills lose by 21+ points what is the point of giving anyone on this coaching staff a chance next year.  This is the freaking National Football League bad teams win good teams lose, no one consistently is awful. Well, except for the Buffalo Bills that is.

Chain Gailey is a loser, the quarterback is clearly not a starter, the defense some how regressed from an abysmal 2011 season.  What the fuck happened?  I don't buy excuses like 5 first or second year starters on defense or a switch from the 3-4 to 4-3.  It is clearly a lack of coaching ability from the top down.  It is clearly a lack of player scouting and evaluation of talent.

How could Buddy Nix honestly think that Ryan Fitzpatrick was a quarterback that can win consistently?  How about Marcell Darius?  Where has the guy been all season?  He is the worst player drafted in the top ten of the 2011 draft.  The guy can not defend the run and as a defensive tackle what else is he even supposed to do on the field?  I have major questions about Stephon Gilmore too. 

Is there a bottom to this tailspin? It always seems like it can't get worse but it some how does.  Now we're going to be forced to stomach another season with Chanwhick as the coach and the distinct possibility of Ryan Fitzpatrick back as the QB. (The Bills will finish 6-10 and not be able to get Barkley and will reach for another JP Losman esque QB)  Yes, that is right, it is going to get even worse.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why is Chan Gailey still employed?

by Steve

Granted, if a mediocrity of a president can get reelected because he runs against a baffoon, a racist electorate and a record of accomplishing very little, I guess anything is possible.  But why is Chanwhick Gailey still employed?  I guess it will be more appropriate to ask this question September 2013 when we have zero hope/faith and at least another full season with ol' Chanwhick but I'm asking today.

Offensive genius?  How can anyone with a straight face refer to Chanwhick as a genius of anything let alone an offense in the National Football League?  Afraid to run the ball because (gasp) there is a base defense on the field!!?  A running back who is breaking YPC records dating back to the 60s and only gets 11 total touches and 6 total carries?

A coach that watches Trent Edwards, determines he is the quarterback he is going to latch his sinking ship to only to cut him after 2 games?  The same coach that has seen Ryan Fitz-noodle-arm-Fitzpatrick for 2.5 years and still believes he can win with him?  This is a quarterback that appears to be stroking out on every single pass and can not throw the ball more than 25 yards down field EVER even just to try and get a pass interference?

How yeah, his record is 13-27 as the starting head coach in Buffalo.  Maybe I should have just started with that and copy and pasted it a few times. his record is 13-27 his record is 13-27 his record is 13-27 his record is 13-27 his record is 13-27 his record is 13-27. his record is 13-27 his record is 13-27.

That is far worse than Dick Jauron.  In addition, he is starting to sound more and more like Jauron.  He doesn't have answers, he sounds dejected and ready to give up (until the pay check is direct deposited).

He doesn't appear to be any type of leader, he doesn't appear to motivate or inspire anyone.  How about things that are quantifiable?  Half time adjustments.  Do the Bills ever come out of half time and take over the game?  Or even come out competently?  The Bills have been outscored in the second half 152-86.
The Bills have been outscored in the second half 152-86.
The Bills have been outscored in the second half 152-86.
The Bills have been outscored in the second half 152-86.
The Bills have been outscored in the second half 152-86.  In eight games. That is 19 points per game in the second half alone.  There are six teams that don't, on average, allow 19 points per game and the Bills do in the 2nd half!

Is there any objective measure to which Gailey is acceptable or even competent? Teams with interim coaches like the Colts and Saints (yes they have good QBs) are winning.  Doesn't that shoot down Bud Nix's argument that starting over with a new coach is kind of bunk?

He has no say in the defense which is half the game and apparently doesn't even care to have a say.  He refuses to consider firing Stachstedt.  He hates Cliff Spiller.  Well, hey, there are 4 more divisional games left and it isn't like the Bills are 2-13 vs the division under Chanwhick or anything right?

Time to dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week 9 NFL Picks

Steve  18-18 Best Bet 1-6-1

NY Giants -3 v Pittsburgh
Indianapolis +1.5 v Miami
Atlanta -4 v Dallas
Chicago -3.5 @ Tennessee
Washington -3 v Carolina

Wreck  19-18 Best Bet 5-3

Buffalo +10.5 @ Houston
Indianapolis +1.5 v Miami
Philadelphia +3 @ New Orleans
Arizona +10 @ Green Bay
NY Giants under 47.5 v Pittsburgh

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bills @ Texans Preview

by Steve

Other than backup running back, do the Bills have a better player at any position than the Houston Texans?  Yeah Matt Schaub isn't good, Gary Kubiak is a mediocrity and they got killed a few weeks ago by a decent at best Packers team, but they are still far superior to the Buffalo Bills.  That is how pathetic this franchise is right now.

Buffalo is a 10.5 point dawg coming off the bye (albeit Houston is too).  Coming off the bye with Chanwhick at the helm at OBD the Bills have actually played quite well.  Last year it was the Washington (in Toronto) beat down W.  The year before that it was the Baltimore L in overtime.  (Houston with Kubs is 2-4 after the bye fwiw)

I don't have one reason to believe the Bills have a chance to win this game let alone cover.  Is JJ Watt and co. overhyped at this point?  Yes, but the Bills defense is so abysmal Ryan Fitz-noodle-arm-Fitzpatrick would have to score 40 points for Buffalo to have a shot.  Other than the aforementioned GB game the most the Texans have surrendered is 25.

This is the third straight home game for Houston (haven't played on the road in a month) maybe they are all sick of hanging out with their wives/families and are due for an L.  Maybe anything can happen in the National Football League.  Maybe Houston is looking to next week when they play the Bears?

Eh, I tried.

37-19 Houston Texans.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Buffalo Bills @ Houston Texans podcast

Steve Coast and Wreck take us down memory lane in this classic podcast from 10302009.  Yes the Buffalo Bills were 3-4 the first Sunday in November and played the Houston Texans. We received 138 comments.  This was an all time classic.  If you want a break down listen to last week's podcast during the BYE. "I love Ryan Fitzpatrick" Mike Coast 9.30.09



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