Saturday, December 30, 2017

Week 17 NFL Picks


Steve 29-34-1

Steelers -6.5 v Browns
Jets +15.5 @ Patriots
Bills -2 @ Dolphins
Panthers +4 @ Falcons

Coast 25-36-3

49ers -4.5 @ Rams
Bills -2 @ Dolphins
Jaguars +3 @ Titans
Bengals +9.5 @ Ravens

Feyes 24-37-3

Bills -2 @ Dolphins
Jaguars +3 @ Titans
Cowboys -3 @ Eagles
Panthers +4 @ Falcons

Katman 26-35-3

Bengals +9.5 @ Ravens
Falcons -4 v Panthers
Bills -2 @ Dolphins
Chargers -7 v Raiders

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Week 17 Buffalo Bills Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review the Patriots debacle, preview what needs to happen for the Bills to break their 17 year playoff drought and look past the Miami Dolphins.  McDermott gonna break the drought?!


Sunday, December 24, 2017

Week 17 Buffalo Bills Flexed to 4:25pm

By Steve

All four games that effect the Bills playoff chances have been flexed to 4:25 next week.
Jaguars @ Titans
Bills @ Dolphins
Bengals @ Ravens
Raiders @ Chargers

Bills Playoff Scenarios

Bills playoffs? Need this:

Week 16 NFL Picks

Last minute christmas money grab

Steve 27-32-1

Panthers -10.5 v Buccaneers
Patriots -11.5 v Bills
Saints -5.5 v Falcons
Dolphins +10.5 @ Chiefs

Coast 25-32-3

Rams -6.5 @ Titans
Cowboys -4 v Seahawks
Dolphins +10.5 @ Chiefs
Bills +11.5 @ Patriots

Feyes 24-33-3

Lions -3.5 @ Bengals
Rams -6.5 @ Titans
Jaguars -4.5 @ 49ers
Eagles -9.5 v Raiders

Katman 24-33-3

Lions -3.5 @ Bengals
Jags -4.5 @ 49ers
Patriots -11.5 v Bills
Jets +6.5 v Chargers

Monday, December 18, 2017

Buffalo Bills Playoff Scenarios

By Steve

Bills are now in playoffs if they win out


Bills beat MIA and either

- Ravens lose once
- Titans win week 16 and lose to JAX week 17
- Titans lose week 17 and Chargers don't finish at 9-7

Current AFC playoff odds from @FiveThirtyEight:

NE: clinched
PIT: clinched
JAX: clinched
KC: 96%
BAL: 87%
TEN: 64%
BUF: 36%
LAC: 15%
MIA: 3%
OAK: <1%

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Week 15 NFL Picks

Get that christmas gift money

Steve 24-32

Steelers +3 v Patriots
Bills -3.5 v Dolphins
Panthers -3 v Packers
49ers -1.5 v Titans

Coast 25-29-2

Patriots -3 @ Steelers
Browns +7 v Ravens
Dolphins +3.5 @ Bills
Texans +11 @ Jaguars

Feyes 23-32-1
Steelers +3 v Patriots
Dolphins +3.5 @ Bills
Cowboys -3 @ Raiders
Ravens -7 @ Browns

Katman 22-32-2
49ers -1.5 v Titans
Patriots -3 @ Steelers
Dolphins +3.5 @ Bills
Redskins -4 v Cardinals

Friday, December 15, 2017

Podcast Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills Preview

Steve and Coast review the Colts snow game and look ahead to the Miami Dolphins. Must win, can McDermott and co blow it?


Saturday, December 9, 2017

Week 14 NFL Picks

Time to make some christmas money dawg

Steve 22-30

Bears +6.5 @ Bengals
Raiders +4 @ Chiefs
49ers +3 @ Texans
Giants +4 v Cowboys
Bills -3.5 v Colts

Coast 23-27-2
Ravens +4.5 @ Steelers
Seahawks +2.5 @ Jaguars
Jets -1 @ Broncos
Niners +3 @ Texans

Feyes 22-29-1
Seahawks +2.5
Vikings -3 @ Panthers
Ravens +4.5 @ Steelers
Pats +11.5 @ Dolphins

Katman 21-29-2

Colts +3.5 @ Bills
Packers -3.5 @ Browns
Steelers -4.5 v Ravens
Patriots -11.5 @ Dolphins

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Podcast: Colts at Buffalo Bills Preview

Steve, Wreck and Coast thoroughly breakdown the Sean "dougy" McDermott era, Tyrod Taylor, Nathan Peterman, the Patriots game and the upcoming Indianapolis Colts game. Playoffs??


Saturday, December 2, 2017

Week 13 NFL Picks

Money money moneyy

Lions +3 @ Ravens
Bills +9 v Patriots
49ers + 3 @ Bears
Colts +10 @ Jaguars

Titans -7 v Texans
Patriots -9 @ Bills
Ravens -3 v Lions
Chiefs -3.5 @ Jets

Lions +3 @ Ravens
Vikings +3 @ Falcons
Pats -9 @ Bills
Browns + 14 @ Chargers

49ers +3 @ Bears
Pats -9 @ Bills
Vikings +3 @ Falcons
Eagles -4.5 @ Seahawks

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

PODCAST: Patriots at Buffalo Bills Preview

Steve Coast and Wreck review the Kansas City Chiefs game, pick out their favorite worst nightmare of a Cheatriots game and look ahead to New England

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Week 12 NFL Picks


Bengals -7.5 v Browns
Chiefs -8.5 v Bills
Panthers -6 @ Jets
Texans +7.5 @ Ravens

Dolphins +17 @ Patriots
Bengals -7.5 v Browns
Chiefs -8.5 v Bills
Ravens -7.5 v Texans

Dolphins +17 @ Patriots
Chiefs -8.5 v Bills
Jags -6 @ Cardinals
Packers +13.5 @ Steelers

Falcons -10 v Buccs
Eagles -14 v Bears
Bills +8.5 @ Chiefs
Saints +2.5 @ Rams

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving NFL Picks

By steve

Vikings -3 @ Lions
Gotta take the three points with my Detroit boys. Case Keenum is about to come back to Earth lets face it
Lions +3

Chargers -2 @ Cowboys
Whoa, the former San Diego football club gets 5 picks from a QB that couldnt see the field  in my turkey bowl run at firemans park and they are a juggernaut? This line swung bigly and seems to make little sense. I thought Dak prescott was supposed to be good.
Cowboys +2

Giants +7.5 @ Redskins
Is it possible I take all three home squads? The Redskins just suck. 4-6 and are a Seahawks choke job away from a 5 game losing streak.
Giants +7.5

Last year 3-0 (made up)
Two years ago 2-1 (made up)
5-1 last two thanksgings

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Podcast: Bills at Chiefs Preview

Steve and Coast rehash the debacle that is Nathan Peterman and look ahead to a beleaguered Chiefs squad. Is McDermott toast?

McDermott Flip Flops Tyrod Taylor to Start at KC

By steve

I am wrong, Sean "dougy" McDermott came to his senses and is starting tiny Tyrod Taylor against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Starting Nate Peterman a second game after 5 picks in 16 passes would have been career suicide. It is the only choice he had. Tyrod gives them the only chance to win even if it is a miniscule likelyhood.

Peterman will still see the field, peobably after the Bills lose to the Dolphins at home in three weeks.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Week 10 NFL Picks

Four pm Bills game means gamble more!

Packers +2 v Ravens
Vikings -1 v Rams
Cowboys +6 v Eagles
Seahawks -1.5 v Falcons
Chargers -7 v Bills

Coast 16-21-2 Bills 6-1-1
Browns +7.5 v Jaguars
Chiefs -10 @ Giants
Ravens -2 @ Packers
Patriots -7.5 v Raiders
Bills +7 @ Chargers

Det. -3 @ chi
Rams +1 @ Minny
Jags -7.5 @ cle
Chargers -7 v buff

3-5-1 bills

Texans -2.5 v Cardinals
Saints -9.5 v Redskins
Lions -3 @ Bears
Bills +7 @ Chargers

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Podcast: Buffalo Bills Bench Tyrod Taylor for Nate Peterman

Steve and Coast intensely argue about the Bills decision to start Nathan Peterman over Tyrod Taylor. Is there a plan? Trust the process?


Tyrod Taylor Benched for Nate Peterman

By Steve

Well this is a stunner. A 5th round rookie from Pitt with basically no arm and little reason to believe in is replacing Tyrod Taylor as the starter against the Chargers.

This is a perplexing decision to tank the rest of the season to see what they have in a nobody no prospect QB with 7 games left and currently in a playoff spot.

This difference in starting Peterman now or in 4 weeks if the Bills lose MAKES ZERO DIFFERENCE.

The Bills have to draft a quarteback in the first 3 rounfs next year regardless.

Nothing this franchise does makes any sense.

They trade their best WR for a draft pick then trade a draft pick a supposed #1 WR. They have a 5-2 record then trade away a former all pro defensive tackle for nothing then give up 500 rushing yards afterward.

Is this bizzaro world?

"This is not an endictment on Tyrod Taylor" was an actual quote by Sean "Dougy" McDermott today. Lol

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What Is Phillip Rivers Value to the Spead vs the Bills

By Steve

With Phillip Rivers in concussion protocal I proposed the question of Rivers value to the spread in this Sunday's game vs the Bills. If Rivers is out and Kellen Clemens was the starter what will the line be. Here was @covers or response:

"Immediately, probably five to six points. So if he was ruled out, Bolts drop to +1.5 vs. Bills. Then what the public does with the line after the adjustment is the true indication of his worth to the spread. They could bet Buffalo all the way to -3.5, making his worth 8 points.

Before he went into concussion protocol the Chargers were 4, 4.5 point favorites, depending on the book. Now OFF everywhere. We expect if he's announced as out the Chargers will become short home dogs."

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Week 10 NFL Picks

Make money

Steve 16-20 Bills 4-4
Bills +3 v Saints
Texans +12 @ Rams
Colts +10 v Steelers
Titans -5.5 v Bengals

Coast 13-21-2 Bills 5-3
Colts +10 v Steelers
Lions -10.5 v Browns
Bucs +2.5 v Jets
Rams -12 v Texans
Saints -3 @ Bills

Feyes 15-21 Bills 2-5
Cowboys +3.5
Patriots -7.5 @ Broncos
Bengals @ Titans under 40.5
Jags -5 @ Chargers
Saints -3

Katman 13-22-1 Bills 4-4

Bills +3 v Saints
Jets -2.5 @ Buccs
49ers +3 v Giants
Broncos +7.5 v Patriots

Week 10 NFL Picks

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

New Orleans Saints at Buffalo Bills Podcast Preview

Playoffs? Must win? McDermott on the hot seat? The Saints for real?  Steve Coast and Wreck preview this monster game at The Ralph Sunday.  Wreck's segment starts at the 23 minute mark.  Also subscribe on the iTunes

Also on Youtube:

The Sabres Thru 14 Games

By Steve

Thank god the Buffalo Sabres fired awful Dan Bylsma amirite? Phil Housley! He played for the Sabres! He had great defensive players last year in Nashville and made it to the cup finals!

Through 14 games this season the Sabres are 4-8-2 good enough for a grand total of 10 points.

Last season through 14 games the Sabres were 5-5-4 and had 14 points. Not good but at least it was a point a game pace. Alright how about Bylsma's first season? 6-8-0 and 12 points.

Housley and Co are worse off (seemingly unfathomable) this year at this point in the season than either year under awful Dan Bylsma. Glad we fired that bum!

Last year Eichel scored .934 points per game and is on pace for .928 points per game this season (4 goals 9 A in 14 G).

McDavid has 5 goals and 11 assists in 13 games.
Auston Matthews has 10 goals 9 assists in 16 games.


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Week 9 NFL Picks

No Bills no problem, lets wager

Steve 14-18 Bills 3-4-1
Panthers +2.5 v Falcons
Colts +6.5 @ Texans
Titans -3.5 v Ravens
Seahawks -8 v Redskins

Coast 11-20-1 Bills 5-2-1
Broncos +7 @ Eagles
Colts +6.5 @ Texans
Redskins +8 @ Seahawks
Raiders -3 @ Dolphins

Feyes 14-20 Bills 1-6-1
Eagles -7 v Broncos
Jaguars -6.5 v Bengals
Chiefs +2.5 @ Cowboys
Rams -4.5 @ Giants

Katman 10-21-1 Bills 3-4-1

Eagles -7 v Broncos
Saints -7 v Bucaneers
49ers +2.5 v Cardinals
Cowboys -2.5 v Chiefs

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Bills Gonna Bills FML

By Steve

The member berries kicked in real quick tonight. 5-2 vs a bad team on the road in prime time against a division team on Thursday and the Bills do what the Bills do.

When things change lemme know. What a joke. This team got lucky at nearly every moment for 2 months and is still no where.

5-3 and they still have 4 division games left, face current division leaders, have no second string RB and they cant sack a pile of beans. Process another miserable year.

The day anyone should buy into this franchise is the day after a celebration parade. Theyd evem fuck that up.

Is there anything (besides the Browns) more dissapointing in the world than this team? Id tske drunk sex with no finish iver this any day. At least we got naked.

Whats the point.

The Jets?

The Process?


Counting on lucky fumbles and 55 yard field goals only lasts so long. Look pack on the last 8 games and tell me otherwise.

7-9 is the ceiling

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

PODCAST: Bills at Jets Preview

Brandon Beane making moves, the Bills are in the drivers seat, the Raiders look bad, and Thursday Night is coming in hot.  Jets?  Playoffs? Steve, Wreck and Coast review it all


Bills Trade 3rd and 7th rounder for Kelvin Benjamin

By Steve

Bills make odd move, trade for mediocre former 1st round pick Kelvin Benjamin. He was a 1st round pick same year as Watkins and is under contrct for $8 mil next season as well.

A 3rd and 7th round pick is steep but not unacceptable. The guy better contribute. He has 32 catches 475 yards and 2 TDs.

When do trades work out mid season? Why did Carolina dump this dude? Is he still fat?

I like the idea of trying to go for it this season and trading "future assests" for a real NFL wide receiver is something I usually like. But does he help the Bills that much?

I didnt like him out of college, but hes a big target and has played in big games.


Saturday, October 28, 2017

NFL Week 8 Picks

Dareus gone, Bills tanking, time to gamble.

Steve 13-15 Bills 3-2-1

Falcons -6.5 @ Jets
Buccaneers -1.5 v Panthers
Colts +10.5 @ Bengals
Lions +3 v Steelers
Raiders +2.5 @ Bills

Coast11-16-1 4-1-1

Saints -9.5 v Bears
Chargers +7.5 @ Patriots
Redskins +2 v Cowboys
Lions +3 v Steelers
Bills -2.5 v Raiders

Katman 9-18-1 3-2-1 bills

Raiders +2.5 @ Bills
Saints -9.5 v Bears
Steelers -3 @ Lions
Broncos +7 @ Chiefs

Feyes 12-17 Bills 1-4-1

Panthers +1.5 @ Buccs
Seahawks -6.5 v Texans
Chargers +7.5 @ Patriots
Bengals -10.5 v Colts
Raiders +2.5 @ Bills

Friday, October 27, 2017

Bills Make Horrific Trade, Give Away Dareus

By Steve

For some reason that defies logic reason and any semblance of a plan the Buffalo Bills got significsntly worse today by gicing away former 3rs overall pick and mostly talent player on the defense for a 6th round pick.


You cant make this shit up. The Bills shipped Marcell Dareus to the Jacksonville Jaguars for a 6th roud pick that could MAYBE become a 5th? Its is the most lopsided trade i could imagine.

They dont even get much cap relief and what the fuck is the point of cap relief in the middle of the season when you cant use it and have a HUGE amount of space next year to spend on NO ONE.


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Anquan Boldin is Piece of Shit, Requests Trade

By Steve

Remember that old dude the Bills signed at the end of August and no one else wanted him? Then he quit saying he wanted to concentrate on his advocacy? Lies. Aw poor Anquan Boldin..

He wants to play again! But not for the 4-2 WR needed team that currently owns his rights. He "wants to play closer to home". Huh?

The Bills granted him the ability to seek a trade but if Dontrell Inman only got the Chargers a 7th round conditional, the Bills will be lucky to get lightly acuffed up football balls.

Eat shit and enjoy the retirement list old bones

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Podcast: Oakland Raidres at Buffalo Bills Preview

Raider Week!  Game of the year? Steve, coast and Wreck preview the upcoming tilt with the Raiders and start talking playoffs..


Find us on itunes

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Week 7 NFL Picks

Gambling again despite the underdog on top

Steve 10-14 Bills 3-2

Bengals +5.5 @ Steelers
Jets +3.5 @ Dolphins
Saints -4.5 @ Packers
Chargers Pick v Broncos
Bills -3 v Buccaneers

Coast 10-13-1 Bills 4-1

Vikings -5.5 v Ravens
Packers +4.5 v Saints
Colts +3 v Jaguars
Giants +4 v Seahawks
Bills -3 v Bucs

Katman 8-16-0 3-2 bills

Bills -3 v Buccaneers
Saints -4.5 @ Packers
Bengals +5.5 @ Steelers
Falcons +3.5 @ Patriotd

Feyes 11-14

Titans -6 @ Browns
Panthers -3.5 @ Bears
Steelers -5.5 v Bengals
Ravens +5.5 @ Vikings
Buccaneers +3 @ Bills

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Podcast: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Buffalo Bills Preview

Steve Coast and Wreck preview the Bills week 7 match up wit the Bucs.  Noodle arm or Jameis?

And on Youtube:

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Weeks 6 NFL Picks

Bills on the BYE, time to wager. Week 6 NFL picks:

Steve 10-10 Bills 3-2

Broncos -12.5 v Giants
Raiders -3.5 v Chargers
Chiefs -4 v Steelers
Jaguars -2.5 v Rams

Coast 8-11-1 Bills 4-1

Packers -3 @ Vikings
Texans -9.5 v Browns
Ravens -6.5 v Bears
Saints -4.5 v Lions

Feyes 10-10 Bills 1-4

Packers -3 @ Vikings
Dolphins +12.5 @ Falcons
Redskins -11 v 49ers
Chiefs -4 v Steelers

Katman 7-13 Bills 3-2

Falcons -12.5 v Dolphins
Redskins -11 v 49ers
Jaguars -2.5 v Rams
Cardinals +1.5 v Buccaneers

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Bills at the BYE

By Steve

3-2 some how feels like a dissapointment. Who woulda thought in August?

Tiny Tyrod Taylor has been as advertised yet seems to be running less than ever. WHY?

The wide receiver corps is in complete shambles, Chuck Clay is out a month, the offensive line is a 100% mystery etc etc. Does McD know what hes doing? Why are they benching their high paid oft injured left tackle and 3rd round pick right guard Miller? Why isnt TTT running?

Why hasnt McBean traded for a reciever yet? If Watkins was on this team the Bills would arguably be 5-0 (dont @ me).

Who the fuck is Calin Clay? Where is Andre Holmes? Why does Zay Jones blow? How is Brandon Tate an important component of the WR corps? Why does my life suck so much? Toss me another Old Vienna.

The Bills play mostly garbage teams for a while with 3 of their next four at home with the sole roadie at the Jets. Losing to both the piece of shit pirate teams in a row wouldnt be shocking. Winning both would be less surprising.

The AFC and the NFL in general seems to be wide open this year. The collegr QB class is predictably not living up to the hype of the summer.

It is time to go after it. The time is now. This franchise NEEDS to make a move. Be bold, be wreckless. Trade for someone. Do something. Anything. For christ sake, the Patriots are beatable, the Dolphins are a joke, the Steelers are falling apart and the Chiefs gonna Chiefs.

TTT under contact for next year at reasonable money, the Bills pick wont be top 10 and the KC pick wont be top 25.

Wake the fuck up Russ Brandon. Legggo.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Week 5 NFL Picks

Wager time week five, leggo

Steve 8-8 Bills 3-1

Bills+3 @ Bengals
Colts -2 v 49ers
Eagles -6.5 v Cardinals
Lions -2.5 v Panthers

Coast 7-9 Bills 4-0

49ers +2 @ Colts
Packers +2.5 @ Cowboys
Texans +1 v Chiefs
Bears +3 v Vikings
Bills +3 @ Bengals

Feyes 9-7 Bills 1-3

Bills +3 @ Bengals
Tenn -1 v Dolphins
SF+2 @ Colts
Kc-1 @ Texans

Katman 6-10-0 3-1-0 bills

Bills- Bills +3

Lions - 2.5
Eagles - 6.5
Rams - 1.5
Texans +1 v Chiefs

Thursday, October 5, 2017

2017 Buffalo Sabres preview

By Steve

Breaking news, the Sabres season starts tonight! They have a new $10 million man and little to be excited about.

They havent been to the playoffs in 7 years, have fired 4 different coaches since then, fired their "genius" GM and replaced him with a former Sabre and Penguins flack Jason Botteril. Oh yeah, they hired a former Sabre as coach (Phil Housley) with zero experience too! That all usually works.

Buttt, Vegas does have the Sabres over under total points at 88.5. That would be a 10 point inprovement on last year's 78 points. Buttt the Leafs and Bruins got the last 2 "wild card" playoff spots with 95 points. Oof.

The season rides not on Jack Eichel, who will indead have a great season, but depends on pretty much everyone else. Evander Kane will be a UFA after the season and will be on his behavior. Ryan Oreilly and his $7.5 mil needs to do something and former number 2 overall pick Sam Rinehart has been a dissapointment.

How have the Sabres drafted in the top 5 for almost a decade and havent find anyone outside their top pick that entire time? Where are all those 2nd and 3rd picks? Traded for nothing or languishing in Rochester. Oof.

This rebuild of a rebuild of a rebuild will take time. There is almost no chance they make the playoffs. Another new system, no breakout players anywhere to be seen, a rookie head coach and a head case of a goalie dont bode well.

Bang the under total points, the Sabres will finish with 86 points and continue to be nothing and go no where.

And dont waste any money on their 60 to 1 odds to win the cup (6th worst odds in the league)

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Buffalo Bills at Cincinnati Bengals Podcast Preview

A must win for the Bills?  Coast and Steve review the Falcons victory and look ahead to week 5

And on YouTube:

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sabres Over Pay Eichel. John Tavares Laughes

By Steve

Most say the NHL playoffs are a crapshoot right? What do the Sabres? Purposely lose for 5+ seasons to get the 2nd best player a few times then hand Jack Eichel $10.25 mil til 2026. SWEET.

John Tavares is laughing his ass off. So is Ryan Oreilly now that he can cash his $9 mil per in peace.

The Sabres are a joke

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Week 4 NFL Picks

Gambling on the NFL time

Steve 6-6 Bills 2-1

Texans +2.5 v Titans
Dolphins +3.5 v Saints
Eagles +2.5 @ Chargers
Ravens +3 v Steelers
Bills +8 @ Falcons

Coast 6-6 Bills 2-1

Vikings -2 v Lions
Jaguars -3.5 @ Jets
Bills +8 @ Falcons
Buccaneers -2.5 v gaints

Feyes 7-5 Bills 1-2

Titans -2.5 @ Texans
Jaguars -3.5 @ Jets
Cardinals -7 v 49ers
Chiefs -7 v Redskins
Falcons -8 v Bills

Katman 6-6-0 Bills: 2-1-0

Titans -2.5 @ Texans
Vikings -2 v Lions
Colts +13 @ Seahawks
Raiders +3 @ Broncos
Bills +8 @Falcons

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Bills at Falcons Podcast Preview

Steve, Wreck and Coast review the Denver Broncos victory and look forward to the Atlanta Falcons game. 

Or on youtube:

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Week 3 NFL Picks

Gamblin time week three nfl picks

Steve 4-4 Bills 1-1

Colts +1.5 v Browns
Ravens -3 v Jaguars
Packers -8 v Bengals
Buccaneers -2.5 @ Vikings
Bills +3 v Broncos

Coast 5-3 Bills 1-1

Jaguars +3 v Ravens
Browns -1.5 @ Colts
Dolphins -6 @ Jets
Raiders -3 @ Redskins
Bills +3 v Broncos

Feyes 6-2 Bills 1-1

Broncos -3 @ Bills
Cardinals +3 v Cowboys
Chiefs -3.5 @ Chargers
Steelers -7.5 @ Bears

2-0-0 bills
1-1-0 best bet

Best bet- Tampa Bay -2.5
Eagles -6 v Giants
Saints +5.5 @ Panthers
Seahawks +2.5 @ Titans
Broncos -3 v Bills

Friday, September 22, 2017

Denver Broncos at Buffalo Bills Preview

By Steve

Week 3 and the Bills FACEOFF against the overrated 2-0 Broncos. BREAKING: Its gonna be hot yo!

The line has been steady at Denver -3. The Broncos havent played a road game yet this season. They lucked out week 1 and barely beat the Chargers by 3 then wholloped a Cowboys team seemingly in chaos mode 100.

Is this a trap game for first year head coach Vance Joseph and dem boys with a huge game against the Raiders next week looming? Yes.

Are there parallels to last season when a (decent, finished 7-8-1) Cardinals team came in to Buffalo week 3 as 4 point favorites coming off a drumming of the Bucs? Yes.

Is Trevor Siemian being overhyped for throwing a few touchdowns and being 2-0 despite the fact he was a 7th round pick out of Northwestern and he is only 4-4 in his career on the road losing every big game ( Oakland, Tennessee, Chargers, Chiefs)? Yes.

That being said the Broncos defense has been dominant and shut down Zeke last week. The Bills have zero receivers. McCoy ran for 9 yards last week vs a good defense and Cordy Glenn and Dareus are out this week.


Meh, Im goin Bills win and keep the season alive into October. 21-20. Siemian is gonna put the ball on the carpet and one big hit puts Brock Osweiler in the game.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Podcast Denver Broncos at Buffalo Bills Preview

Week 3, Bills are 1-1 and an overrated Broncos team coming to the Ralph. Steve Wreck and Coast break it all down:

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Week 2 nfl Picks

Week two leggo


Saints +6.5 v Patriots
Colts +7 v Cardinals
Ravens -8 v Browns
Rams -2.5 v Redskins

Bills+7 @ Panthers
Browns +8 @ Ravens
Raiders -13.5 v Jets
Jags +1.5 v Titans


Tenn -1.5@jags
Baltimore -8 vs Browns
Skins +2.5@LA
Lions +3@Gmen
Panthers-7 vsBills

1-0-0 bills
1-0-0 best bet

Best bet- Packers +3
Bills- Bills +7
Vikings +6
Dolphins +3.5
Titans -1.5

Thursday, September 14, 2017

A History of Bills Road Trips

By Steve

In a long mostly sad life as a Bills fan I have been on many a road trip to watch the Bills (mostly lose) once or twice a year since 2004. And as I embark on yet another roadie this week to Charlotte what better time than now to recap all 13 road trips. Can you guess what my record is?

12/19/2004 The Takeo Spikes Game
33-17 Bills Win
The Bills were on a tear, and looking for a playoff birth for the first time in FOUR years! Fall semester was over and it was time for my first road trip. Wow, Jason Peters blocked a punt, Spikes went back to his old squad and the Bills rolled.

10/15/2006 October Storm Get Outta Dodge
16-20 Bills lose
This was the weekend of the October storm that basically killed every tree branch in Buffalo. The Sabres played the Red Wings the night before but we didnt get there early enough. The Tigers won the pennant in Detroit Saturday, lotta partying. We parked for free 2 blocks from Ford Field and the Bills lost in ugly fashion. Whitner had an INT reversed on replay and Roscoe caught a long TD pass.

9/16/2007 Piss Stained Towel Beat Down
3-26 Bills Lose
Stayed with some old college buddies that lived in Shitsburgh. This mighta been the worst game ever. I got spit on in the parking lot before hand (albeit provoked because I had a megaphone) and things didnt get any better. The stadium in the upper deck swayed during the game. (Bills started the season 0-3 vs Den, Pitt, NE yikes)

12/16/2007 Snow Game
0-8 Bills Lose
Two roadies in the same year? Yikes. Thats what happens when the Bills go on an improbable winning streak. The Bills didnt score a god damn point. A blizzard hit the stadium like a snowball to the face, of which i got approx 41,000 snowballs in my grill. A punt went over Moorman's head outta the endzone. Some how I drove right home after the game.

New England
11/09/2008 WHERES TOM?
10-20 Bills Lose
No Brady no problem. Cassel did nothing, BenJarvis Green Ellis ran roughshod through the Bills oof. I wore my now classic FUCK DA PATRIOTS shirt the whole tailgate and no one said a word. We drove to Albany after the game and some how I drove home that night from there tired AF. The loss basically ended the season as they fell to 5-4.

10/24/2010 Why the Hell Are You Here
34-37 Bills Lose in OT
The loss dropped the Bills to 0-6 en route to 0-8 and the 3rd overall pick. We picked the game before the season and figured it wouldnt be THAT bad of a season. The Bills were up BIG then Shawn Nelson fumbled in OT on a cheap call where he was held up by every Raven on the field.

10/2/2011 Set an Example
20-23 Bills Lose
The Bills are three and 0 and we had a van load of dudes rolling to Cinci to roll over Dalton and co. The lot we parked in was seemingly 15,000 Buffalonians raging. Cop was sick of it so he threw me in the paddywagon to set an example. I had 8 game tickets in my pocket. After calmly apologizing I was let go with a disorderly conduct ticket. Phew. Stevie Johnson had a devastating "drop" that killed a game winning drive. Heart break and half an empty stadium. Wow.

New York Giants
10/16/11 a Long Train Home
24-27 Bills Lose
Hey why not keep the pain going? The stadium was gigantic and it seemed like we were watching the game from a blimp. Eli had a big comeback, Fred Jackson had a good game and Fitzpatrick proved he sucks. The train ride back to Brooklyn after this one seemed like days.

9/23/2012 the Streak is Over!
24-14 Bills Win
The seven game road trip loss streak was snapped. But against the lowly Browns. Uneventful game but that sweet taste of victory was so rare it was worth the ride. The guy driving me home after the game was pissed I tried to crack a beer on the 90. Oof.

10/3/2013 TNF Debacle
24-37 Bills Lose
Someone wanna double check and verify that score? Holy shit. EJ Manuel was on a roll early and the Bills seemed like they were gonna blow em out. Then he got hurt, then Cleveland changed QBs and the Bills got boat raced. Wow. Me and Wreck set up a 20 person bus ride from my house to go to the game. It broke down as we boarded it. Ha. Lotta beers on the bus round and round.

11/13/2014 TNF Debacle II
9-22 Bills Lose
What a road trip. Beautiful Miami owned us from day 1. Stayed in 3 different hotels, too many casino trips, an amazing tailgate with half of Buffalo and a turd of a game. The game was as boring as any ever. The Bills were winning at half and didnt do anything after that. We landed back in Buffalo Sunday night on Spirit Airlines. I was still in my bathing suit with sand in my hair. We walked in icey slush in our sandles. I think it snowed a week straight starting Monday.

10/11/2015 Buffalo Take Over
14-13 Bills Win
If half the city was filled with Bills fans it might be considered an under estimate. The game was, again, boring as hell. The Titans fumbled the opening kickoff and Buffalo recovered but we were offside. Classic rex. Tyrod single handedly won the game with his legs. We tailgated in a literal junk yard 4 blocks from the stadium and some old lady Bills fan had to be hospitalized via ambulance in the lot before the game. A wins a win.

9/11/2016 Why Do We Do This
7-13 Bills Lose
How is it possible these games can be this boring? NOTHING HAPPENED. Zilch! 20 total points and it seemed like a fog was engulfing every brain on the field despite brilliant sunshine. Incredible. Baltimore is fun but RUGGED in parts, yikes.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Buffalo Bills at Carolina Panthers Preview Podcast

Bills improve to 1-0 after beating the lowly Jets, time to move on to Cam Newton and the Panthers.

And on youtube for all time:

Saturday, September 9, 2017

2017 Week 1 NFL Picks

Weekly NFL picks contest 2017 week 1 pick 4 bets and Bills (or Bills r included) leggo


Lions +2.5 v Cardinals
Falcons -6.5 @ Bears
Redskins +1 v Eagles
Rams -4.5 v Colts
Jets +8 @ Bills


Bills -8 v Jets
Browns +9 v Steelers
Rams -4.5 v Colts
Redskins  +1 v Eagles


Falcons -6.5 @ bears
Redskins +1 v Eagles
Packers -3 v Seahawks
Min -3.5 v Saints
Bills -8 v Jets


Panthers -4.5
Bills -8 v Jets
Eagles -1 @ Redskins
Cardinals -2.5 @ Lions
La Rams -4.5 v Colts

Friday, September 8, 2017

2017 Buffalo Bills Predictions

By Steve

Less than 2 days til kickoff lets put our final predictions for the Buffalo Bills 2017 season in ink

Our 2017 Bills Podcast Preview

AFC over under win total predictions

NFC over under win total predictions

Steve's Predictions
Jets, Broncos, Bengals, Buccaneers, Jets Colts, Dolphins, Saints

Panthers, Falcolns, Raiders, Chiefs, Patriots, Chargers, Dolphins, Patriots


Peterman doesnt see the field until December

Dougy Mcdermott will be as lame of a head coach as imagined and the Bills are in the hunt til a terrible loss in November.




Leave ur predictions in the comments

2017 NFL Predictions: AFC over under win totals

By Steve

NFL Prediction time here is the NFC win total predictions, now on to the AFC:

Baltimore Ravens 8.5

Buffalo Bills 6.5
Im predicting 7 wins

Cincinnati Bengals 8.5
Is it more likely the Bungals win seven games or ten games?

Cleveland Browns 4.5
Initially this team seemed to be trending upward but they are cursed.

Denver Broncos 8.5
Again tough to predict because their QB is from Northwestern.

Houston Texans 8.5
Ugh, they are gonna win nine games? Ugh

Indianapolis Colts 8.5
Luck is toast and this team doesnt have talent.

Jacksonville Jaguars 6.5
Bortles is horribles but they have talent. Seven wins seems likely.

Kansas City Chiefs 9.5
They'll get to ten wins unless A. Smith shits his pants.

LA Chargers 7.5
Not totally buying into the Chargers. Their god damn coach was our interim loser head coach. Huh?

Miami Dolphins 7.5
Smokin Jay doesnt give me much confidence but the phins have talent. They'll get eight wins.

New England Patriots 12.5
Cursed season. Been saying it all summer. Under.

NY Jets 3.5
The Sabres of the NFL.

Oakland Raiders 9.5
They could regress but Carr, unfortunately, seems to be the real deal.

Pittsburgh Steelers 10.5
This division is perpetually overrated.

Tennessee Titans 8.5
Never betting on Mularchuck

Thursday, September 7, 2017

2017 NFL Predictions: NFC Over/Under Win Totals

By Steve

Time for some over under win total predictions. Because who doesnt love gambling and giving predictions.(odds taken from Lets start with the NFC:

Arizona Cardinals 8.5
Carson Palmer is old AF and their head coach is weird

Atlanta Falcons 9.5
Super Bowl hang over from one of the worst losses in sports history? Probably but 10 wins seems real.

Carolina Panthers 9.5
This number is perplexing.

Chicago Bears 5.5
Seems high

Dallas Cowboys 9.5
Ten or more wins in a conference with 4 decent to good teams seems tough, under more likely.

Detroit Lions 7.5
How is Jim Caldwell still the coach? Amazing.

Green Bay Packers 10.5
Interesting line. The QB is good in the regular season and the coach is a turd. Call your mom Aaron.

LA Rams 5.5
This team has the talent but the coach has no clue what he is doing and.. Jared Goff. WHERES AARON DONALD?

Minnesota Vikings 8.5
Poor poor Teddy B.

N.O. Saints 8.5
Honestly, when was the last time this team was actually good?

NY Giants 9
Push, because.. why not.

Philadelphia Eagles 8.5
I like the Eagles despite not believing in the coach or QB. Weird.

SF 49ers 4.5
My life would become complete if this franchise and lil Shanny sign Kirk Cousins next March.

Seattle Seahawks 10.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8.5
Dirk Koetter? I like Jameis Winston but he didnt look good down the stretch last year. Win @ Buffalo and Ill eat crow.

Washington Redskins 7.5
Does continuity mean anything? Here is the test.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

PODCAST: 2017 Buffalo Bills Season Preview

Steve, Coast and Wreck give their hot takes about the Bills upcoming season, give predictions, predict every game.

New this year, our podcasts are on youtube:

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Top 10 Buffalo Bills 2017 Preseason Moments

By Steve

Granted, there is still 1 FUN game left against the archrival Detroit Lions and cut down day, so of course disaster and shock will almost certainly still ensue, but for now lets run down the top 10 moments of the Bills 2017 PREseason.

Yes, astoundingly, all of these things have happened just this training camp/preseason:

10. Adolphus Washington
Innocent! A rare good moment for the Bills when genius Adolphus Washington was let loose after a short non jury trial. A-Wash was caught with a gun in his car in a water slide parking lot party. The video was fun, where the cop said he was lucky the cop didnt shoot and kill him (ya kno cause hes a young black dude)

9. Shady talks Kaepernick
Just what OBD needed. Lesean Mccoy (the only player anyone in America ever heard of on this squad) coulsnt help him self and had to weigh in on Colin Kaepernick. Vick was 10 times better? Ha. Kaep is better than tiny Ty.

8. Dareus Sent Home
The $100 million man just loves to piss off th Buffalo News doesnt? Granted, hes an idiot and he wasn't even playing in the game because of injury but will this dude ever just cool it? He probably was a few minutes late for some meeting add to it that obviously Dougy McDerm hates him and this is a recipe for this shit. Sooo cant wait to see how this all eventually ends!

7. Cordy Glenn is still hurt
The foot is hanging on by a needle and the only good offensive lineman on the team hasn't practiced in weeks. But the brass is hopeful he'll be ready week 1.

6. Reggie Ragland trade for 2019 4th
Wait who? Alabama standout LB cant even crack thia linebacker corps? I guess getting anything back for this guy is sort of a win but really? 16 months ago Doug Whaley used two 4th round picks and the 41st overall pick to draft thia dude. Hes played zero games and still recovering from a torn ACL 12 months ago. Hmmm

5. Tiny Tyrod Concussed
The only thing worse than Tyrod Taylor in the 2017 preseason is a concussed TT. Yikes. But again Bills brass is cautiosly optimistic he'll be good to go week 1. Oof

4. Jordan Matthews Hurt Day 1
The trades are coming up later but part of those trades included a solid possession receiver in Jordan Matthews. And of course he gt hurt in the first fuckin practice and hasnt seen the field since. But hey Bills Brass is cautiously optimistic he will be ready week 1.

3. Bills Sign Anquan Boldin!
Whoa the Bills signed a solid veteran receiver and he actually wants to play here and work with the young WR corps. Fast forward 10 days....

2. Anquan Boldin Retires!
Does he have to pay back that $1 mil signing bonus? Did he last longer than Matt Leinart but shorter than Kevin Kolb? Why did he sign here in the first place? Did the Watkins/Darby trades force the retirement? How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a tootsie roll pop? The world may never know.

1. Sam Watkins and Ronald Darby Traded
Rarely does someone have to at work because the Bills did something. And rarely do I start sweating after hearing the news. But these moves accomplished both. Whoa. These trades will take years to fully grade and pick winners and losers but clearly these trades were a tidal shift. Enthusiasm for the season and the franchise plummeted and dumb fucking tank talk is all the rage. Figuring that in, we all lose.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Mayweather v McGregor REACTION

By Steve

Anyone that said this fight woukdnt be worth the money was wrong. Anyone (like me) who said Floyd (woman beater) was a lock (bet $90 to win $17) was righy.

Conor Mcgregor boxed wayyyyy better than I and most thought he would. The broadcast had him winning the first 3 rounds!

Did we get a knock out? No. But it was def worth the $0 I paid to go to (716) and stand in front a 90 foot tv.

They went 9+ rounds and it was a real battle. Both boxers were "gracious" after (well after they had 300+ mil in the bank) the fight and we all knew who won.

Great fight? No. Good fight? Yes. Best we can ask for rn.? Def.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Bills Trade Watkins and Darby What World am I living in

By Steve

What. The. Fuck?

Bills trade No. 1:

Watkins & 2018 6th rd to Rams for E.J. Gaines, 2018 2nd rd pick

No. 2

Darby to Eagles for Matthews, 2018 3rd

Uhhhhh? Wha?
I guess the Bills are loading up for 2018 draft.

The Darby trade seems like a steal but the Wakins trade makes no sense. EJ Gaines is basically a nobody former 6th round pick who just got his ass kicked in a fight earlier thia week.

Jordan Matthews is good but not great and will be a free agent after the season. Hmmmm

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Why Your Team Sucks 2017 Buffalo Bills

By steve.

Here it is, christmas in August!

Deadspin's annual why your team sucks Buffalo Bills

Some highlights:
We arent good enough to be on Earth we just orbit it "The GM was finally canned AFTER free agency and the draft (juh?), and celebrated by doing what everyone does on that barren frost moon"

McDermott is gonna make us long for the days of the Ryan boiz: "Something tells me that this man has just the right combination of stoicism and humorlessness to make you remember the Ryan years more fondly than you ought to. "

As we all know, we are racist: "Tyrod Taylor, who struggles to break 200 yards passing a game and yet is somehow the best QB this team has had in 987 years. If this guy’s last name had been FLUTIE, you assholes would have sold out his jersey a year and a half ago."

Our owner sucks: "Now that we’re long past Terry Pegula rescuing you from Ralph Wilson’s tomb (Chris Berman will be buried with him!), I think we can all finally admit that the new owner is just as clueless and shitty as the last owner."

And the best line the early 90s Bills were a myth: "The Bills I know are a funeral dirge. They are a seafaring expedition party that crashed on an ice floe and have been forced to subsist for decades on seal blood and melted snow."

Down right mean: "As long as I live, these poor bastards and their inbred fans will serve as fresh kibble for New England. Meanwhile, Tom Brady will shoot himself up with beet juice and play until he’s 106. You people are ruined."

Best email: "The most exciting season of my adult life heavily featured Kyle Orton."

Second best: "I begin every December seeing the 6-6 Bills at the bottom of the “IN THE HUNT” graphics and have repeatedly watched week 15 Ravens-Bengals games to root for the tie that’ll keep Buffalo’s 1% chance of making a wild card spot alive."

All in all as good as can be expected. Now i meed to go drink an 18 before checking into AA. YIKESSSSSS

Thursday, August 3, 2017

2017 Bills Training Camp Report Week 1

By Steve

After a week at St John Fisher lets see what HOT TAEKS we have about the 2017 Buffalo Bills

Sean "Dougy" McDermott is a psychopath. He wakes up too early, sounds like a cliche machine and might "love" football a bit too much. Hes a mix of Jauron and Marrone with a little Levy sprinkled on top.

Marcell Dareus is still a fat turd.
At least hes not suspended yet but he did grt hurt. Bad hammy! Then again he doesnt need to practice any way. Lets hope he plays more than 8 games.

Tiny Ty is tiny
Guy is such a lil cutie. From "reports" hes as shitty as ever. FUN

The other Va Tech QB is TURNING HEADS
Who doesnt love an athlete turned tightend. No joke here, 3rd string project TE Logan Thomas has been reppin dem hokies and sounds like he can catch.

Sam Watkins is alive.
Who knew? Wait why the fuck did they not pick up his 5th year option?

Shady is good.

Reggie Ragland is not.

Mike Tolbert is a LOCKER ROOM GUY.

You can never have enough fullbacks.

Seantrell Henderson is still on the team. Also hes still suspended.

I still cant pick Brandon Beane out of a line up.

Terry Pegula is still dodging questions

WGR550 stick sucks

Sal Cappaccio has a cold.

Dougy McDermott loves waking up in the morning.

Why do the Bills practice at the Ralph Friday?

Thursday, July 27, 2017

2017 Buffalo Bills Training Camp Preview

9By Steve

Training camp season is upon us! Has there been a less interesting, less hyped, less anticipated Bills season ever? Is anyone excited for this season? Are there any expectations whatsoever? That might be a good thing..

Whaley is gone, dumb ass Rex is gone, fat Rob is gone yet Russ Brandon still survives like a fucking never ending plague of torcher with only disaster in his wake. Yikes.

But hey there is a new coach that TAKES NO NONSENSE and a new GM that references THE PROCESS. Oh yeah tiny Ty is still the starting quarterback and injury questions continue to swirl around Sam brittle Watkins. Neat

Could anyone pick Brandon Beane out of a line up? Was he hired because Russ liked his first name or because Sean "Dougy" McDermott trusts him? Which is a worse reason?

Why the hell am I predicting a 9-7 record? Hope breeds eternal.. misery?

Then again addition by subtraction is a thing right? The defense cant really be worse even if bitchface Gilmore is gone and his replacement is Tre'davious 27th overall im not White right? Gilly might have been hated by me yet he was sorta good but is only one player. Rex was such a disaster (Lorenzo Alexander not withstanding) that any replacement is a good thing. For Christ sake Rob Ryan was in charge of important shit last year!

Les Franzier is an upgrade, Rick Dennison is an upgrade over Anthony "remember I repaced Greg Roman in September" Lynn and the Bills still have Shady!

Oh yeah back to St John Fisher..

Not much up for grabs in regards to starting positions. Then again there are like 25 god damn fullbacks.. Also who will be the other starter at safety next Micah Hyde? WR2? WR3? Is there another tightend besides richboy #85?

Sounds like 9-7

Friday, June 30, 2017

The Buffalo News vs WGR550 the Ongoing Fued

By Steve

Everyone likes a good fued right? Especially when you hate both sides. And what else is twitter for other than petty fueds and weird beefs.

In the small market tiny world of Buffalo Sports Media there are basically two dogs. And theyre both asshats. The Buffalo News and WGR550. They hate each other, are seemingly polar opposites and always close to all out brawling. And only entertaining when going at each other.

And thats exactly what we got this morning with Jeremy White of WGR and Tim Graham of TBN. Fun!

Evidently White praised some interview barstool did with Jack Eichel saying theyre the best at interview. Graham (in his expected pompous self agrandizing way) ripped White for not doing the interview himself. He seemed intimating that White was lazy and WGR is too pussy to do good interviews. And sensitive whiney White took exception.

Sabres Trade for Defenseman Marco Scandella

Buffalo has acquired Jason Pominville, Marco Scandella and a 4th (2018) from Minnesota for Tyler Ennis, Marcus Foligno and a 3rd (2018).

Marco scandella has 3 years left on his contract $4 mil cap hit.
Pominville has 2 years left $5.6 mil hit
Tyler Ennis has 2 years left $4.6 mil hit
Foligno is an RFA but made $2.25 in 2016

Pominville had 21 goals and 51 points.

Dumping two bums for two actual hockey players seems like a good trade. The Sabres added a bunch of salary but nothing too long term. Ennis is done, getting rid of him seems like a minor miracle.

For that I like it but for the most part this seems like a nothing trade. This defenseman seems to be at best a second pairing guy. And just a guy. It seems like the Sabres knew they had no chance at Shattenkirk so decided to make a move to get rid of a bum for someone from their hey day that can still score.

A good trade but nothing to get erect about.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Video Review: BillsMafia a Barstool Doc

By Steve

Here is the video if you havent seen it yet:
For the non tweeters

Its a "documentary" Bar Stool Sports made to show off their old footage from the Ralph the last few years. Its only 9 minutes and mostly rehashes footage we've all seen. Its equally hilarious and dumb and usless at the same time.

There were some fun classics like the butt chug video, tables being smashed and burned and some actual knew but highly pathetic footage delving deeper into dildogate.

They interviewed two dumbasses with idd sweatshirts on bragging about throwing the dildo AND their mother bragging about them bragging about throwing a dildo. This (presumed) sad lonely divorcee was about as sad and odd as it gets.

Why would she agree to be filmed for this internet only video seemingly made just to embarrass Bills fans and Buffalo? Aure its made in jest but what does she get out of this except scorn and ridicule? Funny I suppose but very weird. "My sons three a dildo at the game lulz" huh? Also now that everyone definitely knows who these bros are wont they get a life time ban or some other trouble?

That being said the video is worth about 9 minutes of your time, I hope Barstool comes back this season to film part 2 and that throwing a dildo vs New England becomes tradition akin to catfish and octopii

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sabres Hire Phil Housley as Head Coach meh

By Steve

So the new GM Botterill was a former Sabre and now the new head coach is a former Sabre (and was seemingly a bust). Are Buffalo sports franchises contractually obligated to hire people who have connections to the organizations?

Who knows if Housley is a good hire. Do coaches in the NHL mean ANYTHING? Anyone knew who Nashville's coach was before May? I still dont know who the Penguins coach is.

I guess at least he was a fast puck moving defenseman when he played. Maybe ol Phil can lace em up and be a player/coach! Or teach Rostonainen to not be a shitty defenseman. WHO KNOWS?

Didnt we all love the Bylsma hire because he had experience and delt well with superstar bitchboys? That worked! Oh wait no, lets get the opposite now!

Get ur shit together Botterill its gonna be a busy month bud.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Bills Hire Puppet as GM

By Steve

All hail king McDermott, who is more powerful in Pegula tower, Sean "dougy" McDermott or Jack Eichel? Jeez.

Brandon Beane, some Panthers flake is the new general manager. Is he qualified? Probs. Is he a puppet of McD? Of course. Here's Terry's statement:

""During our search for a new General Manager, Brandon stood out to Kim and I as he embodies the type of leader and type of person we want in our organization. Brandon has excelled in a variety of roles for a Panthers team that has consistently competed at a high-level in this league. We feel his vast understanding and experience in many facets of football operations will be invaluable to our club moving forward. We also believe his vision for the Buffalo Bills combined with his detailed approach will help build a foundation for sustained success. We are pleased to welcome Brandon and his family to Buffalo.""

Thats the record of the Panthers since Carolina hired Brandon Beane. Guy doesnt even have his own wikipedia page. Is that consistently competed at a high level?

How is Sean McDermott qualified to be the coach hire the GM and basically run an entire franchise? Does Terry Pegula have any clue what so ever what he is doing? This seems like an odd and foolhardy decision to empower an complete unknown.

This isnt a horrible hire in that Beane will (seemingly) be able to work well with the head coach which is much more ideal than previous arrangements around here. The main question is McDermott. And we will get that answer after about 8 games.

Wait was he hired because he has the same name as Russ Brandon? Food for thought.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bills Fire GM Doug Whaley, Meh

By Steve

Can the Buffalo Bills fire their general manager and ambivalence prevails? Evidently.

Terry Pegula is the figuritive definition of incompetence. Why wasnt Whaley fired in January? Why does Russ Brandon survive like a cockroach in a nuclear hellstorm?

The Sean "douggy" McDermott show folks! He looks ok right now but it can (and will) turn ugly quick, especially at OBD.

What makes McD qualified to basically run a franchise? His interview must have been awesome! (Just like LaFontaine, Rex, Murray, Bylsma, Nolan etc. etc)

When Terry started taking over franchises around here like well connected developers in the fruit belt bought up city land he said he never fired anyone in his life. That didnt last long. Christ.

Why would anyone ever accept a job around here?

Then again Whaley was bad at his job. The Watkins trade was truly one of the worst imaginable. EJ was a disaster he never owned up too and his inability to conduct a coherent press conference was baffling.

He made a lot of good moves but he made more that were crippling. Did he hire the head coaches? Is he solely to blame for anything (besides the Watkins trade)?


Thanks for the memories and the mediocrity, I dont care.


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Buffalo Bills Draft Pitt QB Nathan Peterman

By Steve

With their second 5th round pick the Bills go quarterback Nate Peterman. Originally was the QB at Tennessee but transfered to Pitt
6'2 225.


What he does best:

Not necessarily a pure/smooth thrower, but possesses a quick release.
Consistent footwork. Plays with a good base in control and throws on balance.
Great understanding of defensive recognition and where to go with the ball with the given passing scheme.
Good ball placement on short/intermediate timing routes.
Anticipates windows in zone very well.
Sees the field clearly. Consistently shows the ability to get through progressions, eliminating a read quickly and moving on to the next with relative ease.
Great overall feel and discipline in the pocket.
Athletic within the pocket and can burst to pick up key third downs with his legs.
Biggest concerns:

Arm is limited.
Doesn’t possess natural power to drive the ball. Needs to coil up to gain zip.
Ball tends to finish low on the receiver the further down the field you get.
Lacks pocket poise at times tending to bail out right when unnecessary.
Feet can get a little frenetic when facing pressure.
Inconsistent decision making outside of the pocket or late in the down at times.
Bottom line: Peterman has seen his stock rise the more people find out about him. He is a very solid, steady player with a limited ceiling – but shows a great understanding of the passing game. His arm is just OK, but with his ability to see the field clearly and work through progressions combined with his natural feel in the pocket, he has a chance to develop into a middle of the road starter. He played in a system with a lot of jet sweep gimmicks, but has experience under center and working full field progressions in both the drop back and play action pass game. Peterman can step in and be a backup on most teams right now, with the hopes there can be tweaks with a few things mechanically and as he gets older to gain more strength in his arm."

Weak arm? Yikes

Grade C-

Friday, April 28, 2017

Bills Trade Up Draft WR Zay Jones

By Steve

The Bills moved up 7 spots in a trade with the Rams to take East Carolina WR Zay Jones the fourth WR taken in the draft.

The Bills gave up their later 3rd rounder but got a 5th back. Not bad, they took who they wanted but this guy better be good.

Grade B-

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bills Draft CB TreDavious White LSU

By Steve
Love it

Bills get an extra first round pick an extra 3rd round pick and a consensus first round talent.

Senior from LSU who is as about as dynamic a returner as you can get. Fits perfectly with McDermott defense


2017 NFL Draft Preview: Bills Predictions

By Steve

So Doug Whaley is on his way out yet the only one that has a clue how to run a draft. Sean "dougy" McDermott is enboldened but has zero credibility building a roster. And drafting 10 means just about ANYTHING is possible this year. Great!

Will McDermott go defense because thats all he knows or will hubris reign supreme and he goes offense because he thinks he can build a defense with anyone?

Here's part one Bills needs
Part two quarterback hot taeks
Part 3 mock draft reviews
Part four MOCK DRAFT

Time to predict:

Ill dream of OJ Howard falling to the Bills but it aint happening. The pick will be Marshon Lattimore (unless a top 2 safety drops) -steve

Hasson [sic] Reddick -katman

Haason Reddick DE/OLB Temple -schrum

Deshawn Watson -wreck

Trade up for OJ Howard -coast

2017 NFL Mock Draft

By Steve

Part four of our NFL Drsft preview the mock draft. Here is part 1 needs, part 2 QBs, part 3 other mock drafts.

This isnt a mock draft of what I think teams should do or what they might do. This is what they will actually do (not spelling check shit so suck it):

1. Browns
Myles Garrett
Cough cough bust.

2. 49ers
OJ Howard
Shanny going offense

3. Bears
Soloman Thomas
Chi loves defense

4. Jaguars
Lenny Fournette
No clue why.

5. Browns (trade from Tenn)
Mitchel Trubinski
Odd decision with their trading back to trade up but this franchise is lost.

6. Jets
Malik Hooker
Jets always go defense

7. Chargers
Mike Williams
Give Rivers weapons

8. Panthers
Christian McCaffery
If i was going running back i'd go Dal Cook but thats just me.

9. Bengals
Anyone care what they do?

10. Bills
Marshon Lattimore
Cornerback needy

11. Saints
Jon Allen
Falls into their lap

12. Titans
John Ross
Gotta give Marcus some weapons

13. Cardinals
Taco Charalton
Load up the defense

14. Eagles
Cam Robinson
Replace Peters eventually

15. Colts
Haason Reddick
Possibly a great pick

16. Ravens
Reuben Foster
Might as well

17 Redskins
Kevin King
Washington to washington hehe

18. Titans

19. Buccaneers
Forrest Lamp

20. Broncos
OT Bolles

21. Lions
Corey Davis
This team is impossible to read

22. Giants

24. Raiders

25. Texans
Might not be able to wait this long but they need a QB.

26. Seahawks
Dalvin Cook
Love it!

27. Chiefs
Gareon Conley
He can hang out with tyreek Hill, what can go wrong

28. Cowboys
TreDavious White

29. Packers
Derek Barnett

30. Steelers
Takaarist McKinley

31. Falcons
Everyone needs a tight end

32 Saints
Adoree Jackson

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bills Spread from Every 2017 Game

By Steve

Per @cgtechnology_ on twitter here are the lines for every game of the Buffalo Bills 2017 season available to be gambled on tomorrow in Vegas:

Week 1
-6.5 vs Jets

Week 2
+3.5 @ Panthers

Week 3
-1 vs Broncos

Week 4
+7.5 @ Falcons

Week 5
+3.5 @ Bengals

Week 6
BYE +3

Week 7
-1.5 vs Buccaneers

Week 8
+1.5 vs Raiders

Week 9
-1.5 @ Jets TNF

Week 10
-2 vs Saints

Week 11
+2 @ Chargers

Week 12
+6 at Chiefs

Week 13
+7 vs Cheatriots

Week 14
-1.5 v Colts

Week 15
-1.5 v Dolphins

Week 16
+11.5 @ Cheatriots

Week 17
+4.5 @ Dolphins (i made this up based on math)

The Bills are favored in seven games. Their biggest apreads are week one -6.5 vs the Jets and +11.5 at New England week 16.

2017 NFL Draft Preview: Mock Drafts Review

By Steve

Only a day away, lets run through what the "experts" are predicting for the Bills 2017 draft. Here is part 1 and part 2 of our NFL Draft preview.


The Ringer
WR Mike Williams
Drafting a wide receiver in part does and does not make sense. The Bills dont have a QB so whats the point but they dont have any wide receivers besides brittle Sam Watkins. Plus Watkins will probs be playing for someone else in a few years too. Is Mike Will the best WR in this class though?

CB Marshon Lattimore OSU
Lord knows the Bills wuv Ohio State DBs. Allegedly its a deep draft for corners and the top few might be interchangable. Is 10th the best spot to snag one? Wouldn't hate it although it does make one wonder why they didnt try to keep Gilly a bit more.

Deshawn Watsons
Sitting behind Taylor would be preferable to starting Watson right away but this pick would be a shocker. Why keep Tyrod Taylor at all if you're using your top pick on his obvious replacement? (Especially with needs at nearly every other position). The only explanation is that Watson is the answer and the franchise QB of the future with lottle doubt. Do we trust the Bills braintrust that much?

Walter Football
Marshon Lattimore
Walt calls Lattimore the top CB in the draft class. Hmm. Finally a duplicate though.

ESPN Live Draft
OJ Howard
Im warming up to this idea of taking the best tight end in the draft. He gives an added weapon akin to a wide receiver but seems to fit with the old school offensive philosphy this admin is looking to build. Sign me up.

Pete Prisco
CB Tre'davious White LSU
A new name but similar position. Who the hell knows but in this mock the top two safeties are gone as is Lattimore. The question becomes how does Whaley and co. rank these CBs.

Peter King
DE Derek Barnett Tenn
Despite this old bitch blocking me on twitter I am able to read his dumb blog. This pick would be about as surprising as it gets. Granted you can never have enough good pass rushers but this team, with needs all over the place, cant afford back to back pass rushers in the first round unless Barnett is the top player on McDermott (errr Dougy's) board.

Buffalo News
Mike Williams (13th pick)
Moving back to 13th with Arizona and only getting the 77th pick to allow them to draft a QB would be about as bad a look as it could get. The player they end up with plus an extra pick is real solid but letting the Cards to jump in front of them to snag a QB will get lampooned.

WGR550 (Sal Capaccio)
Haason Reddick OLB Temple
Is this guy a linebacker, a pass rusher, a straight up beast and it doesnt matter or what. Again is this guy the BPA? Because a pass rusher isnt need 1 2 or even 5. Hmm.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Preview: Quarterbacks

By Steve

T-minus 55 hours until the draft. Here is the first part of the Bills draft preview looking at team needs. Now its time to look at the quarterbacks.

The Bills biggest need at the most important position and a QB class with opinions going in every direction on at least a half dozen prospects.

What the hell are the Bills doing with Tyrod Taylor? He hasn't been good enough to elevate the team but hasn't been awful enough to tank the team. He is wholly average with an above average (from the team's perspective) contract.

If the Bills go quarterback at 10 overall (or worse [gasp] trade up) god help me. WHY EVEN BRING tiny TY BACK IF THE PLAN WAS TO GO QB AT 10?

The Bills are always middling it. They never go one way or the other. If the Bills go QB at 10 it wont be horrible but it will be confusing. Are they trying to win this year? Are they cutting Cardale? Can they trade tiny Tyrod? Is there a coherent short term and long term plan?

Quarterback Rankings :
(I wouldnt take any of these dudes in the top 11, Cleveland at 12 would be my target for whoever they think is the top guy)

1.  Deshaun Watson
There is a bias here because Ive seen this guy play for 2+ seasons in big games against the best players. He seems like a better Geno Smith (trying to not be racist). They are both lengthy skinny dudes with arms and sling the rock. He's my top QB.

2. Deshone Kizer
The Brady mixed with Cam comparison BY HIM was hilarious but I love the confidence. Not sure he's a first round talent but he could ride the pine and learn for a few years (aka good idea for the Bills late 1st or 2nd round).

3. Mitch Trubisky
Not sure what the hype around this guy is. It seems like in Nov/Dec there was no consensus top QB prospect but people annointed Trubs as THE GUY. Now, granted, I only watched 2 games and his bowl game(maybe thats because he played at UNC and only started like 12 games in his career) but the dude didn't seem like a highly draftable QB. (Bills please dont do something dumb like trade up for this flash in the pan).

4. Chad Kelly
Yes Im a homer but Chad is actually pretty good. There are a few problems though. First he needs to go ANY WHERE besides Buffalo. It would be a horrible idea. Too many yes men a, HUGE shadow and too much of a comfort zone. Second, the injuries. He isnt draftable (until the 6th round). So hes too high but talent and pro prospects alone he is ranked at least 4th..

5. Pat Mahomes
If we are building a baseball team I'd love this dude. But as a first round QB? Lol. At least he has the size 6'3 230 and started two years (plus he did beat out Davis Webb jettisoning him to Cal) but why leave after your junior year? Ok St is the most gimicky of gimicky offenses. He'll struggle to transition.

6. Josh Dobbs
Love me a Tennessee Vol! I have him above Brad Kaaya because Kaaya sucks. Who ever told that guy to leave Miami early should be fired. Dobbs started 2+ years at Tenn and had a decent senior year til the SEC eventually chewed em up. Wouldnt mind using a few of those 5th round picks to try and snag Fobbsie if Whaley and co smartly avoid  QB on day 1 and 2.

Monday, April 24, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Preview Bills Team Needs

By Steve

Draft time! The draft is this Thursday, Friday and Saturday so no better time than the present to dive right in.

The Bills are tied with the Atlanta Falcons with the fewest draft picks available (six) god damn it Doug Whaley.. [update now 7 picks after Gillislee bounced]

The pick are as follows:
10th (first round)
44th (second round)
75th (third round)
156th (fifth round)
163rd (fifth round
171st (fifth round)
195th (sixth round)

They traded their 4th rounder 117th to Chicago in the Ragland trade last year and traded their 7th rounder 228th to Dallas but got their 5th in the Cassel trade.

Is Doug Whaley purposely bad at his job? He botches the draft, free agency, coaching hires, the salary cap, restricted free agency etc etc. Its truly astounding. The only thing he is actually competent at is making Tyrod Taylor sign team friendly contracts every few months.

(How and why did tiny Tyrod take less money at at time when quarterbacks like Mike Glennon are getting $50+ mil? And what does that say about his agent or moreover his perceived skill set in the league?) But I digress.

Buffalo Bills team needs in order
Would I go QB at ten? God no. I'd even be reluctant to go quarterback on day two. Thats just the way it goes when you have SEVENTEEN FUCKING YEARS of no playoffs hanging over your head like a chemtrail. Oof.

Gilmore is gone, Robey-Coleman is gone, Darby sucks and Seymore is still a mystery. One would think hiring all these defensive "geniuses" the Bills wouldnt have to waste high picks on defense since the braintrusts should be able to identify players that would thrive in their complex unique genius systems. YOU'D THINK THAT.

I like the Hyde signing but safety is an undervalued position. The Bills can't have too many dudes that can either ball hawk or D up on a tightend. MODERN NFL bro.

Wide Receiver
Haha yeah true why have WRs when you cant and dont use them in your offense with a limited QB (errr running back with a strong arm) but have you looked at the WR depth chart? Yikes!

Left tackle is seemingly all set but the right side is a disaster. One guy is a regular pot head with a limiting illness and the other guy has no legs and hopped up on synhetic pot. What the hell?

No Luke Kuechly on this squad Seany. Coach em up.

This draft will be fun and not in a good way.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Buffalo Bills 2017 Schedule Released

By steve

Oof this schedule is weak. One prime time game on the road at the Jets and other than that one 4:05 game at the LA Chargers.

All four Dolphins and Patriots games come after Dec which is odd but might be benefital against the Cheatriots assuming they have the division locked up by Thanksgiving.

Bills gonna have win at least two of their first hree before heading too Atlanta and Cinci.

The season will probably end dtarting Nov 19h with games at Chargers at Chiefd then NE at home.

Week 6 bye isnt too bad but not great.

3 December home games will piss people off but at least Christmas and New Years are spared.

7-9 again

Sabres Fire Tim Murray and Dan Bylsma

By Steve

Are we at the nexus of the universe? Is this real life? Corner of 1st and 1st? The Sabres are rebuilding a rebuild? And Russ Brandon is (seemingly) in charge of everything? Hahaha fuck my life.

Wait, maybe Jack Eichel is the GM coach president captain and part owner. I mean he was dafted 2nd overall and finished in 15th and 15th in the conference.

All we can do at this point is laugh.

Terry Pegula is the most confused, incompetent awful in over his head owner that can be imagined. Its not that Bylsma and Murray deserved to keep their jobs per se, but what is the point of hiring and firing people every two or three fucking years?

Russ Brandon is rasputent! He cant be killed! He keeps moving up and down and up in the organization pulling the strings calling the shots. Hiring then firing then getting promoted again, how is this all possible?


Terry Pegula needs to waddle in front of a god damn microphone immediately and have a thorough plan on where these pathetic organizations are going. But who the hell would even accept a job with this idiot? He goes through personnel like I go through clean underwear.

This is a ship with out a captain crew or clue. It cannot be overstated enough. Terry Pegula has absolutely no idea how to run a professional sports franchise and HE HAS TWO!

There is no easy or clear direction. There are no solutions. We are all fucked.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

2017 MLB Over/under Win Total Predictions AL

By Steve

Baseball is back, lets predict the win total for every team. Here is the National League now lets move to the American League

AL East
Boston Red Sox
Under (biggest lock)

New York Yankees
Actually an interesting squad. Lets go to arbitration.

Baltimore Orioles
Analytics can eat it

Tampa Bay Rays
Florida baseball pisses me off.

Toronto Blue Jays
If this team played in any other city they'd be my boys.

AL West
Cleveland Indians
Alright Cleveland is good but when do they ever live UP TO expectations?

Kansas City Royals w/cheese
This number is too low but it could be a sucker bet.

Detroit Tigers
Cabrera has what 30 years left on his contract?

Chicago White Sox

Minnesota Twins
Target sucks as bad as dees boiz

AL West
Texas Rangers
Tough division but seems LOW

Houston Astros
These team was a flash in the pan like 2 years ago.

LA Angels
Mike Sciocia isnt still the manager right? Googling.. HOLY SHIT! Life time contract.

Seattle Mariners
This team honetly i have no clue lets fsce it.

Oakland A's
They move to Vegas yet? Ouch
OVER leggo!

2017 MLB Over/Under Wins Predictions NL

By Steve

Time for the annual over under total wins predictions for all 30 teams in major league baseball. Lets start with the National League:

NL East

Washington Nationals
Other than this being a two horse division is there any reason to believe in the Nationals? Rooster head ran out of hgh last year but the pitching staff is stacked.

NY Mets
Pitching be it young or young and injured is better than no pitching. Legggo boysss

Atlanta Braves
This team is young and rebuilding at least i think. 76 wins doe.

Florida Marlins
Can there be a hangover from the death of a team mate? New owner on the horizon?

Philadelphia Phillies
Maybe they'll resign J-Ro

NL Central

Chicago Cubs
Wait does everyone already hate the Cubbies?

St L Cardinals
Wait, everyone still hates the Cards right?

Milwaukee Brewers
They still have Ryan Braun?

Cincinnati Reds
Damn thats a low number

Pittsburgh Pirates
This teams window closed faster than the kid from i See Dead People

NL West

LA Dodgers
Is this team ever NOT hyped?

SF Giants
Is this team EVER bad?

Arizona Dbags
They won the World Series SIXTEEN years ago. Im lost

Colorado Rockies
Arenaudo a hall of famer?

Ssn Diego Padres

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

2017 Worst of Buffalo Sports Media Bracket Finals

By Steve

It is finally time to vote on the worst media peraonality in the Buffalo sports market of 2017. Here is how the final 4 played out:

Our plucky 6 seed Mike Rodak lost to Jerry Sullivan the 2 seed by ONE VOTE. Out of 113 votes cast Sullivan won with 50.2% vs Rodak's 49.8%.

Our other finalist Bucky Gleason defeated Mike Schopp 51% to 49%.

Congratulations to our two Buffalo News columnists on tight victories in the final 4.

Voting starts at 11a.m. Wednesday and ends at 11am Thursday right before the real tournament starts.

1. Bucky Gleason
2. Jerry Sullivan

Monday, March 13, 2017

2017 Worst of Buffalo Sports Media Bracket Final 4

By Steve

The final four is upon us! Its time to determine what two Buffalo sports media personalities are the worst of the worst. Here is the bracket from the Elite 8

6 seed Mike Rodak AFTER A RUN OFF VOTE in overrrrrtime beat out 3 seed Mike Harrington 56% to 44%. Yes after 24 hours there was a literal tie! ESPN's own Rodak has the pleasure of going up against The Buffalo News's much hated Jerry Sullivan.

The cantankerous columnist and unabashed Patriots lover Mr. sullivan demolished Tim Graham 75 to 25. No real surprise there as Jerry is our 2 seed. Rodak v Sullivan will be a battle for the ages.

On the otherside of the bracket will include our 4 seed WGR550 afternoon host Mike Schopp. He had the uncomfortable position of going up against his cohost Bulldog. The vote was close-ish. 61% to 39%.

He has the pleasure of going up against the #1 seed of the tourney, The Buffalo News turd Bucky Gleason! Gleason waltzed into the regional final with 74% of the vote in a clock cleaning of John Murphy.

6. Mike Rodak
2. Jerry Sullivan

4. Mike Schopp
1. Bucky Gleason

Good luck. Voting starts at noon Monday for 24 hours on twitter @WNYwatercooler.

The finals will be Wednesday at noon for 24 hours.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

2017 Worst of Buffalo Sports Media Bracket Elite 8

After receiving hundreds of votes over two days the "Elite 8" of the worst of the local sports media is set. (Heres the original 16 post.)

The four match ups (found below) will all be posted at noon tomorrow on twitter for another 24 hour. The final four and championship will be next week Monday and Wednesday.

1. Bucky Gleason
8. John Murphy

12. Bulldog
4. Mike Schopp

6. Rodak
3. Mike Harrington

7. Graham
2. Jerry Sullivan

The only upset in the first round was a classic 5 v 12  tilt, Bulldog took down Jeremy White with 58% of the vote.

Other vote results
Bucky won with the largest margin 76% over Jonah J.
John Murphy 69% over Chris Brown
Schopp 63% vs Benigni
Rodak 68% over Paul Hamilton
Harrington 70% over Capaccio
Graham 61% vs Howard Simon
Sullivan 63% over Buscaglia

Tiny Tyrod Taylor Restructures to stay with Bills

By Steve

Wait, huh? The Buffalo Bills and tiny Tyrod Taylor agreed to restructure the contract he signed leas than 7 months ago to remain on the team for he foreseeable future?

Mediocrity will prevail!

While its true the Bills weren't likely to find a quarterback gauranteed to be better than Taylor for 2017 or 2018 its certainly true they could have maybe found one amd definitely found some one very similar. Who knows what the rookie QBs will do ir a journeyman or even freakin Cardale Jones. Tyrod doesnt even throw the football for christs sake.

Sure they save $6mil in cap space then yewr and continue to mortgage future cap space but this doesnt look good for Doug Whaley.  He just drew up this contract last August and now there was NO WAY they could roll with TTT under those terms? Hmm.

At least they got him to restructure but who is calling the shots over there? Does Doug Whaley have a fuckin clue? He drafted Erik Manuel who is better suited to be a janitor, he draws up a contract that voids Taylor's original contract after 2 years and then extends him only to want to reneg on that contract?

Maybe its better that they bring back Tyrod and Whaley for another year. They'll win their normal 7.5 games cut TTT, fire Whaley and decide on the future QB with a new GM.


Monday, March 6, 2017

2017 Worst of Buffalo Sports Media Bracket

By Steve

Everyone loves march madness, filling out brackets and hating on the local sports media. So why not combine the three and determine who is the worst Buffalo sports media personality of 2017!

We are limiting it to the top 16 because 32 would water down the field and no one cares about play in games. No bubble teams like the Andrew Peters, Rob Rays and Vic Carrucci's of he world, this is just the worst of the worst.

The voting will all take place on twitter in a 24 hour poll for each match up. So vote, retweet, favorite, tell your friends and enemies and may the worst person win.

The field:

1. Bucky Gleason
16. Jonah Javad

2. Jerry Sullivan
15. Joe Buscaglia

3. Mike Harrington
14. Sal Capaccio

4. Mike Schopp
13. Adam Benigni

5. Jeremy White
12. The Bulldog

6. Mike Rodak
11. Paul Hamilton

7. Tim Graham
10. Howard Simon

8. John Murphy
9. Chris Brown


after day 1 no upsets all in a landslide the winners:

Bucky Gleason

Jerry Sullivan

Mike Harrington

Mike Schopp

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2017 NFL Draft: Quarterbacks

by Steve

Holy smokes!  The 2017 NFL Draft is in a mere 70 days and the Bills need a quarterback.  Then again haven't they needed a quarterback for 20 years?  What are the odds tiny Tyrod Taylor is back as the starting quarterback next year? 30%? 20%? 

The guy is looking at a guaranteed $30+ mil spread over 2-3 years if he is brought back.  Why would he renegotiate his contract to stay with this sad sack franchise and take less money than he has too?  He'll get at least that amount from the sad sack Cleveland or some other loser franchise.  Let's face it, the Bills are done with Taylor.

The odds of an NFL team winning with a decent or  "serviceable" quarterback are low.  This team can keep tiny Ty or sign some other retread off the street but they need to draft a quarterback one way or another.  If Cardale Jones was the answer or even possibly the answer wouldn't we have heard more than the NOTHING we have heard about the guy (besides he needs 2-3 more years to possibly maybe be the starter).

So, lets take a look at the quarterbacks in the draft:

Mitch Trubisky UNC
Junior coming out after only one season as the starter.  He couldn't even see the field two years ago and we're supposed to believe he is a top 10 pick and the savior for a franchise? He's big and has an arm but no way this guy is ready to start and win.

Deshaun Watson Clemson
He gets the benefit of everyone watching him for 2 years and two Nattys but is he actually an NFL prospect?  He is tall and slender, runs, and is a winner.  But he was on one of the most talented rosters in all of college.  His accuracy is a major question mark but he's a gamer. I could see him falling.

Deshone Kizer ND
Either I slept on this guy at Notre Dame (unlikely) or this guy is being WAY over hyped.  What did he do at ND? Anything?

Pat Mahomes Ok State
This guy is coming out of no where to be considered a late first round pick?  His stats were off the chart but coming out of the Big 12 you take those with a grain of salt.  He's only a junior and played in a bit of a hokey offense.  At least he's played in 2.5+ seasons unlike some of the dudes on this list.  Who the hell knows.

Davis Webb Cal
One year starter who got to follow in Jarod Goff's foot steps. 6'4 230?  The name Goff and/or Cal QB send shivers down my spine.  If this dude gets his name called before day 3 I'd be shocked. Then again, he was a starter for Ok State for a few years, then again he was replaced by Mahomes. Byeee

Brad Kaaya Miami
Who the hell told this dude to come out early?  He had a bad season at Miami and was unimpressive in every game I watched him play.  He's gonna fall like a stone and will need to sit for years before he's worthy of seeing the field.

Chad Kelly Ole Miss
I'd love to draft this guy in any market besides the Bills.  He got arrested as a 23 year old at a high school football game for christ sake.  He'll be in the shadow of his uncle for ever in Buffalo and the dumb fans here will ruin him. 2 ACL years and a laundry list of character flaws will push him into day 3 but he could be real good in the right situation.

The guys from Pitt, Va tech and Tennessee prob aren't worth mentioning.

In summation, if the Bills are counting on a QB to start from this draft, they're in trouble.