Monday, September 29, 2008

darian barnes cut

Peace out Barnes

The Buffalo Bills have swapped fullbacks.

Two NFL sources informed me the Bills have signed fullback Corey McIntyre and released Darian Barnes, who had been gaining local popularity for his big hits and entertaining interviews as a recurring guest on the Jim Rome Show.

Barnes injured his right foot in Week 3. He practiced last week but was inactive for Sunday's victory over the St. Louis Rams.

Barnes had zero carries and two receptions for 34 yards. He is a seven-year journeyman who previously played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins and New York Jets.

McIntyre has played one season each with the Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons, where he was special teams captain last year. The Falcons released him at the end of training camp.

The West Virginia grad is a pure blocking fullback. In 33 NFL games, including one start, McIntyre has no rushing attempts and one catch.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

4-0 and here we go

by Steve

Damn, I was off by 3 points with my prediction but thats close enough. 31-14 and the Bills continue to roll with the best record in the AFC and 1.5 game lead in the AFC East, gotta love it. True the Bills didn't answer many if any questions that people had before the game but they are 2-0 on the road.

The d-ends still suck, the running game isn't there and they still didn't do anything in the first half and it STILL did not matter. This might be the best fourth quarter team since the 06 Patriots. Three straight 4th quarter comeback victories? God damn

Some positives : Kyle Williams is a beast he's a dog he's a mother fuckin problem. Stroud owns. Trent continues to mature, although he did have a bad int, but no one is perfect. Schouman is progressing as a pass catcher. We didn't miss Terrance McGee. Jauron knows how to make second half adjustments. Dante and Ko are a sick tandem.

Negatives (have to do it) Peters needs to start coming to training camp cause he blows. Hardy needs another year. The d-ends were no where to be found. Lotta penalties on the o-line. McKelvin is useless on defense (he was on the side Jackson ran to on his TD scamper)

4-0 who woulda thought

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bills (-8) @ rams a preview of a massacre

by Steve

The Bills are far from great, at this point they're above mediocre and below great, so we'll stick to good. Usually in the National Football League, a good team is not favored by 8 points on the road. Giving eight on the road means they would be 2 touchdown favorites at home. How could this possibly be? Trent Green and the 2008 St Louis Rams make this 'be'.

I had major reservations about the Raiders game. A team with little to lose, a coach on tilt, and a Bills team a bit too high on itself appeared to be a recipe for disaster. Turns out I was nearly correct, nearly, thank god. The Bills were giving 9 last week and it was the first time I had zero faith they would cover. This week is a completely different story.

The Rams suck, but not suck like the Raiders suck. At least the Raiders have talent, they just aren't put together correctly. The Rams really have no talent. They give their slightly above mediocre QB $60 mil and bench him less than a quarter into the season. They are in the worst division in football and are still a bounce or two away from going 0-16! That is a feat.

Steven Jackson has talent, but he is already talking shit about the coaching staff, the o-line blows, their defense is worse, and the fans have already given up on '08 considering the game isn't sold out yet. I actually don't know that their defense sucks cause I've only heard of one or two of their starters, and the one has killed people cause he can't afford a professional driver. But giving up 37 points+ in their first three games gives me a bit of perspective on their skill level.

The only negative heading into this game, besides the terrible D-end play, is the loss of Roscoe Parrish for 4 games. He's not the greatest receiver but he's quick and when he gets the ball he's dangerous. His major impact obviously was ST's but with McKelvin back there we don't even lose that much. If anything it forces the maturation of Hardy and hopefully Steve Johnson which could be a good thing. Maybe that's just spin but either way Lee Evans needs to a.) elevate his game, and b.) get a new contract. I think that might be weighing on his mind a bit. (hint hint boy genius Ross)

Linehan sets up a account, Green is carted off for the upteenth time and the Bills roll 28-14

UB loses wide (gulp) right

by Steve

God damn it. UB almost stole one at Central Michigan today. After scoring a touchdown with less than two minutes to go to cut the CMU lead to 2 points (after UB earlier in the game missed a two point conversion that the announcers thought UB in fact did make [I haven't seen a replay it wasn't on tv]). They recovered the onside kick and began to drive. After a first down near mid field the clock inexplicably did not stop and the Bulls lost atleast 10 seconds.

Fast foward, UB got down to the 29 after 2 yard run by Starks and was ready to kick a potentially game winning field goal. Snap good, hold down, ball up, and it hit the right up right. They probably didn't deserve to win, they couldn't stop CMU in the second half after owning their offense in the first half with a 5-3 lead.

This is still a tough loss to swollow. A big win at a solid football team at or near the top of the MAC could have propelled the program to near superstardom. Instead they have to now settle for merely hanging in there with one of the conference's best.

The season is still farrrrrrr from over and if UB continues to play as solidily as they have been playing there is little doubt they'll be in the hunt for a conference championship game and maybe, maybe a bowl game. Its just too bad it is Willy's last year and they have only redshirt freshman as the back up, so who knows where the program goes next year.

Oh well, seven games left 6 in-conference and a prime time voting day spectacular 11/4 on ESPN2. See ya in Amherst in two weeks after the bye against Western Michigan.

Friday, September 26, 2008

St Louis dissension

In yet another sign that the Bills will crush the Rams Sunday Steve Jackson has started talking shit about his own coach. I guess cutting a starting CB and benching your $60 million quarterback wasn't enough to deflate the St Louis fans now their newly extended "star" RB is openly questioning his coach's decisions. I'll take -8.5 please

Rams coach Scott Linehan benched quarterback Marc Bulger this week in a desperate attempt to turn things around for the worst team in the league.

But not everyone in the Rams’ locker room thinks Linehan made the right move in going with Trent Green.

Rams running back Steven Jackson said in a radio appearance Thursday that benching Bulger was the “wrong decision.”

“He’s our general,” said Jackson, who added that he has nothing against Green — he just doesn’t think you give a quarterback like Bulger a $60 million contract, as the Rams did last year, to sit him on the bench.

And, in perhaps the worst news of all for Linehan, Jackson said he thinks Bulger is so mad that even if Linehan were to change his mind again, Bulger might simply be unwilling to play. Jackson added that he knows he has teammates who agree with him that Linehan has botched the quarterback situation.

“I’m not the only one who feels this way,” Jackson said.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Undefeated still

by Steve

Sooo who watched the Sabres game tonight? HAHA didn't think so but uh how 'bout them Bills? If you saw the WNYWatercooler crew after the game in drive 2 we were pounding Blue, yelling "I got a feeeeeeeelinnnn... Buffffffaalllllooooooo's goin to the Suppppper Bowwwwwwwl" on the mega phone and eating food. Hopefully you were doing something simliar. Now that the hangover is vanquished, the dust has settled, and the Bills are in first place the question with no answer needs to be answered or at least asked or questioned or something..

How good are the Buffalo Bills? First place in the division, the Pats got embarrassed, the Jets suck as anyone with a real brain saw, and the dolphins aren't as bad as last year. Trent and Co have two fourth quarter comeback wins and it is only week 4. The defense has looked borderline outstanding/dominant and the coaching staff has looked shockingly competant.

Buttt I kind of have to rain on the parade. Maybe it is being a Buffalo sports fan and the constant losing, embarrassments, shocking defeats and inability to understand what a great team is, but the Bills don't seem all that great.

We're getting teams at the right time deflated by injuries, our o-line has looked mediocre at best, Marshawn hasn't broken 100 yards in a game, Evans was awful Sunday, no one is making a big time play on defense, the d-ends blow STILL and we have no game changing tight end. Basically we are the '07 Bills but pulling out the close game.

"We play to win the game" - Some bum coach. the Bills are winning so none of that really matters does it? The reason we are winning is pretty freakin obvious. The major difference between the 07 Bills and the '08 Bills is not Jauron knowing what he is doing, or luck or injuries (sorta) it is THE QUARTERBACK PLAY!

Trent ffffffffffffffffffffffff'ing Edwards. Dude is in any (extremely early) conversation for Pro bowl consideration. He is the real deal. Not he might be, or maybe or could be, he is the real deal. He stands in the pocket takes the hit and delivers the ball. He makes the play he needs to, finds the open receiver, avoids the mistakes other QBs make, he wins football games.

Not completely sold yet? Still wondering how/why the Bills are 3-0 and drastically better than the 2007 squad? MARCUS STROUD. Dude brings the noise. He makes everyone else better. He is an animal. Anyone see 2nd down when he ate DMC late in the fourth quarter? Larry Tripplett would have never made that play in a million years. That dude is yesterdays McDolands shits and Stroud is todays porter house steak.

They are the reason the Bills are 3-0 right now instead of 1-2 well alright i'll give credit to Whitner, Parrish, Kyle Williams, Turk Schonert, and Fredd Jackson also.

The Yankees were elimintated from the post season today (if anyone remembers baseball is still going on)
The Mets are the new Bisons affiliate and won a big game tonight
Trent Green is starting for Bulger Sunday, BRING THE NOISE

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Got a Feeling...


Well, it wasn't pretty. The Bills stole a win at home vs. the allegedly terrible Oakland Raiders 24-23. Say what you will about Oakland, but a win is a win.

The Bills had no business winning this football game. They were 10.5 point favorites at game time and it got in their head. The played stupid for three quarters. They had two crucial turnovers, one by Evans at the end of the first half and another on an interception that led to a Raider touchdown. The Bills started five drives inside their own 13 yard line. They had awful field position the entire game. Leodis McKelvin somehow gets knocked out of bounds by Janikowski at the end of the half too. These are the kinds of games we would never have been able to win in recent years.

This years Bills team seems different though. Coming off a 4th quarter comeback against Jacksonville, the Bills faced a 2nd straight gut check down 9 twice in the 4th quarter against the Raiders. The Bills trailed 16-7 in the 4th until a Lynch TD cut it to 16-14. Then, with 73,000 plus on their feet screaming, JaMarcus Russel somehow hit an 85 yard touchdown pass on a slant. This should have been deflating and the nail in the coffin. Not this year though, not with this quarterback. The Bills answered with a quick march that resulted in a Roscoe Parrish touchdown and then forced a 3 and out. When we got the ball back with two and a half minutes left at our own 35 yard line down by 2, it seemed like there was no doubt we were going to drive the ball down the field and win the game...and we did.

On the Bills last three drives, all resulting in scores, Trent Edwards was 14-19 for 189 yards and a touchdown. That is what it is all about. Performing in the clutch. Obviously, Trent can do that. Back to back 4th quarter comeback wins.

For the first time since 2005, week 4, a team other than New England holds first place in the AFC East by themselves...and it is the Buffalo Bills. Buffalo is 3-0 and hold this spot because Miami throttled the Pats in their own yard 38-13. When you take a look around the conference, the juggernauts of New England and Indianapolis seem human. Indy lost at home to Jacksonville. Are the Bills contenders? Well, they seem like they could be. I know we just beat Oakland by 1 but it was the way they won it, by playing terribly and stealing it at the end.

The line vs. the Rams opened at 8.5. Let's see how we can handle being huge favorites on the road.

predictions week 3


  • raiders keep it close for a half
  • cleveland sucks
  • dolphins could win
  • giants are for real
  • jets suck

Saturday, September 20, 2008

UB respectful @ Mizzou

by Steve

Here is the synopsis by ESPN The world wide leader in sucktitude/front runners.

The only person to give UB any credit in that write up was star QB Chase Daniels.. ""You look at everything we have done to this game and there's been no adversity at all," Daniel said. "We're not going to go through the season without adversity, and we were able to face it today."" Thanks, too bad the douche bag coach couldn't give the Bulls any credit what so ever..

""We probably overdid the adversity," Pinkel said. "Obviously I didn't do a very good job because I like to think I'm a pretty good coach and I have a well-coached team, and we didn't look that way out there today."" Thanks coach, maybe you're overrated and Buffalo is underrated ever think of that?

Beast of a WR Ernest Jackson aint scurrred. "Our belief level was high because we are a Division I school just like any other team," Jackson said. "We don't look down upon ourselves at all." Jackson caught two TDs and had a kick return for a TD for all of Buffalo's points.

PS James Starks didn't play, UB was only down 3 at half and was only down 6 midway through the 3rd quarter. Mizzou can suck my balls, UB is taking down the MAC and owning some bowl game, can't wait...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Week 4 Picks ATS


For the first time this season, I will be picking all the games against the spread...including what I feel are the locks of the week...Guaranteed 75% correct with my locks or else your money back. Really though, free gambling advice (not that we promote gambling) but if you bet on these games you will make money...


Buffalo (-9) vs. Oakland
  • Call me a homer but the Bills laying 9 vs. the Raiders is just easy money. McFadden is banged up, Fargas is injured...the Bills may see a heavy dose of Michael Bush on Sunday. Jamarcus Russel completed 4 passes against the Chiefs and the Raider defense looked embarrassing opening day (you can't count how their D played against Tyler Thigpen). Also, the Raiders have a lame duck coach pretty much who could get fired at any time before or during the game. There will be more excitment at the Ralph than there has been in years with the Bills at 2-0...Russel will be like a deer in headlights...if the Bills don't win this game by double digits I will be shocked.
St. Louis (+9.5) at Seattle
  • Yeah I know the Rams are pathetic, but they were called out by their owner this week so they will be playing desperate football. They will have the best player on the field in Steven Jackson. The Seahawks are literally holding try outs for people off the street to play wide receiver. They will be hanging their hates on Koren Robinson for the near future. The Hawks are real bad and shouldn't be giving 9.5 to anyone...Rams could win outright but I will take the points for sure.
Not Locks but I like these games a lot

Cleveland (+2) at Baltimore
  • The Browns can't be bad enough to be getting points against Joe Flacco. Yeah they have looked pathetic in weeks 1 and 2 but have played the Steelers and Cowboys. The Browns are in a must win situation and realize that. They should win the game outright and I don't really know why they are getting points. The Ravens are bad on offense and old on defense and their coach is John Harbaugh.
San Diego (-9) vs. NYJ
  • The Jets are way overrated, the Chargers should be 2-0 and are at home and are pissed off and desperate. This game could get really ugly. San Diego knows they can't afford to go to 0-3 with Denver playing well so they will be ready and will win by double digits.
Detroit (+4) at San Fran
  • Detroit has too much offensive fire power to be getting 4 points in this game. They are desperate for a win and were in the lead late vs. the Packers before blowing it big time. The 49ers are terrible too...JT O'Sullivan?
Arizona (+3) at Washington
  • Big win for the Redskins last week, but I think the Cardinals may be solid this year for real. Their defense has only allowed 16 points this year (yeah I know who they played...Miami and the 49ers) but they have so many weapons on offense. I don't think Washington is that good after their performance opening day and I am not sold on the Saints...I think 2006 may have been more of the exception than the rule. I like the Cards in an upset I guess in DC.
The Rest of the Games...I wouldn't bet on these
  • Chiefs (+5.5) at Atlanta
  • Tennessee (-4.5) vs. Houston
  • Bengals (+13) at Giants
  • Miami (+12.5) at Patriots
  • Chicago (-3) vs. Tampa Bay
  • Minnesota (-3.5) vs. Carolina
  • Denver (-5) vs. New Orleans
  • Eagles (-3.5) vs. Pittsburgh
  • Jacksonville (+5) at Indianapolis
  • Green Bay (+3) vs. Dallas

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mcfadden in a boot

Per rotoworld Darren McFadden wore a boot and did not practice Wednesday
Coach Lane Kiffin indicated that Darren McFadden (turf toe) could have played if the Raiders had a game Wednesday.
McFadden didn't practice and was in a walking boot. The Raiders are expected to play if safe with the No. 4 overall pick in Week 3, and the Oakland Tribune suggests that Michael Bush "could be in for 25+ carries" against Buffalo if McFadden experiences pain early on. Keep track of this situation."

Gotta love that voodoo doll Holy moly can the Bills get more injury breaks? True it is just a make up for the entire 2007 season but this might be pushing it a bit. If he isn't playing my fears of this some how being a trap game evaporate instantly. - steve

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bills thoughts

by Steve

Alright we done with the circle jerk and nutsack caressing? This team looks good and I'm as pumped as anyone probably, But how good is this team? They haven't finished .500 or better in a while did they really make the jump to 11-12 wins with Trent Edwards? Was Losman that bad? Is Marcus Stroud, a sick dt, the only other piece missing? Orrr have we played decent and gotten lucky with injuries to our opponents?

I doubt any of these questions are answered this week either way. The raidaaaaas blow big time, their running back has turf toe, their big contract DT just got arrested for a deweyyy and I don't even know who their coach is, if they fired Kiffin, if Ryan is their coach, either way neither would matter at the Ralph with JaMarcus starting. Plus their owner is wayyyyy more senile then Ralph times 10.

Maybe I am just learning to come to grips with being able to cheer for a team that a.) has a chance to win the division for the first time since '02, b.) their quarterback doesn't totally blow c.)they have a good dt and d.) are still undefeated after two games.

Either way I wanna say fuck you to Tom Donahoe. Not keeping Pat Williams set this franchise back half a decade. Also FU's handed out to Mularkey, Greg, Bledsoe and Troy Vincent, Wilfork too. Maybe I'll change my mind on Wilfork cause he caused Trent to be forced to play and when we win the Superbowl next year he will be the first cause that started the chain reaction.

Plus I don't think this team even thinks they are good enough to look past anyone yet. And that is one of the few things Jauron has been able to do, keep the team focused and ready to play. Wellll except for SNF last year and perhaps another game or two. Which leads me to another point.

Do not give this dude a contract extension before Lee Evans. In fact what is the rush? Wait till at least the bye week or, the SF game when we're 4-0. I actually am not even sold on an extension at all, I mean will there really be a ground swell of support and a clamoring by other NFL teams to sign this dude in 09? Doubt it. But you may win more over yet Dicko. Just stop losing stupid challenges.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bills 20 Jacksonville 16


I am going to be the biggest Bills homer in the following paragraphs but let's face it, how often do we have a chance to gloat?

The Bills have arrived...this is their best road victory since well I can't come up with one...but I guess I will say the 2004 season at Cincinnatti...yeah we beat the Bengals in 2005, Jets in 2006 and Redskins in 2007, all playoff teams, but in '05 we were playing for nothing, the Jets were overrated, and the Redskins lost a player that week. But Jacksonville, this team almost won at Foxboro in the playoffs last year and we went into their building for their home opener, overcame a disastrous third quarter and somehow won the football game. I couldn't believe it, I was ready to write off the season at 3:00 PM.

What can we take from this game? Well first of all, we have a legitimate NFL quarterback for the first time since Doug Flutie. Trent Edwards was 20-25 for 239 yards and a touchdown. On the season he is 39-55 with 2 touchdowns and 0 interceptions...this is a completion percentage of 70.91%. Most importantly, the dude was straight up clutch yesterday. On third and 6, he delivered a dart to Evans and then answered that with a perfectly placed ball to Hardy in the corner of the end zone to give the Bills the lead. Trent has pocket presence, seems like a good leader, makes the big throw when you need it, doesn't get rattled...oh yeah and he is only 23 and in his 2nd season. Does he have a ceiling? I don't see any reason why we can't expect pro bowls in his future.

Nothing crazy from Marshawn yesterday, but a game like yesterday is the floor for him. 59 yards and a touchdown on 19 carries...but how about Fred Jackson? This guy is a player. We haven't had a running back this good out of the backfield since Thurman Thomas. He led the Bills in catches and yards yesterday with 7 receptions for 83 yards. He always seems to be able to turn 10 yard receptions to 30 yard gains. I love this guy...with him and Lynch out there together, the Bills are dangerous. Lynch, Jackson and then Evans, Reed, Parrish and with Hardy contributing yesterday, along with Bob Royal who led the Bills in receiving in week 1, are all viable threats in the passing game.

The Bills Special teams again game up huge. Parrish's long punt return allowed the Bills to get essentially the game iceing field goal. Nothing special from the kick return game although it was nice to see McKelvin back there. We don't need McGee to get hurt.

Again, the defense shined. Marcus Stroud is a straight up beast. What a difference maker. Adding Marcus Stroud has pretty much turned the Bills defense into a force. Just compare last year vs. Jacksonville to this year vs. Jacksonville. Last year the Bills allowed 124 yards rushing and 6.5 yards per carry vs. the Jags...this year they allowed 98 yards and 3.63 yards per carry...(32 of these yards came from Garrard on 6 carries). Garrard never looked comfortable back there. Stroud got a paw on a pass that led to an interception at the end of the first half which was huge. Kyle Williams delivered a decisive sack on the Jags 2nd to last possession. When was the last time the Bills took a lead late in a game and then the defense came out and dominated to ice it? The Bills D just has a completely different look.

Finally, Dick Jauron. Dude stuck to his game plan late when losing. Turk Schonert seems like a major upgrade at Offensive Coordinator. What a call on the 2nd down bootleg Trent to Shouman on our last drive. They are showing confidence in their quarterback and he is delivering. I will say this for the first time ever...I think I like Dick Jauron...although I wish he wouldn't be such a girl at the end of the first half.

There is just a different feeling about this team this year. Yeah, I know we started 2-0 in 2003 and were straight up dominating in those two games...but something about this team feels different. The Bills won a game yesterday when nothing went their way in the third quarter. The Bills had only 4 offensive plays the entire period in 95 degree heat and somehow still managed to overcome that. When looking at the there any reason why this team shouldn't/can't win 12 or 13 games? I'd like someone to point out 5 losses they see on the schedule. I watched the first half of the Jets Patriots game. New England is still a solid team, but is anyone scared of them? That game was ugly. Next Sunday the Bills will try and go to 3-0 for the first time since 1992, a year in which they went to the Super Bowl. My only complaint is Jason Peters shows up and practices for more than a week...maybe he won't get blown up by a rookie for a sack and fumble in a critical spot in the game, but I'll let it slide...dude showed up 8 days ago.

Bills vs. Oaktown next sunday-line opened at 9.5. See you there.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Inactives Bills @ JAX


CB Scott Starks, RB Chauncey Washington, LB Mike Peterson, C Brad Meester, OL Todd Wade, DT Jimmy Kennedy, and WR Troy Williamson are Jacksonville's other inactives. Jerry Porter is listed as the emergency 3rd QB.

for BUF

steve johnson, xavier omon, demtrius bell, reggie corner, whittle, fine , ellis. Yikes six 2008 draftees not dressed. At least Peters is starting and McCargo gets to put on shoulder pads for a change.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

How the Bills can beat the Jags

by Steve

Wait wait wait, first did we all see the magic man Drew Willy/Turner Gill steal victory from the jaws of defeat today against Temple? The game shouldn't have been that close, but a win is a win even if it is a miracle hail mary. God damn I can't believe I had to work.. ON A SATURDAY. But back to the Bills cause the Bulls have to play @ Mizzou this week, yikes.

  • Stroud needs to own that weaksauce interior line of the Jags, it is all back ups and it is his homecoming.
  • Limit big plays out of the run game. hyphen and Fred "I just got arrested" made just enough plays against us last year to win. The secondary needs to be on their toes.
  • Play off the 'crowd' or lack there of. Score first and the fans will disappear.
  • NOT have JP Losman fumble on a QB sneak.
  • Lynch score a touchdown.
  • Anyone notice the line opened at 6 and is presently at 4.5? Don't tell me it was Troy Williamson being ruled out that changed the line by more than a point.
  • Neither coach is very good so that is a push at least.
  • Again make Gerard win the game for this over rated fanless squad.
  • Don't count on anyone drafted in '08 to again make any type of impact.
  • Knock the ball down if it is 4th and 35 instead of going for the INT.
  • NOT have our legendary QB carted off the field in the 4th quarter.
  • DO have your QB run a naked bootleg in the final seconds to seal the victory.
  • Do have a crazy punt return and have one of your scrubs desperately grab onto Roscoe to keep him on his feet the last 20 yards.
  • Bring those big ass fans with the mist cause its gonna be freakin balmy.
  • God damn we have played the Jags a lot and have a lot of memories with them. Who would have thought how many more memorable games we have had with them than say the Dolphins or Browns in the last decade+.

For some reason I feel confident. Not cocky or underestimating the opponent, ok actually I might be underestimating them cause they looked like shit last week but the Bills could/probably will win tomorrow. Can't put my finger on it, but for some reason I see the Bills winning. Plus don't we usually alternate victories each game? 19-17 Bills, yes late fieldgoal

Legend Status

anyone else catch the 'off main st.' portion of the front page of city and region in the buffalo news today?
Off Main Street: Hard-earned honor ...
The offbeat side of the news

The Bills may have handily won their season opener against the Seattle Seahawks, but chalk up a dubious achievement for the 12th man, too.

Joe Tone, a blogger for Westword, a Denver alternative weekly, recently deemed Bills fans the “Superbowl Champion of Hammeredness.”

Tone picks division winners, conference champions and a Super Bowl champ. Each is accompanied by a YouTube video showing fans in various states of inebriation and undress.

Bills fans win the AFC East. Why?

“They might be losing their team to Canada, but they’ll lose their livers first.”

We also take the AFC championship. The reason?

“Makes sense, really. What the hell else is there to do in Buffalo?”

After being told of our proximity to Niagara Falls, arts scene and architectural wonders, Tone told Off Main Street he would come here and reassess.

[B]The video that brought Bills fans the Vince Lombardi Trophy for rowdiness features a shirtless young man running amok in a frozen, snow-covered Ralph Wilson Stadium parking lot shouting obscenities about the Patriots.[/B]

While that fan’s mother must be proud, one anonymous person wasn’t impressed:

“This is a list of ‘Which teams have the best drunk videos on YouTube?’ nothing more.”

yes yes, that is the blog's very own Steve they are referencing

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Buffalo Bills @ Jacksonville Jaguars podcast

Buffalo Bills @ Jacksonville Jaguars 9/14/08 preview. Predictions match ups pre game chatter, Marcus Stroud returning etc. Steve & coast. 400th post!!!!

Buffalo Sabres 3rd jersey

Not that anyone cares alllllll that much but the Sabres 3rd jersey has been confirmed according to the News...

" 1) The logo is the same color as the jersey, the darker blue. It only looks different because the different fabrics aren't reflecting the same.

2) It will have numbers on the front shoulder.

---John Vogl the Buffalo News"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Whiney Patriots fans

This hilarious BIG TIME rip on Patriots fans is from the Boston Herald :

Hey Patriots [team stats] fans - stop whining!

What’s with this bereavement thing, just because Hollywood Tom Brady [stats] got hurt?

The reaction around here to Brady’s mishap has been so over the top, the only thing missing has been the deployment of grief counselors at local sports bars. Have they posted a sign yet on the Sagamore Bridge, saying “Suicide Is Not the Answer - No. 12 Will Be Back in 2009. Order Your DirecTV NFL Total Package Now.”

It’s a good thing Brady wrecked his knee on the field and not in an auto accident somewhere. Can you imagine what the size of that roadside memorial would have been? Every fat loser in New England would be unsteadily rising from the couch in his mom’s basement. It would have been like a funeral procession to the scene of the tragedy, where they would all be draping their XXX-L No. 12 Patriots sweatshirts over the thousands of candles, teddy bears and empty 40-ouncers.

Hey, fans, get over it. You should care as much about Tom Brady as he cares about you, which is to say, not at all.

You know about the thrill of victory, now get used to the agony of defeat.

It’s amazing to see how fast a bandwagon can stop in its tracks. At 1 p.m. Sunday this was the most asked question in New England:

“Do you think WE can go undefeated again this year?”

Three hours later, this was the number-one question in the Land of the Front Runners:

“What are THEY going to do now?”

It’s not only Bill Belichick who’s become a “genius” riding on Brady’s back. Through absolutely no fault of their own, that part of the media known as “Shillville” has cashed in big-time these last few years. The jock sniffers get their ratings and they high-five one another, like the big numbers actually have something to do with their insipid cheerleading.

Host number one: I love Tom Brady, man!

Host number two: I love him more than you do!

Host number one: Rah rah rah-

Host number two: - Sis-boom-bah.

There is no joy in Shillville. Mighty Brady has struck out.

I know, it’s so sad, because the Patriots are a “dynasty.” Some dynasty, considering that they haven’t won the Super Bowl since the last time George W. Bush won an election. But in Shillville seldom is heard a discouraging word. Two years ago, the dynasty got a giant bone in its throat against the Colts, and then last year in Arizona - well, let’s not talk about the “undefeated” team, lest the grief counselors have to be called out yet again.

Then there’s Coach Belichick, whose effervescent personality lights up the world, as they say, like a three-watt bulb. It is premature to begin referring to him as the Cinderella of the NFL? I mean, his team has turned into a pumpkin four years in a row now.

But look on the bright side, all of you Pats fans still living at home in your mom’s basement. The Red Sox [team stats] may yet force another lame victory parade on the city this year, but at least there won’t be any post-Super Bowl riots this February in Kenmore Square, or at Zoo Mass.

No stupid bets between Mumbles and some other idiotic mayor.

No flights out of Logan to Tampa diverted to Raleigh because of drunken Pats fans brawling in the aisles or locking themselves in the restroom for a smoke.

No Super Bowl victory parades with stoned teenagers from the suburbs phoning in bomb threats to their local high schools so they can come into the city to get loaded and vomit on their shoes. No media toadies, like the dweeby 65-inch-high former Pop Warner League waterboy jumping onto a float with a station sales weasel and then waving at the falling-down drunks lining the streets like it was their sycophantic station that actually won the big game.

I know, Tom Brady is a role model. He knocked up his girlfriend, then abandoned her for the supermodel. No wonder you want your kid to wear his jersey. No wonder you want to put his team’s flag up in front of your house, in case anyone in the neighborhood was wondering who you were rooting for.

Nothing to see here, grief counselors. Move along.

Hilarious. I guess it isn't just everyone else that is sick of these Massholes even their own writers are sick of the these douche bag Patriot/Red Sox fans.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

are the Bills good?

by Steve

The Bills, coming off a glamorous ass whooping of the NFC West champs Sunday, continued to get good news following the game. First it was Tom-tom-tommy Brady's knee injury shelving him for the season, then it was the news that three Jacksonville Jaguar starting o-linemen are out for not only this week but much of the season. Then it was Peters returning and sounding like he was ready, fresh off passing the team's physical. And finally it was Merriman being out for the year.

Are the stars aligning for the Bills to be contenders not only in the division but the entire AFC?! I'm not going that far, yet. The Bills did look good at just about ever facet of the game Sunday, but it was just one game, a home opener at that.

Buttttttttt, if the Bills somehow pull out the upset this week @ JAX things could change dramatically, at least for me. They go up 2-0 beating two 2007 playoff teams AND they still get to face Cassell, Flaver and Pennington 6 times? I would love it.

The o-line looked good Sunday but it didn't look great. Marshawn had good numbers but he struggled at times as did Fred Jackson. With Walker at his natural position and Peters, a probowler, back at LT this could potentially get much better.

Of course there is still some major reasons to stay grounded and stifle that unbridled enthusiasm (i.e. Ellison @ strong side, Greer getting burned, the '08 draft class non-existence, ZERO plays from the WR corps sans Evans, oh AND Dicko is still our coach.

However, on the flip side, there are plenty of reasons to have a major boner. Poz looked real good Sunday, Stroud is a fucking beast who is elevating the play of everyone within a 20 yard radius, Evans and Trent are developing what appears to be a good down field relationship, and the special teams is possibly better than last year(if thats possible).

Needless to say Sunday is huge. It will be a much larger, more important measuring stick for this still young developing team. And who knows maybe someone drafted this past April will decide to throw on some shoulder pads and a helmet.

(PS WTF McCargo?! This better just be Bobby April whispering sweet nothings into Jauron's ear forcing him to dress only 3 DTs and a plethora of DEs for special teams, and NOT your sucktitude. [trade bait?])

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bills 34 Seahawks 10


The last time I felt like this after an opener was this day 5 years ago. The Bills beat 31-0 and all of a sudden were playoff and super bowl contenders. SI had Sam Adams, a new comer, on the cover of Sports Illustrated with the title "Off and Running" as he tumbled into the end zone. Am I going to go this far this year and say that this Bills team has finally arrived? Yes. This team is for real. I made the prediction yesterday that this game would be a blowout and it was. I know the Seahawks were without 2 receivers and were missing some starters on defense...but let's not so soon forget that we were missing our best offensive lineman and arguably our best linebacker.

So what is different about today and 9-7-2003? We have young players that are going to only get better, not get worse throughout the season. We have a 2nd year QB and a 2nd year RB who will do nothing but improve. We have a 26 year old stud at wide receiver. In 2003, we had an old QB (Bledsoe), our number one receiver was old (Moulds), and we had a running back that spent more time knocking up chicks than watching film (Henry). Also, the additions of Stroud and Mitchell seem to outweigh the additions of Spikes and Adams in the 2003 offseason...undoubtedly Stroud.

The first quarter started off a little shaky...which could be expected. There had to be some rust from Trent...who only played something like four series' in the pre season. The weather was also not very favorable the entire first half. After that though, Trent played well. 21-30 for 215 yards and a touchdown with zero turnovers...I will take that from him any day. Lynch was his usual self. He had 18 carries for 76 yards and a touchdown and didn't play in the fourth quarter because the game was out of reach. Evans added 4 catches for 102 yards, proving that him and Trent can hook up on the long ball at least as good or if not better than Lee and his boyfriend JP.

The Bills special teams has to be the best in the league. Roscoe looks like he is going to score every single time he touches the ball on a punt return. Moorman had some sick punts and oh yeah a touchdown pass to Ryan Denney on a fake field goal call that no one saw coming. Rian Lindell all of a sudden is just money.

What stood out the most today obviously was the defense. We all watched the game, so I don't need to get into stats...Marcus Stroud looked like an animal out there. What a difference maker he is at the D tackle position. The guy just moves people out of the way and cannot be blocked with one person. He looks to me like he is back in his pro bowl form. Kawika Mitchell was all over the field and Paul Posluszny was too coming off his injury. The Bills had 5 sacks...did they have that many sacks in any game last season? I really don't think so.

This was a good win and a great way to start the season. The real test will be next week. The Bills will go on the road to Jacksonville...who lost today at Tennessee. Jason Peters will hopefully be back. Oddly enough, the Bills week 2 opponent in 2003 was Jacksonville in Jacksonville and the Bills won that game 38-17. If Tom Brady is in fact out for the year, and the Bills go into Jacksonville and beat the it too crazy to say that we are the favorites in the AFC East? I don't see why it would be.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

NFL Predictions

Steve tells you the future NOW

The Bills aren't going to miss Crowell as much as people anticipate. Anyone else remember Rich Gannon ripping this dude a new one against Jacksonville last year?! He is good not great, and won't be missed immensely. True, Ellison or Digiorgio or Costanzo suck, are undersized, and are far from great, but they have all played in the NFL before they can't be that big of chumps, hopefully.

Bills go 8-8 with some luck and/or Tricky Dicky J doesn't cost them 2-3 games as per 2007 the Bills could go 10-6. I'll stick to 8-8 until I see heady coaching.

Wins in parenthesis.

  • Patriots, down year. Duh they won 16 and can't replicate that, but 11-12 wins is a big step down kinda. (12)
  • Dolphins will suck BIG TIME. The Jets looked awful with Pennington why would things change for him in teal? Ronnie Brown, once a future star in this league is sharing and or sitting behind a known drug addict. Yikes, tuna you're too old let go nobody listens to techno. (4)
  • J-E-T-S True they have an easy schedule but so do the Bills. Brad Flaver is 39 HOLY SHIT. Things could go south quick with that schedule. I see many ups and downs in a lackluster 7-9 at best season for the green men (6)
  • Cleveland has a tough schedule and their QB is Derek Anderson, not a good combination. Why did they keep both quarterbacks? 3 year deal?! Keeeep trading draft picks too Savage. SEE YOU MONDAY NIGHT (8)
  • Shitsburgh Steelers. Little Ben is underrated at least by me. Their d and o line are awful, Willy Parker isn't that good and I hate Tomlin, not cause he is a good coach cause he is a bad coach and people love him. Keep losing home playoff games. (8)
  • Baltimore Ravens uh rookie QB, shitty running back, aging defense kinda and rookie coach? Tough year on the harbor. (6)
  • Bengals could be a surprise. Everyone loved Marvin Lewis 2 years ago, I guess thats what happens when you have 15ish arrests suspensions fines, embarrassment after embarrassment. Ocho you stinko and Palmer is being wasted. If their defense has a pulse they could steal this tough but winnably <-- new word, mediocre division. (9)
  • JAX, I thought Del Rio was on the hot seat? Cause their QB has a few good games and doesn't turn the ball over they're world beaters? They have no fans their rb was arrested and the defense won't be as good. (9)
  • Colts should be worried. True they have the best QB since Marino but their Center is hurt, their defense is weak and Manning lost his bursa sack. Still a year or two away from a HUGGGGE collapse. (11)
  • Anyone care about the Texans besides big corporations in Houston? (8 AGAIN)
  • Titans ummmm VY vick younger? (9)
  • SD super chargerssss. Their roided up LB is an idiot, their fans are an embarrassment, Rivers gave me a boner but is he healthy, and LDT is due for a down/hurt year. Who is the RB back up? (11)
  • Denver sucks, you can have the DNC. I know type 1 people and they aint no pro QB good luck. Shanny you're losin it (7)
  • Raiders are run by the most insane billionaire of all time. Oh by the way, Ralph says you're welcome for the loan ass hole. (5)
  • KC hahahahahha wait did you really trade away your d-end? (4)
  • Dallas easy schedule easy conference decent division. Fuck off and win a playoff game (11)
  • Philly is getting hyped, when was the last time DF Mcnab was healthy?(8)
  • G-men based on Thursday don't have much rust, is Eli a bonafide qb? Fffffauck(10)
  • Washington is run by an idiot, Zorny? Campbell? You all know he was out played by Collins last year right? YES that Todd Collins. C'monnnnnn (6)
  • Chicago, Kyle Orton, Rex Grossman, Kyle, Rex, Orton, Grossman, who cares Benson was a bustttttt I got love for Lovie tho (7)
  • GB nice showing in the NFC championship game, thank god that curmudgeon is gone, not as good this year, wait till next year (8)
  • Detroit ugh (7)
  • This is an awful awful terrible brutal putrid division I guess Minny by default (9)
  • ATL rookie QB still reeling from dog fighters (5)
  • NO, still sinking at least you have Wezzy (8)
  • TB repeat, anyone notice? (9)
  • Carolina, Delhomme might have another season in him, maybe, perhaps, and perhaps their coach is a bust like Marvin (9)
  • SF o'sullivannnnnnnnnnnnn (5)
  • Seattle, has a team been as lucky as this franchise in regards to division competition the last decade? The bills won @ SEA in 04 by like 31 points holy shittttt (9)
  • St Louis, the boys are back in town and Bulger has one last run in him, book it (9 and win the division)
  • AZ, I was suppose to be there this year but my cock sucker friends are retards, we'll see. Leinart can eat it and so can anyone that wanted that douche. (7)
AP's picks

AFC East - NE, Mia, NYJ, Buf
AFC North - Pit, Cin, Cle, Bal
AFC South - Indy, Ten, Jax, Hou
AFC West - SD, Den, Oak, KC

NFC East - Dal, Wash, Phi, NYG
NFC South - NO, TB, Car, Atl
NFC North - Min, GB, Det, Chi
NFC West - Sea, AZ, St L, SF

AFC WC - Ten, Den
NFC WC - Wash, Phi

AFC Championship - NE v. Indy
NFC Championship - Dal v. NO

Super Bowl - NE v. Dal
New England

Coasts Predictions

AP are you kidding me? You honestly think the Bills are going to finish last in the division...gimmie a break...get my number, call me so we can make some type of wager on that please.

Let's start with tomorrow. The Seahawks defense ranked 15th in the NFL last season. That is while playing against Alex Smith...whoever the Rams ran out at QB last year and that QB Carousel in Arizona 6 times per year. I am not scared of Seattle's defense. Lofa is small...he is a Hawaiin version of London Fletcher. He will rack up tackles 10-12 yards down field after Lynch busts through their banged up line. Yeah, Julian Peterson is sick...but he is far removed from his pre achilles or acl injury or whatever. Patrick Kerney is just a D Bag what else can I say? On offense...uhhh Logan Payne will be playing a lot at wide receiver. Nate Burleson is their number one. Julius Jones is Julius Jones. Holy shit I almost feel bad for Matt Hasselback.

The Bills should dominate in all three phases. Honestly, this game shouldn't be close. If the Bills are anywhere near a decent football team with playoff aspirations they should win this game by 20 plus points. I am going out on a limb and saying 38-6 in a freaking laugher because that is how pathetic I think the Hawks will be.

We all know the Schedule is a joke and here is how the Bills will fare. They got 4 games against the NFC west...they will win 3 of them without a doubt (a road slip up vs. the Cards isn't impossible...I can safely guarantee 3...they should win 4). They got 4 against the AFC West...San Diego at home is tough...but let's remember three years ago when the Bills played the Chargers at home when they went 14-2...Jauron's 3 timeouts in 2 plays killed them and they lost by 3. They also play at Denver and at KC as well as Oakland. I will guarantee 2 wins against that division although it probably will be 3 and could be 4. Then we got 4 against MIami and the Jets. There is four wins right there. Don't give me this Brett Favre Jets will be good bullshit and Miami is just pathetic. That gives us 9 wins guaranteed. Obvisouly two losses vs. the Pats (although one NE game is week 17 so that could be meaningless for someone who knows). Then of course the two games against the 2nd place finishers in the AFC NOrth and South. The Bills play the Browns at home on MOnday night. There is no way in hell we lose this game. At Jacksonville will be tough...and without Lynch we were right in that game in the fourth quarter. I give the Bills one out of two. Therefore, I am guaranteeing a minimum of 10 wins.

Here are my predictions for the playoffs and everything else.

AFC East: Pats Bills Jets Phins
AFC South: Jags Colts Texans Titans
AFC North: Steelers Browns Bengals Ravens
AFC West: Chargers Broncos Raiders Chiefs

NFC East: Cowboys Eagles Giants Redskins
NFC South: New Orleans Carolina Tampa Atlanta
NFC North: Vikings Packers Lions Bears
NFC West: Seahawks Cardinals Rams 49ers

AFC WC: Bills Colts
NFC WC: Eagles Giants

AFC WC Playoff: Pats over Colts, Steelers over Bills
AFC Divisional Playoff: Chargers over Steelers, Pats over Jags
AFC Championship: Chargers over Pats

NFC WC Playoff: Giants over Vikings, Eagles over Seahawks
NFC Divisional Playoff: Saints over Giants, Cowboys over Eagles
NFC Championship: Cowboys over Saints

Super Bowl: Chargers over Cowboys

Wreck's week 1 locks

This will be a weekly segment where our own semi-pro handicapper "Wreck" Will make his weekly locks of the week. Of course they are against the spread and largely NFL based gambling selections. We will keep a running record and see how great a moneymaker he truly is. Mind you these are LOCKS not just picks on every game, these are bets he is actually making. You wanna get rich or die tryin? Dooo it son

Week 1 (0-0)

Dallas @ CLEVELAND (+6)

Houstan @ PITTSBURGH (-6.5)

Denver @ OAKLAND (+3)

-ya boy t-wreck

Friday, September 5, 2008


by Steve

Game starts in three hours son, get ready UB @ Pitt. I can't believe it has taken me this long to write about 'em. They are 1-0, have a sick head coach, solid wiley vet QB in Drew Willy, sick running back in local product James Starks, and DB Devonte Shannon was friends with OSU future star QB Terrelle Pryor thats good enough in my book.

Sure they are 14 point dogs, but stachsted and co are overrated. If the Bulls go into a BSC barn and somehow beat 'em it could turn into a 06/07 Sabres esque bandwagon jumpage. And I am some what pumped up. Are we on the brink of having two hometown football teams in Buffalo?

The game is on SNY, channel 25 so turn it on at 6.



by Steve

Call me a hypocrite all you want. I donttttt ggggiiiivvvvvveeee a fuckkkkkkkkk. #71 is back son! Our best player has finally stopped being retarded and has decided ooohhhhhh its NFL season I better strap on my shoulder pads and actually get to Western New York.

True, he won't play Sunday but possibly, more than likely, he will play next Sunday vs the Jaguars. #71 better be in good shape and be ready next Sunday, I am still pissed he is missing this Sunday but #71 is #71 and apparently he does as he pleases.

Back attttttttt the Ralph for reallllllll in about 38 hours mother fuckersssssssssssss


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Crowell Done

by Steve

Just in case you still had any optimism for the upcoming season, the Bills starting strongside linebacker, Angelo Crowell, is out FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR. Not just this week, not just 2-4 weeks the entire 17 week season. From the bills website

"Apparently the Bills coaching staff decided they would be too shorthanded in the 2-4 week window in which Crowell would need to recover and created a roster spot by putting the veteran linebacker on injured reserve."

So what does this even mean? Did they scope his knee and found more? Is this a part 2 Paul Poz situation of last year? If it really is just a scope and he would have only missed 2-4 weeks or even 6-8 weeks why put him in the IR now? So we can keep Hamdan?

Crowell isn't a great strong side LB by any stretch but he is certainly the Bills best option and in a contract year who knows how high he could have elevated his game.. If this was just a decision made in a vacuum and Crowell really isn't that badly hurt this is absolute bullshit.

We have rookie Alvin Bowen as the back up err starter right now. There are only 5 healthy linebackers on the entire roster. Holllyyy shit. Time will tell but like I said if this really was not a serious injury/surgery Crowell will be livid. I would be shocked if a grievance with the players union wasn't filed. One because his entire season is over and two because he is in the final year of a rookie contract. He needed to play this year to get a new deal and to prove his value to both the Bills and any other team interested in his services..

This Bills better be looking at the waiver wire, trade offers, recent cuts, everything ASAP. A rookie 5th round pick or worse, Ellison or Digiorgio starting at Strong side makes me sick. Even doubly worse would be playing Mitchel out of his normal position. holy shit great.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Time to move on

by Steve

Lets face it, Jason Peters is fucked up in the head. Rumors of more than 12 attempts to contact the mother fucker w/ zero response, missed every single practice, meeting, day of camp, preseason game and the season starts in 4 days! His fines are totaling at least $300,000 thus far and sky rocket with each game missed. What is this guy thinking?? We will be playing without our most important player to start the 2008 NFL season


Alright I guess... it is time to move on.

One thing is certain, I'm not ready yet to move on. The dude was created by the Bills, molded from one of the most underrated most overlooked players in the league to one of the best, most important. He is errr was the rock, the foundation, of the Bills offensive line. Who would have thought his last game as a Bill would be against the Giants in a meaningless game 17 at the Ralph?

Then again who would have thought before any mini camp invitations were even sent out earlier this year that Kirk Chambers would be the starting right tackle? Langston Walker is the left tackle?! Holy shit. I can only hope Sean Kugler knows what he is doing. Shit I don't even know who Sean Kugler is and he is the guy that is in charge of revamping an offensive line in three weeks because his disgruntled all pro decided to stay on vacation?

This is a nightmare, I feel like I am dreaming. I am absolutely ZERO confidence for Sunday. The raw unadulterated enthusiasm and joy that once existed is being sucked out of me. OH WELL, fuck it. Lets trade this piece of shit cry baby and move on.

Lets set our sights on Michael Oher
LT from Ole Miss. We're probably going to now lose at least a game or two with the absence of Peters so we'll be drafting high. Plus we'll have hopefully two first round picks when we dump him before the week 6 trade deadline. Who knows maybe Trent won't be just average and we actually win 8 games and we are still fighting for something in December. At least it will then be worth making the trip to Toronto to watch us play the Dolphins. Awwwwwwwwww fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk