Friday, March 27, 2020

Early Bills Schedule Breakdown 2020

submitted by reader Kyle & followed by Wreck's predictions

here is a breakdown and predictions for the Buffalo Bills 2020 season:

@ Tenny - L - Bills Mafia not gonna be able to repeat their presence in Nashville, Tanny Henry and brown ball out

Vs Miami - W - Bills rage in home opener

Vs Seattle - L - Metcalf burns Tre for game winning tud.

@ Arizona - Murray Nuke Drake punch bills D in the face on the road. 

@Denver - W - Broncos rebuilding and bills take advantage of pussy ass lock.  2011 draft class is dying and Von is up next.

Vs New England - W - Not worried bout Brian Hoyer at this point.  Also not worried about their 3 thirds this draft.

Vs Pittsburgh - W - Big Ben might drop the 30 cheeseburger lbs by this time but this team is toast.

@ Jets - W - Adam Gase.

Vs L.A. Chargers - W - Bills really gonna let Lynn and presumably Tyrod Taylor come into town and roll?  Doubt it.

@ San Francisco - L - Bills always get rolled in san fran.

@ New England - W - this bitch team has no QB at this point.

Vs L.A. Rams - W - Rams in shambles after league has figured out mcVay and Goff is a loser.
Vs Kansas City - L - Mahomes to Sammy all day.

@ Raiders - W - Gruden is a puss and so is Derek Carr.  Mariota most likely starts this game and Bills roll easily.

Vs Jets - W - Adam Gase.

@ Miami - L - Both teams have playoffs on the line and Brian Flores potentially knocks Bills out.

Bills 10-6 and might not get in but only 3 conference losses helps.  Hootyyy!


@Tenny W - not as big of home crowd with virus fears barely dieing down but Diggs goes off for 135 2 tuds

Vs Miami W - Ronnie Brown ain't coming back to South Beach. Lawson pounds Allen into turf but Sweeney puts team up late

Vs Seattle W - Penny goes off but Neal makes the difference on Special Teams.. Allen takes a head shot.

@Zona L - Kyler Cooper KeeSean and Isabella roll up 48 in Tempe... Mcderr and Frazier get into it on sidelines.. Kelly P pops out Croom kid at half.

@Den L Melvin G and Ps.. Hamilton rips up Josh Norman and bitch Hyde.. Fant crushes.. Bills get blown out at Mile High. Fans calling for Morgan to start.

Vs NE L - Stidham balls out.. James White 17 catches.. Hausch misses 33 yarder as time expires to send game to OT.. Beasley gets broken neck

Vs Pit - L Crowd 40% Steelers.. Bam Morris errr Benny Snell Jr gets 36 carries in 17-7 big road W for black and yellow.. Team booed off field.. Kimmy vows changes will be made

@NYJ L - Herndon two tuds.. Gregg Will brings heat all day on overmatched Morgan. Diggs requests trade.

Vs LAC W - Morgan leads team to OT win. Sweeney 3 tuds.

@SF - L Tev balls and owns Stamers

@NE L - Hoody vs Mcderr nuff said

Vs LAR - L Henderson owns us.. Bobby Woods stiff arms Poy Boy then fucks his girl

Vs KC - W Typical Shit Bills win where Mcderr gets all religious

@ LV - W Singletary suspended after fucking prostitues and misses Mcderr curfew.

Vs NYJ- W He fucks puts up 130 in win vs Adam

@ Mia- W ... Tua picked in final minute


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Josh Allen v Cam Newton

by steve

With Cam Newton being cut, a former MVP, All Pro and Super Bowl runner up, being let go for NOTHER (even after Nick Foles was just traded for) is a bit shocking. What it likely means (or at leasr proves Carolina believes) is Newton is shot. Done.

Cam Newton played parts of two games last year after suffering yet more injuries in only his ninth season and not 31 years old yet. Eight full seasons and the dude was thrown out with the trash.

Newton is the most prolific running quarterback ever. Cam is huge (6'5 245) and has a big arm. Sound familiar Bills fans? Yeah, im talking about Josh Allen. Also a big guy (6'5 237) runs a ton, was a high first round pick and had a big arm. Will he be shot in 6 more years?

Cam Newton rushing attempts his first two seasons (age 22 & 23):

2011- 16 games 126 attempts 7.9 rushing attempts per game
2012- 16 games 127 attempts 7.9 rushing attempts per game

Now his first 8 seasons
123 games 929 attempts 7.6 rushing attempts per game.

That is a lot of extra hits.

Now lets look at Josh Allen's first 2 years:

2018- 12 games 89 attempts 7.4 rushing attempts per game
2019- 16 games 109 attempts 6.8 rushing attempts per game
28 games 198 attempts 7.1 per.

Pretty similar amirite?

Whats the point? Dude needs to pass more and run less. Can he do it?

Friday, March 20, 2020

Buffalo Bills Carolina Panthers Connections

by steve

Bored, so here is a list of current Bills and coaches/front office with connections to the Carolina Panthers:

Mario Addison 2012-2019
Star Lotulelei 2012-2017
Vernon Butler 2016-2019
AJ Klein 2013-2016
Josh Norman 2012-2015
Ray Ray McClous 2019
Dean Marlowe 2015-2016

Brandon Beane 2008-2016
Sean McDermott 2011-2016
Joe Schoen 2000-2008
Dan Morgan 2001-2007
Ken Dorsey 2013-2017

ill update as needed, if anyone was overlooked hmu

Monday, March 16, 2020

Bills Sign DE Mario Addison

by steve

the Bills signed former Carolina Panthers defensive end (of course) Mario Addison.

32 years old, 3 year comtract. He has 30.5 sacks the last 3 seasons

Bills Trade for Stefon Diggs

The Bills took a massive swing and traded a boat load of draft picks for star wide receiver Stefon Diggs.

Diggs is under contract for 4 more seasons with a 12 mil cap hit.

6'0 191 former 5th round pick

the last 2 seasons Diggs has 165 catches 2151 yards and 15 TDs in 30 games

Beane gave up a boat load of picks for Diggs who is a premadonna baby who wanted out of Minny. The stats dont lie and the contract for now is great.

But of course this is Buffalo and we all know more money will be going his way. Whether that is an extra year and a lot more guara teed money or just a lot more money who knows. If its he former thats fine, if its the latter akong with the picks then this trade doesnt look as good.

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Who knows how rookie WRs will pan out, especially if its the 5th or 6th guy off the board.

For now I love it
grade B+

Buffalo Bills Biggest Needs in Free Agency

by steve

The Bills had a surprisingly good 2019 season benefiting from a weak ass schedule, awful back up quarterbacks and luck in the kicking game.  Talent is flying out the door and the Bills likely will take a big step back next season. Thus free agency and the draft are vital to sustaining what McBeaner are trying to build.

Here are the Bills biggest needs:

Wide Receiver
Free agency is pretty devoid of WRs albeit one of the best in the game got traded for a song. Cooper refuses to come here and Green was franchised. Trade for someone like Diggs would be a big swing.

Defensive End
Lawson and Phillips are gone and thats 17 sacks. Trent Murphy is shockingly still on the roster and an edge rusher at 22 isnt going to have a sizable impact in 2020. Going after Ngakoue (I wanted Armstead until he reupped w the 9ers) or someone of his ilk is a necessity. The cap space had to be spent any way.

Jordan Howard maybe? Id draft one too but Buffalo needs a good compliment to Dev should be an easy and cheap role to fill.

Offensive Tackle
Is Ford the answer at Right Tackle? Will Shnowman Dawkins get paid? If not, someone needs to be in the wings ready to play.

No one fully believes Allen is definitely the long term answer. Is Barkley a good enough back up? If not then he needs to be replaced ASAP.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

2020 ACC Tourny Brackets

$15 buy in, 8 contestants

3 FSU brackets, 2 Duke brackets, 2 NC st brackets, 1 Virginia bracket


80 1st place, 40 2nd place

****updated scoring after rnd 1***

Wreck -2 ja-0  T-1 sa-1 dub-1 re-2 co-1 fe-1



1 point 1st round, 2 points per win 2nd round, 3 pts 3rd round, 4 points 4th round, 5 points for correct winner. tie breaker total points.

here is everyone's bracket:

Pitt UNC
Clemson NC State Notre Dame Cuse
FSU Duke Notre Dame Lville
Duke Lville
Duke. -136


wf, VT


FSU, DUKE VA, Lville


Va - 129

MIAMI nc st, nd, cuse
FSU, duke, Va, Lville
duke, lville
duke - 147

clem wf bc unc
fsu duke va lville
fsu lville
fsu 143


wf, unc

clem, nc st, nd, unc

fsu, duke, nd, lville

fsu lville

fsu 147


pit, unc

clem, nc st, nd, cuse

fsu, nc st, va, lville

nc st, lville

nc st 127


Pitt tech. 

 Clemson state cuse Norte dame. 

 FSU duke Louisville uva.  

FSU Virginia.

 FSU.  150

RD2- Clemson, NC St., ND, UNC

RD3- FSU, NC St., Virg., UNC

RD4- NC St., Virg

Champ- NC St. (142)

Monday, March 9, 2020

UB Bulls Choke in Opening Round MAC Tournament

by steve

85-79 UB loses at home to the fucking 12 seed. As pathetic a loss as a team could have.

The Bulls were 9 point favorites as the 5 seed at home in a game they had to win. They were down 10 at half, fought their way to a 5 point lead in the second half snd stopped scoring the last 5 minutes of the game

Incredibly awful loss for rookie head coach Jim Whitesell.  awful

Sunday, March 8, 2020


acc tourny bracket challenge

$10 one bracket per person.

due by 4:30 tuesday 3/10

payout depends on total  entrants

tell your friends family frienimies

paypal or venmo 7169136196

here is the bracket

email to