Saturday, October 31, 2020

week 8 NFL Picks

steve was 4-0 last week boyyyy

steve 14-13-1
bills -4.5 v cheatriots
rams -3.5 @ dolphins
packers -6 v vikings
steelers @ ravens over 46

coast 11-15-2
Bills -4.5.  Green Bay -6, Steelers +4, Chicago +4

feyes 14-14
Lv + 2.5
Ind detroit U 49
NE buff U 40.5
Pitt +4

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review the Jets victory and argue about whether McDermott Josh Allen and the Bills are scared of Bill Belichick and the Patriots. Is 10-6 a good season and what is up with the defense?

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Week 7 NFL Picks

gotta go 4-0

steve 10-13-1
panthers +7 @ saints
packers -3 @ texans
buccs -4 @ raiders
49ers +4 @ patriots

coast 9-14-1

Cleveland -3, Steelers +1.5, chiefs -7.5, Seattle -3

feyes 13-11
Panthers +7
ATL lions O 55
Seahawks -3
Bills -10

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast thoroughly breakdown the Chiefs debacle on Monday Night and look ahead to a shitty Jets team and the rest of the season. Is the culture McDermott creating in question? Josh Allen MVP talk dead?

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Week 6 NFL Picks

another day to get pay

steve 8-11-1

bengals +7.5 @ colts
packers -1 @ buccs
rams @ 49ers over 51.5
cards -1 @ cowboys

coast 6-13-1

Eagles +10
browns +3.5
Miami -9
chiefs -5. 

feyes 10-10

Bengals colts Under 46
Lions -3.5
Lions jags Under 54.5
Sf +3

Friday, October 16, 2020

NFL Teams Allowing Fans 10/16

by steve

Since New York State is run by a maniacal incompetent and the county of Erie is run by a hypothetical rube the Bills are STILL not allowed to have fans at their games.

Here is an updated list of teams allowing at least 10% capacity:

Miami Dolphins
Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers (5500 fans)
Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts
Jacksonville Jaguars
Tennessee Titans
Denver Broncos (5700 fans)
Kansas City Chiefs

So out of 16 teams, 5 won't allow fans. Chargers and Raiders opened new stadiums, the Patriots, Bills and Jets...?

Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles
Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers (7%)
Arizona Cardinals (1200)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Not allowed
Packers, Bears, Vikings, Lions, Giants, Rams, 49ers, Seahawks, Saints (threatening to play at LSU's stadium)

14 total teams are not allowing fans

of those 6 are domes, 5 are in NYC/LA/SF

Erie County positive test rate 1.4%

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills Podcast preview

Steve and Coast argue about the loss to the Titans, the Leveon Bell signing and look ahead to an early MNF match up against the Chiefs. Chiefs preview starts at the 16 minute mark

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Bills at Titans Preview

by Steve

No podcast this week because of the dumb fuckin schedule changes, coronabros and general uncertainy. So i stead Ill write one.

I mean, this is a huge game right? In prime time, between 2 undefeated teams in somewhat of a rivalry and in a playoff race?

Fuck the Titana. Did they maybe grt unlucky? Sure. Did they screw up? Yes. Is Vrabel a meathead? Fo sho. Playing on a Tuesday at 7pm is bullshit.

The only reason the Bills shouldn't protest is because they are at a decently big advantage. A bunch of Titans are on the disease list, they havent been able to practice for danm near 2 weeks and are likely weary of everyone and everything around them. Positive testa, fake positives, negatives 7am news breaks. Shit is exhausting and im just reading Twitter.

Allen and co should be pissed.They should waltz into Nissan with half the crowd rooting for the Bills and stomp these fools. McDerr cant play the nobody beleives in us or takes us seriously BS any more. Buffalo is favored and one of the talks of the whole league.

Sure Milano and White are out but everyone else is ready to roll.

33-23 Bills win

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Report Sabres Sign Taylor Hall

by steve

holy shittt the Sabres are signing Taylor Hall on a short term deal!??!?!

Hockey is back in Buffalo?????????

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Week 5 NFL Picks

Stay alive at all cost

steve 6-9-1
bengals @ravens over 50.5
texans -5.5 v Jags
49ers -8 v Dolphins
chargers +8.5 v Saints

coast 4-11-1
falcons -2.5,
WFT +7.5, 
Cleveland pick em,
Vikings +7

feyes 7-9
Eagles +7
Texans -5.5
Zona -7
Raiders +11

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Week 4 NFL Picks


steve 6-6
cowboys -4 v browns
buccs -7 v chargers
lions +3 v saints
colts v bears over 43

coast 4-8

Chargers +7
Lions +3
Falcons +7
Rams -13.5.

feyes 6-6

Colts bears O 43
Phins +5.5
packers v falcons over 56.5
Bills -3