Sunday, November 29, 2015

This was Called a First down

This was called a first down 2 yards short, good call not challenging Rex

Chiefs 30 Bills 22 Season Over

By Steve

If I wasnt used to this since I was four years old it would be devastating. If I hadnt seen this happen every single year since i graduated middle school it would be tough to take. The Bills fuck up in new and different ways every year to lose games they could easily win.

Not one or even two challenge mistakes. Not this Sunday, loser fucktard Rex Ryan decided to fuck up challenging plays three fucking times against the Chiefs on this special day of ineptitude. Not challenging an alleged catch by Maclin that the Chiefs scored on the next play, not challenging a clear catch by Hogan, yet challenging a clear drop by Bob Woods. Truly incredible.

The Bills season ended not by a decent game by Taylor or by not throwing the ball to Watkins in the second half. No, the Bills lost because their defense is seriously overrated and the coach is fucking moronic.

I said all week, get up by ten on Alex Smith and the game is over. Not with a defense that cant sniff the QB against back up tackles, a center and RBs. Not against a concussed Darby. Not against a poorly coached team.

Why not continue to force the ball to your best player?
Why not try and catch mutiple dropped interceptions that could have been taken for easy touchdowns?

What a fuckin joke. Fuck my life. Fuck this team

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Week 12 NFL Picks

The meat is off the bone because it is the meat of the NFL schedule.  Here are our paid expert selections for this weeks National Football League tilts:

Steve 23-32 Best Bet 5-6 Bills 7-3

Bengals -8.5 v Rams
Texans -3 v Saints
Broncos +3 v Patriots
Chargers @ Jaguars over 46.5
Buccaneers +3 @ Colts
Bills +6 @ Chiefs

Coast 23-32 Best Bet 2-9 Bills 6-4

Chiefs -6 v Bills
Redskins +3 v Giants
Saints +3 @ Texans
Patriots -3 @ Broncos
Cardinals -10.5 @  49ers

Wreck 27-28 Best Bet 5-6 Bills 6-4

49ers +10.5 v Cardinals
Saints +3 @ Texans
Titans v Raiders over 44
Ravens @ Browns under 41
Dolphins +3.5 @ Jets
Bills +6 @ Chiefs

Katman 26-28-1 Best Bet 7-4 Bills 8-2

Patriots -3 @ Broncos
Vikings +1 @ Falcons
Bills @ Chiefs under 41.5
Redskins +3 v Giants
Seahawks -3.5 v Steelers
Bills +6 @ Chiefs

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs Podcast Preview

Chiefs!  Bills!  For the 8th year!  Steve and Coast lament the Bills downward spiral and the average Chiefs, can they do it? Listen in:

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bills vs Chiefs a Recent History

by Steve

As we all know the Bills and Chiefs go head to head more often than logic and the Republican party or my toilet and Taco Bell.  Kansas City and Buffalo have played against each other an astonishing 8 years in a row including 2015.  Here is a run down of each game:


Week 10 in Buffalo
13-17 Chiefs win to drop the Bills down to 5-4.  The "Bryce Brown Fumble Game" of which I blame Scott Chandler at least as much for dropping the ball as it popped right into his hands in the back of the end zone. (side note Leodis McKelvin lost a fumble on a punt too) FUN!!

Week 9 in Buffalo
13-23 Chiefs win to drop the Bills to 3-6 and end the season.  The "Jeff Tuel INT Game" of which I blame Nate Hackett as much, why pass there with Jeff Tuel?

Week 2 in Buffalo
35-17 Bills win in a romp. Granted the week before the Bills lost to the Jets by 20.  Leodis McKelvin had an 88 yard punt return for a touchdown! Oh yeah, Todd Haley was the head coach, does that count?

Week 1 in Kansas City
41-7 Bills win in a romp.  Stevie Johnson cheap shotted Eric Berry!  Also Todd Haley was the coach, so did this game count?  Buffalo did start out 4-1 but of course finished 6-10.

Week 8 in Kansas City on Halloween!
10-13 OT thriller in which the Bills dropped to 0-7.  God, this is painful.  Both teams missed field goals in OT and finally KC made a three point kick of a bad win.

Week 14 in Kansas City
16-10 Bills with another victory.  The Bills were 4-8 heading into this slobberknocker that forced four Matt Cassel interceptions (the Chiefs were 3-9).  Perry Fewell was the interim head coach too!

Week 12 in Kansas City
Bills win in a high scoring battle 54-31 to improve to 5-4 and break a four game losing streak!  The Chiefs finished the season 2-14 oof.  Trent accounted for four touchdowns and threw for 273 yards.  Winning the turnover battle 5-0 probably helped.

The Chiefs have won 2 straight.

The Bills are 4 and 3.

The home team is 2 and 5.

The average margin of victory is 14

Monday, November 23, 2015

Bills 13 Patriots 20 Final

By Steve

Bad coaching bad officiating bad play calling bad luck and of course the Bills cough up a winnable game against a cheating team that always wins.

McKelvin fumbles on a punt return in the third quarter and the Patriots recover 2 fumbles on the play, Tyrod Taylor gets hurt, the Bills dont force the Patriots to do anthing in the second half.

It unbelievable if it was Bills at Patriots.

How Does Sammy Watkisn gets 0 targets in the first half? How does Watkins catch the ball and grt out of bounds with no one touching him and the clock isnt stopped? How do the Bills drop a TD miss a field and not run enough clock to allow the Patriots to not only get down the field but score a TD cause Graham cant tackle?

This shit is a nightmare that never ends..

Unfucking believable..

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Fun Sabres Stats

By Steve

The Buffalo Sabres are 12h in the Eastern Conference.

The Sabres would draft 8th overall if the draft was today.

Zemgus Girgensons is on pace for 9 points this season.

Jack Eichel has less points than Connor McDavid who has played exactly 1 game this month.

Jack Eichel is 9th in points for rookies this season.

Jack Eichel is 6th in goals for rookies this season.

Sam Reinhart is on pace for 29 points this season.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Week 11 NFL Picks

The experts are back at it for week 11 in the National Football League:

Steve 21-29 Best Bet 5-5 Bills 6-3

Jets @ Texans under 40.5
Redskins @ Panthers over 45
Bears +1 v Broncos
Bengals @ Cardinals under 48.5
Colts +5.5 @ Falcons
Bills +7.5 @ Patriots

Coast 22-28 Best Bet 2-8 Bills 5-4

Redskins +7.5 @ Panthers
Bears +1 v Broncos
Packers +1 @ Vikings
Ravens -2.5 v Rams
Chargers +3 v Chiefs
Bills +7.5 @ Patriots

Wreck 23-27 Best Bet 5-5 Bills 5-4

Redskins +7.5 @ Panthers
Texans +3 v Jets
Buccaneers +6 @ Eagles
Bills @ Patriots under 48.5
49ers +13.5 @ Seahawks
Bills +7.5 @ Patriots

Katman 25-24-1 Best Bet 7-3 Bills 7-2

Bears +1 v Broncos
Panthers -7.5 V Redskins
Chiefs @ Chargers over 45
Rams @ Ravens over 41.5
Broncos @ Bears over 40.5
Bills +7.5 @ Patriots

Thursday, November 19, 2015

PODCAST: Bills at Patriots Preview

Steve and Coast look at the wild card in the AFC, preview the Cheatriots and ponder the deepest of thoughts vis-a-vis New England and triumph.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Week 10 NFL Picks

The meat of the season.  Week ten NFL picks by are our sharps:

Steve 18-27 Best Bet 5-4 Bills 6-3

Packers -10.5 v Lions
Buccaneers -1 v Cowboys
Panthers -4.5 @ Titans
Bengals -11 v Texans
Dolphins +6 @ Eagles

Coast 20-25 Best Bet 2-7 Bills 5-4

Packers -10.5 v Lions
Seahawks -3 v Cardinals
Buccaneers -1 v Cowboys
Titans +4.5 v Panthers
Redskins Pick v Saints

Wreck 20-25 Best Bet 4-5 Bills 5-4

Texans +11 @ Bengals
Lions +10.5 @ packers
Titans +4.5 v Panthers
Giants +7.5 v Patriots
Browns +6 @ Steelers

Katman 24-20-1 Best Bet 6-3 Bills 7-2

Panthers -4.5 @ Titans
Rams -7 v Bears
Saints PICK @ Redskins
Browns -6 @ Steelers
Raiders -3 v Vikings

Friday, November 13, 2015

Buffalo Bills Win a Big Game, Rare

By Steve

Nothing can ever be easy can it? 22-3 went to 22-17 seemingly in the blink of an eye and then the Bills muff a simple snap on a punt and the Jets have the ball inside the 30 yard line with 5 minutes to go. Here we go again..

Thankfully the Bills were playing against Todd Bowles and Ryan Fitzpatrick and of course the Jets went scoreless the rest of the game. But jeez the Bills are confounding and heart attack inducing christ.

Buffalo did nothing the last 25 minutes of the game offensively. 3 and outs, dumb time outs (one coming out of a time out on first down?) Wtf? I dont care about head sets, jeez get a first down. Then again Shady, Tyrod and Watkins all made plays on the final drive when they needed it. A few first downs, no risky plays and a sick route by Watkins basically iced a crazy weird TNF game.

The question of how good the Buffalo Bills are will swirl around this squad for the rest of the year. One minute Shady is running roughshod and Taylor is slinging passes down field. The next minute the offense looks completely inept and confused. Then again isnt that what should be expected from a Rex Ryan coached team?

Piece of shit!!! OMGGGG Rex made IK a (gasp!) Captain against the team he inadvertantly helped out!! Die die die jeez who knew the NYC media was so soft and whinery [sic].

Make a game of it in New England on MNF, avoid injuries and get ready for the Chiefs in 16 days. No wins with this team will come easy the rest fof the way. If I wasnt a Bills fan I'd day there is a very good chance they'll make the playoffs as currently constituted but I know the history.

Beat KC and Houston, beat up on a bad NFC East and hope Rapelisraper keeps getting hurt and the Jets keep playing like they did last night.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Buffalo Bills at NY Jets Podcast Preview

Thursday night football! AFC East slobberknocker!  Bills v Jets! Preview podcast, listen below:

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Week 9 Expert NFL Picks

Back at it, week 9 NFL picks by our unpaid experts:

Steve 13-27 Best Bet 4-4 Bills 4-3

Panthers +3 v Packers
Bills -3 v Dolphins
Colts +6 v Broncos
Jaguars @ Jets over 42
Rams @ Vikings under 40

Wreck 20-20  Best Bet 4-4 Bills 5-2

Redskins +14 @ Patriots
Packers -3 @ Panthers
Cowboys +3 V Eagles
Chargers -4.5 v Bears
Dolphins +3 @ Bills

Coast 16-24 Best Bet 2-6 Bills 3-4

Steelers -4.5 v Raiders
Vikings -1 v Rams
Bills -3 v Dolphins
Patriots -14 v Redskins
Colts +6 v Broncos

Katman 21-18-1 Best Bet 5-3 Bills 5-2

Friday, November 6, 2015

Dolphins at Bills Preview

By Steve

True, I wrote off the season in last week's podcast after a remarkbly awful loss to the also ran Jax Jaguars, but there are still 9 games left. Sooo technically the season isn't literally over.

Some how the Bills and Dolphins are both 3-4. Only one team (lucky :/) changed their head coach already this season. The loser of this game can turn their focus to the draft and hiring a real head coach when they drop to 3-5.

In the first match up of these two also rans the Bills murdered the phins 41-14 in South Beach. Granted that game was with Joey Philbin at the helm but how the hell is this line 3 points. Dan Campbell is that great of an interim head coach that the spread is basically a pick em?

Yeah the Bills suck and haven't looked good in a long time but that long time ago was when the Bills had Taylor, Watkins, Mccoy, Henderson and Karlos healthy. Not to make injuries an excuse but Buffalo was as injured at important positions as basically any team possibly could be. (The team and especially the coaches are still to blame for that Jags loss. Why the fuck was Manuel throwing so much in that second quarter when he turned it over 3 times in 6 plays? What happened to feeding Mccoy?)

Either way, the point is the Bills are healthy, Dan Campbell is not a good head coach and the line, from an objective stand point, makes little sense. Generally speaking, the Bills have owned Ryan Tannehill. The best option Miami has to win the game is hammer Taylor and have Lamar Miller go off. Jay Ajayi is back for the Dolphins too.

Neither of those things seems likely. Miller has had a mediocre season and Cam Wake is out for the year. The Dolphins got right against shitty teams in the AFC South (including killing the Titans unlike the Bills who squeeked bye) but looked like the same old phins vs the Patriots.

Tyrod Taylor will do enough to win with a relatively healthy squad around him.

Fuck the Dolphins