Monday, April 30, 2007

Running Diary, Draft Day Round I

By Steve

12:20 No surprise; crazy Al busts the move he had to. The Raiders are still going to suck.

12:22 JaMarcus hugged Roger weird..

12:25 Text received from one Bills Drive " The Bills brass has taken their respective positions in the draft room. The Bills are considering all options"

12:31 4 out of 6 years a WR first round top 10 for the Lions?? Matt Millen for president.

12:35 Brady Quinn's girlfriend is a 6

12:42 The safe pick for Cleveland. See you in the top 10 again next year. "They must see something in Colt McCoy that we don't"

12:48 "What is Suzy giving Quinn in the green room, therapy?"-member of our war room.

1:00 T-Wreck and Coast want Adrian Peterson, Steve would prefer AVP or AP at this point.

1:01 T-wreck's prediction- David Harris ILB Michigan.

1:02 "Brady Quinn falling out of the first round" -T-Wreck's dad, draft guru.

1:28 Chester Taylor no vote of Confidence with Peterson goin to the Vikings.

1:36 "Jamaal Anderson lock at #8" - T-Wreck

1:47 "Key loss cowboys: Drew Bledsoe" How about the big tuna or Tony Romo's Psyche

1:52 NOTRE DAME HAHA (as the dolphins pass on Quinn)

2:12 Bills Nation is gripping. Where is San Fran going with this pick? Prediction: P Willis

2:19 Worst moment of this decade for Bills Nation

2:20 Leon Hall?? David Harris?? Trade out?? "you got any heroin"
Predictions for #12 at this piont: T-Wreck: trade for LJ or go for Harris. Steve's Dad: Leon Hall, done deal. Some other member of our war room : Posluszney. Steve: Trade out.

2:27 speechlessness in the wnywatercooler war room. "Reach of the century. How do you trade Mcgahee to pick up this clown holy shittt" -Steve

2:53 Everyone survives, kind of. The only way to justify wasting a pick on a running back is, the Bills threw so much jack at the o-line you can't just throw a bum behind i and gain 1,100 yards.

3:10 Steve Young loses all credibility. A myriad of reasons but the boiling point was comparing an interview with Suzy Kolber to the pressure of an in game situation for Brady Quinn. Saying that is the most intense moment of his career.

4:05 Reggie Nelson looks like Whoopi Goldberg.

4:19 Cleveland gave up way too much for Quinn.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Buffalo Bills fill needs in the 2007 draft part1

by Steve

After the first 2 draft picks by the Buffalo Bills some of their major holes have been filled. Marshawn Lynch at #12 over all and Paul Posluszny at #34 over all after trading with Detroit. As previously expressed taking a running back that isn't going to be dynamite in the first 20 picks of the draft is foolish. Lynch is going to be an average back in this league, and trading away an average back (Willis Mcgahee) and getting yet another average back is puzzling. Running backs are either elite or average 1,200 yard backs. Whether you get that in the 2nd or 3rd or 12th over all doesn't matter. It was a reach by the Bills but after much thought can be justified for a few reasons:
a. The Buffalo Bills had one truly decent running back on the roster, Anthony Thomas, and an unknown in the League, Fred Jackson. It was known from the onset that the Bills couldn't enter the season with just those two clowns on the roster. So it fills a need.
b. The Buffalo Bills spent mad jack on the offensive line in the offseason. Dockery and Langston Walker received large contracts to solidify the line. In doing so the team assumed this would improve the running game as well as the passing game. If you are going to invest that highly you can't just throw a joke back there to run through the holes, you need at least an average back that can find the hole and hit the home run, or pick up the line when they have an off game. I guess Lynch fits that mold and needs to now be successful behind this revamped o-line.

The second major aquicistion was Drafting Paul Posluszny out of Penn State. Yeah! He's Shane Conlin errr. Well at worst he is a solid linebacker who can play either inside or outside and should be able and actually NEEDS to contribute immediately. The cardinals at #37 over all traded a 4th round pick to move up to #33 to pick a player they were targeting. The Bills at 43 gave up a 3rd round pick to move up to #34. So they moved up 9 spots and gave up a 3rd while the Cards moved up 4 spots and gave up a 4th hmm. Furthermore a guy some people were higher on than others and was projected at least in the top 43 was linebacker David Harris Michigan who lasted until 47. There was no linebacker taken between picks 34 and 47 which leads me to believe the Bills could have stood pat at #43 and got their guy or at least Harris. True, I am no scout, I know slightly more than the average person but this again seems like a reach when we could have drafted another body in the 3rd round. Why I don't have a problem with the Poz choice and the trade:
a. The Bills clearly liked this guy. They were dialed in and made a move. No one wins by being complacent and sitting back on your laurels. However the guy did have major surgery on his knee which is a problem.
b. This pick fills a major need with a guy some thought had 1st round talent. He is versatile and should start week 1 at home against Denver.

The Bills still have another pick on day one as I type this so we'll be back.

nfl draft 2007 predictions

by Steve

  • Bills don't take Patrick Willis
  • Bills strongly attempt trade to get out of #12 pick
  • Denver trades up to get Patrick Willis
  • Adrian Peterson is no where to be found at #12
  • Brady Quinn doesn't make it past #6 even though he's over rated
  • Bills make a major trade involving platers and picks
  • The Patriots draft a tight end first round
  • The patriots draft a line man first round
  • The Raiders and Browns fuck up their decisions' at #1 and #3 respectively
  • The Bills get ripped apart by the media for their pick
  • Mel Kiper jr. over hypes a player cause he sucks that players agent
  • The Jets/Giants pick is booo'd
  • The Eagles' pick is boo'd
  • A major running back is moved ala Michael Turner, Julius Jones, Larry Johnson
  • ESPN over hypes every pick.
  • The Bills secretively make out like bandits.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Draft Time Buffalo Bills rumors

By Steve

  • Larry Johnson is being shopped around. Rumors of a 1st and 4th from the Packers for LJ. Major sticking point would be signing him to an extension north of $60 aka LTD money. Buffalo is also still a player in this trade.
  • More.. NFL Network's Adam Schefter confirms the Chiefs have had "general trade discussions" regarding Larry Johnson.
  • The latest now saying LJ is not up on the trading block although his agent refused to comment.. this could just be posturing

    Kansas City has reportedly spoken with the Browns, Bills, Titans, and Packers, though the Chiefs deny that any of the talks have been "specific." We suspect the Chiefs are willing to deal Johnson for multiple picks, and not necessarily a first-rounder, to address their long list of needs.

  • Denver Broncos looking to trade with the Texans at 10 to get Patrick Willis. Allegedly very interested in the Ole Miss product and the Texans would be willing to move out of #10 into the 20's.
  • If P Willis survives past 10 to not look past the 49ers in taking him at #11. This is certainly a possibility and would cause a severe domino effect specifically for the Bills at 12.
  • Chris Brown, beat writer for in a chat today gave a 70% chance the Bills would aquire Michael Turner. The compensation is rumored to be swapping 1st round picks and the Bills giving up a 3rd round pick. OR just the Bills second round pick in 2007.
  • Weak but still a rumor that Aaron Schobel could be made available due to the recent up tick in salary given to defensive ends.Other pass-rushing defensive ends could become available as well, with Oakland's Derrick Burgess and Buffalo's Aaron Schobel -- who has strong ties to assistant head coach Gregg Williams -- both underpaid by current standards and likely seeking new contracts this offseason.
  • If Patrick Willis is off the board at 12 along with Adrian Peterson and the Bills have no aquired a running back look for the Bills to move back into the late 1st round and target poss. Posluzney or Beason.

Patrick Willis (lb) Bio :

Adrian Peterson(rb) Bio:

Marshawn Lynch(rb) Bio:

Paul Posluszney(lb) Bio:

Kenny Irons (rb)Bio:

Jon Beason (lb) Bio:

Eric Wright (CB) bio
wright has been tauted by the Bills scouting department look for him after the 1st round

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mock Draft 2007

By Schrum

Two Days before the NFL Draft ... He are my picks ....

1. Raiders- Jamarcus Russell (QB): Unless Al Davis is going to get Culpepper from Miami … this is the right pick.

2. Lions- Gaines Adams (DE): Top Defensive player in the draft. Could use a QB but will wait till the second round to find their guy. Calvin Johnson is the best WR but Milan won’t take another WR with his first pick … will he? Look for a trade with the Bucs.

3. Browns- Brady Quinn (QB): Frye will not take this team anywhere. They need just about every position so I’ll go with Quinn just because he wants to play there. Could take Joe Thomas to beef up that line along with free agent signee Eric Steinbach.

4. Bucs- Calvin Johnson (WR): If all goes as planned, the Bucs will hit the jackpot. Johnson is a freak of nature and a once in a life time player …. ERRRGruden at least hopes he is. Look for a trade up just to make sure they get their guy.

5. Cardinals- Joe “I’d rather go fishing” Thomas (OL): Some say that if A Pete is available they should take him because the Edge is old … but the brass of ‘Zona put a lot of $ on James so look for them to protect Mr. So Cal (Leinart) and open up some holes for James.

6. Redskins- Amobi Okoye (DL): This kid is going to be good … according to Mel Kiper and Todd McShay. He’s young and a great learner so Joe Gibbs could mold this kid into who ever he wants. Just has to make sure him and S. Taylor don’t hang out to much and smoke the gang.

7. Vikings- Adrian Peterson (RB): I think Chester Taylor is a good running back … over a G last year … but experts think that Peterson is the Viking’s guy. To me he resembles Willis … strong, fast, but hurt. Says he’s 100% but well see. Look for the Vikings to try and get Brady Quinn to fall into their laps also.

8. Falcons- Laron Landry (S): The Falcons moved up a few spots with the trade of Matt “Hopefully I’m as good as the NFL thinks I am” Schaub. D Hall doesn’t really need help but their safties are old and need some speed. The Falcons may also be looking at A Peterson if he falls this far.

9. Dolphins- Levi Brown (OL): Second best lineman in the draft. Dolphins left side of the line is weak and unless Brady Quinn falls here they will probably be taking Brown. Look for the Fins to also look at a WR with the departure of Wes Welker or Okoye if he‘s available.

10. Texans- Alan Branch (DL): They would love to have Brown still available because their line is worse than the Philadelphia Soul’s line … but they need some help stopping the run also. Branch has been falling down draft boards but look for him to land here. Look at Leon Hall helping out Dunta Robinson down the field also.

11. 49ers- Ted Ginn Jr (WR): Alex Smith needs targets. Is Ginn the answer … I don’t think so but is one of the best WR’s in the draft. Look for them to maybe take a DL instead of WR.

12. Bills- Patrick Willis (LB): The Bills are filled with holes. RB, CB, LB, you name it we need it. With many good RB’s and CB’s in this years draft, if Willis is on the board they need to take him. This guy is very fast and strong. If he is off the board, look for them to move down the draft and take a LB in the later part of this round. Leave Lynch in CAL … he is not the answer Marv. Pittman would be a great pick in the 2nd round.

13. Rams- Adam Carriker (DL): The Ram’s Offense is solid. Their Defense is terrible and makes me sick to watch. They need a guy to stop the run and with Branch off the board, Carriker is the next best option.

14. Panthers- Greg Olsen (TE): John Fox needs to give Jake the Snake or David Carr some other options besides Smith. Their D will be addressed in the second round. Olsen has great hands and surprisingly good speed for his size. A perfect fit for the Panthers.

15. Steelers- Darrelle Revis (CB): Some say Leon Hall is the best CB in the draft but this is a local product that the Brass have been watching. With Ike Taylor watching from the bench counting his jack he got last year … Revis is a solid pick. Can also return punts or kicks.

16. Packers- Marshawn Lynch (RB): Bret is back and although he needs another target down the field, the departure of Ahman Green left their backfield almost as bad as the Bills. Packers GM needs to address this need before WR unless Lynch is off the board then Bowe or Jarrett is a solid pick here.

17. Jags- Jamaal Anderson (DE): I think their D line is one of the best in the league but that’s due to their tackles. Anderson would be an immediate impact player, solidifying their line as one of the best in the business.

18. Bengals- Leon Hall (CB): Probably the best corner in the draft but with the 17 teams above them with bigger needs, Hall could fall. If so, the Bengals wouldn’t be able to get to the podium quick enough. Marvin needs more defensive players, especially corner backs, if you saw the chargers game last year you will know what I’m talking about.

19.Titans- Dwayne Jarrett (WR): With the departure of Drew Bennett hahaha …. The Titans need a big target for Vince Young. Lyndale White should be a good running back, especially since Young is a run first quarterback. Dwayne is a large target but his speed could be a problem. Look for the Titans to look for a CB/Return man now that PacMan is gone for the year.

20. Giants- Paul Posluszny (LB): The G-men released their two outside linebackers so this is a def need. Posluszny did not have the Senior year all expected but he was coming off major knee surgery. Still this guy is a hard nose player with a great work ethic. Should be a relief for the coaching staff, a 180 from guys like Plax and Jeremy.

21. Broncos- Joe Staley (OL): Known for their always dominant running game and the addition of Travis Henry, the Broncos will look to beef up the line. Staley’s stock has been rising since his pro day and could be a great pick for the Broncos. Could be a great spot for Reggie Nelson, although their CB’s are good enough to defend the entire field, that they do not really need a S. Look for the Broncos to move up for a DE … Poss trade with the Bills if Patrick Willis is off the board.

22. Cowboys- Robert Meachem (WR): Give Tony Romo a 3rd target along side TO and Glenn and this team could be Superbowl bound. Jerry Jones has gone with the D in the recent drafts in the first round and that is pretty much set. Meachem gives the Cowboys speed on the outside with TO going over the middle. A good sized receiver would eventually take over for Terry Glen and open up the field for Witten and RB’s Jones and Marion.

23. Chiefs- Aaron Ross (CB): Behind the old Ty Law and Patrick Surtain this team has no depth. The Chiefs need a CB and will probably take the best available when they are on the clock. Ross adds a lot of physicality and with the just recent departure of the Human Joystick, Ross can be their number one return man.

24. Patriots- Bandon Mariweather (S): If Nelson is still on the board, I’d have to say they would pick him, but with the need for a Safety, Meriweather would be just fine. Harrison is getting older and hurt a lot more often, and with Samuel still on the team, adding a Safety would be a great idea. They also need a LB, look for Beason or Timmons to be taken here if Craft and Crew changes his mind.

25. Jets- Chris Houston (CB): The Jets need a CB, like a lot of teams and Chris Houston would be a good pick here. They may also look to put someone next to Vilma such as Beason or Moss, but I’m going to have to say the Jets go with a CB.

26. Eagles- Michael Griffin (S): Michael Lewis was benched last year and Brian Dawkins is getting older. Griffin is small and not as physical, but Andy Reid needs a ball hawk, and in Griffin that’s what you get. Also can take over the role of Returns.

27. Saints- Tenard Jackson (CB): Cuse guy … ask Coast about him, he’s the big cuse fan. The Saints need a CB big time and at this point Jackson is the best option.

28. Patriots- Lawrence Timmons (LB): Huge holes in the LB core. Four picks apart thanks to the Branch trade. Could go also with a WR here because Tom Brady needs some help.

29. Ravens- Anthony Spencer (DE/LB): Can you say Adalius Thomas. A Raven’s type of player, hard nose and just a freak. Could step in right away to fill Thomas’ void. Bigger voids in the OL and CB but with Spencer available and all the OL and CB’s taken, it is wise here to take him and wait for the later rounds to address those needs.

30. Chargers- Dwayne Bowe (WR): Give this offense a target down field and LT could run for 2,000 yards. The D is solid and Oline is fine. Only real thing here is which WR will be there for them to take.

31. Bears- Anthony Gonzalez (WR): The Defense is set and Lovie Smith and crew thing Cedric Benson is the answer at RB. Look for Gonzalez to step in as a slot receiver. Great hands, good route runner and very fast.. Reminds me of Brandon Stokely.

32. Colts- Justin Harrell (DT): I think Harrell is the best option here. They need help stopping the run, although the 06 playoffs showed they might not. The colts may also elect to take Gonzalez if he is available to fill the void of Stokely.

Wager Wednesday

Coast (4-4-1)

1.) Texas Rangers (Padilla) @ Cleveland Indians (Sabathia) 7:05 PM loss
Indians (-1.5)

2.) Milwaukee Brewers (Sheets) @ Chicago Cubs (Lilly) 2:25 PM loss
Brewers (+114)

3.) New York Rangers @ Buffalo Sabres 4/25/2007, 7:05 PM win
Sabres -1.5 (+160)

4.) Wizards @ Cavaliers 4/25/2007, 7:10 PM win
OVER 186

Steve (3-3)
1.) Atlanta Braves @ Florida Marlins 4/25/07 2:25 PM loss
Braves -1.5 (even)

2.) Cincinnati Reds @ St. Louis Cardinals 4/25/07 8:10 PM loss
Reds (+118)

3.) San Diego Padres (peavy) @ Arizona Diamondbacks (Webb) 4/25/07 9:40 PM win
Under 7.5 (even)

4.) Buffalo Sabres in 6 games (to clinch series) +400

1.) Denver Nuggets @ San Antonio Spurs 4/25/07 7:10 PM loss
Nuggets +8.5

2.) Cincinnati Reds @ St. Louis Cardinals 4/25/07 8:10 PM win
Cardinals (-128)

3.) Texas Rangers (Padilla) @ Cleveland Indians (Sabathia) 7:05 PM win
Rangers(+1.5) [-115]

4.) Wizards @ Cavaliers 4/25/2007, 7:10 PM loss

5.)Toronto Blue Jays (Burnett) @ NY Yankees 4/25/07 no action
Blue Jays +1.5 (-115)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rebuttal: Sabres in 6

Reaction to AP or Absolutly Pathetic
submitted by "Kat-man"
The Sabres are going down in 6 games? Bold prediction. A few counterpoints for Arnold to chew on...
Point 1: Nothing from the regular season matters can be considered a very true statement. Like any other sport, getting to the playoffs gives any team hope of getting hot and making a run, much like 2006 Sabres did last year. It's no secret that Buffalo didn't belong 1 game away from the Stanley Cup Finals last year. They had no business demoralizing Ottawa or even coming close to the Hurricanes. But now anything less than a Finals appearance is unacceptable. However, "AP" points out the fact that the other NY team is 21-6-6 with Sean Avery? First off, who? Sean Avery? You mean the guy that spends his time talking trash, getting into fights with dive king and total embarrassment Darcy Tucker, hides behind Colton Orr? Take your own advice and throw the season stats out the window. This means the rangers are 4-0 with Chase Avery, 4 wins coming against a team headed to the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. With guys like Jagr and Shanahan, and all the cups they have won, THEY SHOULD BEAT THE ATLANTA THRASHERS. Take a closer look at the schedule "AP". If we are going to pull out season stats, why not mention the fact the Rangers are a suspect 5-11-6 against playoff teams since January 1. Not to mention the fact that three of the wins came against the overachieving Long Islanders. It must be nice for the Rangers knowing they get to play the likes of Philadelphia and Long Island a combined 16 times during the year.
Point 2:As far as Avery goes, which I'm not going to waste my time talking about, the guy needs some pharmaceutical help. Developing these ideas about going into corners deserves more than just some psychoanalysis or free association. The guy needs help. And by putting so much pressure on himself to "rumble" in the corners, shouldn't any attention be put towards, hmm I dont know, scoring a goal maybe. The guy can play, theres no question. And if the youngsters on the Sabres react how they did against Neal, Avery will no doubt play a part. But that's one less scorer the Sabres have to worry about. Let the guy take some dumb penalties, let him take a run at the likes of Briere or Drury. In the words of Lindy: "Thats the definition of a joke."
Point 3: Now onto the Shanahan/Jagr issue. All I can say is the Rangers should be lucky Round 1 only went 4 games. Anything more and these two will be applying for Medicare. A combined 70 years old? They put up some numbers against a slower paced thrashers team who took way too many penalties, allowing the old timers to shut it down, maybe get a new pair of depends in between periods, and get to bed before the 11 o'clock news. Lets see how they fair in a 6 or 7 game series against the NHL's fastest team. Not good. Jagr himself compared the Sabres to a Ferrari. Shanahan is just too old to even understand why he is relevant in this conversation. With the Rangers only able to run 2 lines at best, look for the Sabres to step up.
Sabres win the series 4-2
Huge series for Thomas Vanek; at least 4 goals
Adam Mair knocking Sean Avery back to his "visions"
Jagr/Shanny- only goals will come on PP; one will retire after this series

The Buffalo Sabres are goin down

by AP

New York Rangers will beat the Buffalo Sabres in 6 games. No, I did not forget that the Sabres were the best team in the regular season and remain the most offensively balanced team left in the playoffs. Congratulations to the Sabres for winning the President's Trophy and finishing the season with more 30 goal scorers that anyone. It's an incredible accomplishment. Now, none of that matters and virtually meaningless. Last time, I checked the Stanley Cup wasn't won in the regular season. All sixteen teams entering the playoffs had the same record 0-0. The remaining eight teams have four wins. The Rangers just swept Atlanta. Atlanta generated a mere six goals, including just one from the team’s three-highest-scoring forwards in the regular season. And yes fans, Atlanta is a much better club than the Islanders are or were.

I want to start off and say to all those idiots that still think "Carolina beat Rochester Americans". No, last time I checked, it was Hurricanes over the Sabres. The same could be said for Sabres over Bridgeport Sound Tigers in Game 1. Why? "The Islanders recalled Wade Dubielewicz from Bridgeport of the AHL on March 27." Yes, it is a stupid comment so is the comment of Hurricanes over Americans. Get over it Sabre Fan, that was last year.

The Sabres will be very surprised at the transformation the Rangers have made since they last met in December. They call him Avery and he will stir the pot.

Reason #1 - Hank is better than Ryan. Hot goaltending wins it in the playoffs and who is hotter than Hank right now? No one. Hank had a better season last year and better season this year statistically. Hank let in 160 goals in 70 games while Miller let in 168 in 63 games. Did I forget Henry had 37 wins to Miller's 40? or .917 SV% and 5 shutouts to Ryan's .911 SV% and a lousy 2 shutouts. Henry played in one game versus the Sabres this season. Who was actually apart of the Olympic team for their country and who won a Gold Medal? – Lundquist not Miller.

Reason #2 - Sean Avery. Avery will put the focus on him and get the Sabres off their game. Avery is going to hurt someone, why? He said so already. "I’ve just secretly been making up things in my head about guys on their team that they’ve done to me so I can identify with them when were going in a corner." "I'm going to hurt them, I'm going to hit them, and I’m going to be in their face as much as I can.” Avery is going to be the Domi-Claude Lemieux-Neil all rolled into one. Since trading for Avery, the Rangers are 21-6-6. Avery will run someone and don't think for a minute Drury isn't on top of the list. Someone's going to get hurt. Who’s going to stop Avery? Peters? I don't think so he will see the whole ice from the press box.

Reason #3 - #Jagr and Shanahan. Yes, Jagr will torch the Sabres this series. Against the Thrashers, Jaromir Jagr and Brendan Shanahan showed just how dominant and dangerous they can be in the postseason. The two combined for 10 points off five goals and five assists, with Jagr posting seven points off two goals and five assists and Shanahan netting goals in three consecutive games, including the game-tying goal in the series clincher.

Reason #4 - Special Teams. Where has the power play been for the Sabres? I thought little Timmy would solve the power play woes, too bad he is spending all his time closing down bars on Chippawa. Rangers have better special teams than the Sabres. Rangers pp ranked 8th, Sabres 17th. Ranger’s pk, 12th, Sabres, 20th. Jagr will have at least four power play points in this series.

Reason #5 - Solid Supporting Cast. Drury is the only one with a ring. Rangers have Jaromir Jagr (2), Brendan Shanahan (3), Matt Cullen, Sandis Ozolinsh with cups. Did I forget to mention Cullen beat the Sabres last year? I guess I just did. Cullen knows how to beat the Sabres. The team has seasoned pros like Michael Nylander, Martin Straka and Matt Cullen, who all know how to score. The Rangers also have little known Marcel Hossa, Petr Prucha, and Ryan Callahan, who provide the team with offense as well. The no-name defense shut down Kovalchuk, Hossa, and Kozlov. Sure, the Rangers don't have "Soupy" but they do have Malik, Mara, Fedor Tyutin, Michal Rozsival, Tommy Pock, and Danny Girardi.

Let’s look at the match ups

Lundquist vs. Miller = Advantage Rangers

Straka-Avery-Shanahan vs. Drury-Zubrus-Kotalik = Advantage Rangers
Jagr-Nylander-Hossa vs. Briere-Pomminville-Hecht = Advantage Rangers
Cullen-Callahan-Prucha vs. Roy-Vanek-Afinogenov = Advantage Sabres

Defense vs. Defense = Advantage Sabres

Hollweg-Betts-Ortmeyer vs. Mair-Connolly-Stafford = Advantage Sabres

Monday, April 23, 2007

No running back with the 1st pick

By Steve

The Buffalo Bills have a major hole in their backfield. Mcgahee is gone, leaving Anthony Thomas, Shaud Williams, and Fred Jackson as the only running backs on the roster. Obviously the Bills won't head into their week one game against Denver with just those three to line up behind Losman; so the question begs to be answered, who will be brought in and how?

The one thing the Bills must not do, is use their first round pick on a running back. The only running backs right now that would be worth a first rounder are Tomlinson, Reggie Bush, and thats it. The only conceivable option in the first round (specifically at 12 where the Bills pick) at running back is Adrian Peterson. Even with him, the likely hood that he'll be available is relatively small. If Patrick Willis and Amobi Okoye are off the board then there is little argument to not taking him. Unless... a trade (which is difficult and kind of rare) is proposed to move the Bills back in the mid 20's and receive perhaps a second rounder.

The reasoning behind not taking Peterson if either of those two are on the board (although I don't want Okoye because the Bills have enough at that position and it is not a need) because someone is targeting them and a trade is then more likely. Plus the Bills have one decent linebacker on their roster in Angelo Crowell. A linebacker needs to be brought in with the first round pick its that simple.

Further evidence to suggest a 1st round pick on a running back is foolish is Cedric Benson (hasn't don't much in the NFL) even Carnell from that same year dropped off in 2006, Kevin Jones and Chris Perry in 2004, McGahee in 2003, and Willy Green and TJ Duckett in 2002. Yes there have been solid running backs taken in between there like Stephen Jackson and a few others but they don't have nearly the impact that a solid Middle Linebacker like a Patrick Willis would have. Furthermore, the likely hood of injury at running back is significantly higher at RB because you are getting hit every time you touch the ball.

Also in 2003 a running back was taken just after Mcgahee who is currently rumored to be on the trading block, Larry Johnson. If this was such a great draft pick for the Chiefs and he is such a great can't miss player, why is it rumored that he is being shopped. Instead of winning playoff games in the time they drafted him they have been losing playoff games. At the time, the Chiefs had Priest Holmes on their roster forcing "Take the Diaper off" LJ to sit and rot for 3 seasons. This draft pick had no impact on their team for almost four years. Currently LJ is 27 and will be 28 during this upcoming season. He carried the ball over 400 times last season and was worked hard at Penn State, so to say he hasn't started that many games in the NFL is misleading. He is due for a down year, mark my words.

The running back position can be addressed in the 2nd round or late in the 1st round as the two AFC Championship teams realized in recent years selecting Joe Addai (30th) and Maroney (21)[although Maroney still has much to prove] the talent is there later. Further prove, the Buffalo Bills selected Travis Henry and little known Hall of Famer THURMAN THOMAS!! in the 2nd round as well.

In short, don't take a running back at 12 for reasons given up top. If Patrick Willis is gone, or the Bills really know something about this kid that we all don't, try at least to trade out of 12 in the 20's and look for a Beason or other highly touted LBs and receive another pick to get or move to get a running back, corner back, wide receiver, and probably another linebacker on day 1.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

1 Week Till Draft Day

by Coast

When pondering the legitmacy of this blog, my colleague and I realized that we have not had any pre draft information posted. That is embarrassing and we would like to deeply apologize to our loyal readers.

Well, the draft, the most important day since the end of the season edging out the first day of free agency, is upon us. There is a lot of speculation as to what the Bills will do.

Rumor Mill

The first and most popular rumor has been the Michael Turner deal. As Marv Levy put it, the trade would be just too complicated. It isn't dead but a draft day deal for Turner seems unlikely. If Buffalo wanted to sign the disgruntled restricted free agent, they would need to fork over a 1st and 3rd if they were to sign him outright. That will not happen. Come draft day, it may be possible that Buffalo can get him for less. San Diego is well aware that after the upcoming season they will not be able to get anything for him, he will become an unrestricted free agent. Therefore, with little to no need for him, they may accept a 2nd rounder. If the Bills can get him for a 2nd rounder, or maybe a 2nd and another later round pick, then it may be possible. Don't look for it to happen though.

According to an inside source, the Bills are also interested in Kansas City Chief's running back Larry Johnson. Again, this is speculative. After the Chiefs deal Trent Green they will be in need of a quarterback since Damon Huard is getting up in age. They may be looking to trade Larry Johnson to get an additional first round pick to move up into the top 5 to get Quinn or Russel. This is probably the lesser likely scenario when talking about a possible trade.

The Draft

It can be argued that the Bills have the most need positions in the entire league. You can make a case for the Bills to draft a linebacker, running back, corner back, wide receiver or tight end on day 1 or even in round 1 except for tight end. The most likely scenario in the first round is linebacker. Since running backs are easier to come around and a good running back can be snagged in the 2nd round, look for the Bills to have their sights set on Mississippi linebacker Patrick Willis. Patrick Willis has a rare blend of size and speed (around a 4.5 40) and will be an instant starter and instant impact player if he comes to Buffalo.

Another possibility is that the Bills will take a running back in round 1. There are too possibilities, Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch. Peterson could conceivably drop all the way to 12 if the Bills can get a few breaks. It will depend on the Cleveland Browns at 3. If Cleveland passes on Peterson to go with a quarterback or left tackle Joe Thomas, no team will look at Peterson until the Vikings at 7. Minnesota has a solid running game with Chester Taylor. At 8 is the Falcons, again with a solid runner in Warrick Dunn. One of those 2 teams will surely go with a receiver in Ted Ginn. The next possibility is the Texans at 10. Houston just signed Ahman Green so they may go receiver to get some weapons for Matt Schaub. If these 4 teams pass on Peterson, he will be sitting in our laps at 12. Will we take him? It will be tough not to. He is a rare talent and is a slam dunk (as much as there is one) to succeed.

Another possibility is Marshawn Lynch. Lynch probably will be available in the mid-late teens so if the Bills went this route, they could trade down to gain an extra pick. Levy could pass on Lynch because of alleged off field character issues as well.

It is going to be an interesting 1st round and there is a good chance the Bills will be doing some moving via trade.

With the 12th pick in the 2nd round, look for the Bills to go running back for sure if they can get Willis in the 1st. Antonio Pittman seems like a perfect fit from Ohio State. He has decent size at 207 pounds, but he plays bigger and runs a 4.4 40. 2nd round running backs have excelled in the past for the Bills in Thurman Thomas and Travis Henry so Pittman could be added to that list. This is probably the most likely scenario for the Bills.

If Buffalo gets a running back in the 1st round, look for them to move around to assure themselves of getting Paul Posluszny. Paul will probably be a late first round pick so the Bills will have to trade back in to the first round to get him. They did it last year to get McCargo so it is something Buffalo won't hesitate to do. Posluszny is from Penn State and is reminiscent of former Bill Shane Conlan who also went to Penn State. Posluszny is a character guy that Levy will love. Buffalo could also move to get Lawrence Timmons. Timmons has raw ability. He runs a 4.62 40 and has good size at 6'3 232 pounds. Also, Posluszny and Timmons both play outside linebacker as their natural position. This is an advantage when compared to Willis since Buffalo has an inside linebacker in Angelo Crowell. I would prefer Buffalo takes a running back in the first round and trade up and get one of these 2 with their 2nd pick but that is why I will be sitting on my couch watching the draft. Another name bounced around is Jon Beason OLB out of Miami who may be around in the 2nd round.

With their other 2 picks on day 1, look for Buffalo to go with a wide receiver and possibly another linebacker or a tight end. Possible 3rd round selections include Jason Hill (wr-Washington State), Steve Smith (wr- USC), Craig Davis (wr-LSU), Zach Miller (te- ASU), and Ben Patrick (te- Delaware). There are more possibilities so look for more analysis with the latest rumors later in the week.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Sabres survive to advance to 2nd round

by Steve

Talk about falling into the 2nd round. The Buffalo Sabres pull out a nail biter in the bank arena downtown 4-3 against a gutsy Islander team that left it all on the ice. Nearly giving back a 3 goal lead twice in the 3rd period as a mediocre Ryan Miller allowed 3 goals in the 3rd and maked a large save with just under 13 seconds left in regulation.

If you saw or listened to this game all you heard was Rick and Jim talking about the Sabres like there were 25 Gretzky's out there while they had a Patrick Roy of the late 80's not allowing a single goal in for a decade. Things nearly collapsed in the 3rd as a weak goal and two rebounds were pumped into the net to make for a nervous crowd of women children and bandwagoners.

In typical Lindy Ruff style, the Sabres let the action come to them in the 3rd period being out shot 19 to 5 in the 3rd period. With little offensive out put on power plays 3 on 1's and even a break away by The 5 Million Dollar Man failed to seal the deal leaving fans to wonder if this team is ready to step up and win a cup. Questions abound as to what it will take to spark this team and play up to their full potential.

The prognosticators and Sabres announcers are afraid to say it but this team looks awful in the 3rd and are afraid to take it to the offensive in the 3rd period in a close game and count on Miller for a big save. Are they going to continue to lay back and play terrible in their own zone against the Senators if they even make it that far? Congrats on a series win over a weak team sans their best defenseman we'll see ya in round 2.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wager Wednesdays

New feature on the Water Cooler. Every Wednesday (time permitting) the staff will give their locks of the day and the rest of the week against spreads with money lines etc. A running tally of our records will also be kept next to our names. Expect to make mad loot via us:

Steve (2-1)

1.) 4/18/07 (15:10) win
Team To Score First
Devil Rays (+110) over ORIOLES

2.) 4/18/07 (14:10) win
Team to Score First
Reds (Harang) [+110] over ASTROS (Sampson)

3.) 04/18/07 (19:05) loss
Mets (Maine) v. Marlins (Willis)
Under 8.5

T-Wreck (2-2)

1.) 4/18/07 (20:10) win
Wizards (-1) over Pacers

2.) 4/18/07 (22:05) win
Diamondbacks (-120) over Padres

3.) 4/18/07 (19:05) loss
Marlins (-114) over Mets

4.) 4/18/07 (19:35) loss
Cubs (-110) over Braves

Coast (2-2-1)

1.) 4/18/07 (20:35) loss
Dodgers (Lowe) (-110) 1st 5 innings over Rockies (Lopez)

2.) 4/18/07 (22:05) push
Diamondbacks (Webb) (-120) 1st 5 innings over Padres (Wells)

3.) 4/18/07 (19:05) loss
Indians (Sowers) (-130) Score 1st Over Yankees (Igawa)

4.) 4/18/07 (19:05) win
Alex Rodriguez (+135) Hit a double or homer vs Cleveland

5.) 4/18/07 (19:00) win
NY Knicks (+500) @ Charlotte Bobcats

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sabres take 2-1 lead in opening round

The Buffalo Sabres squeaked by the Islanders last night in a nail biter 3-2 on the island. On paper the Sabres dominated the Islanders in the third period in which neither team scored and the Isles manufactured only 2 shots. This doesn't tell the tale that the Islanders had some scoring chances but missed the net entirely a couple times.

Furthermore, questionable reffing seemed to add to the Sabres victory. A called goal was under review for quite a few minutes and on many telecasts there was no irrefutable evidence to suggest the puck clearly crossed the goal line. It stood, the sabres went up 3-1, gave up a weak goal at the end of the 2nd and that was that. With under 3 minutes to go a couple no-calls went the Sabres way while a weak tripping call was made giving the 'bres the powerplay with 94 seconds left sealing the game for the road team.

Calling out the fans for throwing shit on the ice is hypocritical because it happens in every venue in sports. Sabres fans would be crying nonstop if the same injustice occurred in the bank arena. The Sabres did earn the victory out skating the Isles much of the 3rd period but a few lapses and non"clutch" shooting from the Isles did however contribute. Something that is troubling at least to me is the idea of laying back with a 1 goal lead with the power play with less than 10 minutes to go. Maybe the power play just sucks, only time it worked was a 5 on 3 for a full 2 minutes, or something just needs to be changed, who knows.

The game being as close as it was is a bit troubling, maybe the Islanders are under rated or it is just playoff hockey, but it seems like most prognosticators gave the Isles 0 chance of winning even a game in this series. Are the Sabres just complacent, or are they not as good as we thought? It is tough to tell, but by the way they are playing it seems a stretch to say this team is winning the cup this year. Four series, 16 wins, and all the other factors at play effect this, but where is the fire power, who is going to spark this team? Anything is possible, we'll see...

Kotalik (Although he is -3 and zero points)

Spacek ($9+ million contract?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Buffalo Sabres New York Islanders series tied

by Steve

Can people around Buffalo stop counting down the number of victories to clinch the cup now? This team looks flat. They appeared out coached, not ready to play. This team is the best in the entire league? Maybe it is Miller's mediocre play or how great Dipietro really is, but Saturday night was ugly hockey down at the bank arena.

I'm sure the fans will be blaming the refs, I mean isn't that the Buffalo way? I know one thing, Rick and Jim reminded us of every no call, possible penalty, and weak call by the refs throughout the game. Well, they're broadcasters they don't need to be objective, and either do fans for that matter, but I for one am sick of all the whining. I don't recall any questioning of a missed call when Islander defensman Sean Hill was clipped in the face in the third period and dripping blood all over the ice? I understand these guys are biased but they take it to a whole other level.

The team didn't play terrible, they just seemed to be less motivated, played down to their opponents. The power play was awful and the penalty kill gave up the deciding goal. Tim Connolly is showing flashes of his former self, but is still no where near last years clip. By Tuesday I may be sending out a search unit for Daniel Briere, although he may just be recording new radio commercials and lining his pockets before jumping ship in June.

Maybe the Sabres just have a hang up about playing on Saturdays, they are 10-15 this year when playing the day after Friday. Who knows, maybe the team stays out late parting on Fridays. The most troubling thing is the play in the first period. Lindy Ruff in his pre-game presser said the 'team was ready' and they looked everything but in the first. Does Ruff really have that little grasp of the team, or did he push them too hard in practice?

Then again the Sabres could roll into Long Island (weather permitting) and own the Islanders for 2 straight and look to clinch on Friday. Thats why they play the games. Just take down the count down, the first series is tied 1-1.



Friday, April 13, 2007

How to buy a scalped ticket +buffalo sabres game reaction

by Steve

My goal was to get into the Buffalo Sabres 2007 playoff home opener. I had $50 I was willing to spend on a ticket and no plan. I got dropped off about 7:30 (save on parking), faceoff was 8:08, and met up with a friend to drink before the game. Everyone thought I was nuts, oh $50 for a ticket, no way, they are on ebay for $300+. I was less than confident myself, at best get into the game mid way through the first period. Boy was I wrong.

First off I hear walking down Washington towards the bank arena was for a ticket "4 rows from the glass" so I asked how much, he says $100. I tell him all I have is $50, and he immediately goes down to $70 and i keep walking although that seemed like a righteous deal.

Walking around 30 minutes before the game typically is a mad house with crazy traffic but today was different, there was no one around, little traffic, and all I could hear in the distance was "tickets, who needs tickets, you buying, you sellin'" I guess everyone was at the 'party in the plaza' even though it was 35 and raining.

Getting closer to game time I was starting to become a bit nervous about attaining a ducat for the game. Then I meet some other dude looking for a single ticket as well. He said he was only willing to spend $20 and said he got into game 6 vs. Carolina in the Eastern Conference finals 6 minutes into the game for $20. This guy was a pro so I figured I would stick near him.

Next thing we know some dude who looked a bit ragged and maybe stoned comes up to us and asks how much we're willing to spend, he says $20 I say $40 just to low ball him. And I keep walking thinking nothing of it. Not even 30 seconds later He puts his arm around me and says you're goin to the game lets go. So without even handing the guy money yet I'm in the arena and the tickets are scanned. I suggested paying him outside and he said no. We starting talking about the tickets and he says they are section 123 row 12, these aren't nose bleeders. I was shocked. I hand him the $40 and he says we gotta get some beers. So he buys himself and me a beer and we get to our seats. (He later said he was outside for over 2 hours trying to peddle 3 tickets and was cold and sick of standing in the rain. Maybe I just got lucky maybe)

We are sitting 12 rows up directly behind the net where the Sabres shoot in the second period. This was the first time I sat in the 100 section in maybe a decade and forgot the seats were padded, it was ballerish.

Thoughts from the game:
  • Miller played solid. I won't blame him for the two on one goal.
  • Vanek and Afingenov lived down to their playoff hype. Can we say Datsyuk.
  • Briere had some give aways that seemed uncharacteristic.
  • Drury and Zubrus together is a solid line.
  • The Sabres defense played outstanding.
  • I didn't get a free shirt, someone sharked it. And what was the souvenir?
  • The video before the game was overhyped but still kinda neat.
Brian Cambell


Tips to scalping:
  • Always low ball any offer.
  • Walk away as quick as possible and check their reaction.
  • Have your money in a separate pocket so they don't know exactly how much money you really have.
  • Worst comes to worst wait till the game started
  • A single ticket is always going to be a lot cheaper
  • Never look anxious or over zealous.
  • Make them make the first offer to see what their ceiling is.
  • Always analyze the tickets before the exchange of cash.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


by Coast

Today the 2007 NFL schedule was released and here it is for the Buffalo Bills.

Sun. 9/16 @ Pittsburgh Steelers 1:00 PM
Sun. 9/23 @ New England Patriots 1:00 PM
Sun. 9/30 NEW YORK JETS 1:00 PM
Mon. 10/8 DALLAS COWBOYS 8:30 PM
BYE 10/14
Sun. 10/28 @ New York Jets 4:05 PM
Sun. 11/11 @ Miami Dolphins 1:00 PM
Sun. 11/25 @ Jacksonville Jaguars 1:00 PM
Sun. 12/2 @ Washington Redskins 1:00 PM
Sun. 12/9 MIAMI DOLPHINS 1:00 PM
Sun. 12/16 @ Cleveland Browns 1:00 PM
Sun. 12/23 NEW YORK GIANTS 1:00 PM
Sun. 12/30 @ Philadelphia Eagles 1:00 PM


September: Perhaps one of the hardest opening months in the entire national football league. The Bills open at home against the Broncos who should be much improved this year. Cutler has experience and they have a proven runner in Travis Henry. Remember, this team went to the AFC championship just 2 years ago. In Week 2, the Bills have to travel to Pittsburgh for their home opener. This should be a very tough test. The Steelers finished strong and had a better offseason with Roethlisberger not getting into any motorcycle accidents. This team is just 2 years removed from a championship and will look to rebound this year. In week 3, the Bills have to go to New England and we all know this story. The Bills will battle and lose late like they normally do in the first meeting vs. New England. All told, the Bills are 1-11 in the past 12 and there is no reason to believe that that will change, especially since New England is improved after nearly making it to the Super Bowl last year. In week 4 the Bills host the Jets, perhaps the most overrated team in 2006 but all in all they did make the playoffs. This is the easiest of the 4 games by far.
Prediction: Win vs. Denver, Loss at Pitts., Loss at New England, Win vs. Jets (2-2)

October: The Bills only have 3 October games including their first Monday night home game in ages. It will come against another playoff team from a year ago in the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas made the playoffs because of the weak NFC and the Bills crowd will be raucus for this event. After the BYE, the Bills will host the Ravens in their 3rd consecutive home game. This is the one most Bills fans have marked on their calendars. Willis McGahee will make his return to his beloved Buffalo and again expect the fans to attend the Ralph in large numbers. The atmosphere in Orchard Park could remind us of what it was like when the Bills actually won games. This is another game against a team that has experienced recent success in going 12-4 a year ago. In the final game of the Month the Bills will take on the Jets in New Jersey. Again, the Jets are not as good as their record was. They are a mediocre team and Buffalo proved they can go into the Meadowlands and man handle them. This might be the easiest month for the Bills even though they are playing 3 playoff teams from a year ago.
Prediction: Win vs. Dallas, Win vs. Baltimore, Win at Jets (3-0, 5-2 overall)

November: The Bills have 4 games in November and 3 of the 4 are against teams that have made the playoffs in one of the past 2 years (every Bills opponent thus far through 11 games has been to the playoffs in one of the past 2 years except the Dolphins). The Bills kick off the month by hosting the Bengals. This will be a very tough test. Cincinnati will look to rebound after underachieving last season. If Buffalo has a strong October, they could have a good home field advantage down the stretch. Furthermore, the Bengals haven't beaten the Bills since 1988. Next, Buffalo will travel to Miami, a team they have been able to get the better off lately. The Dolphins could improve but probably won't with Culpepper still not right. Also, it won't be too hot in Miami in November. Next comes the all to familiar 2nd meeting with the Patriots and again for the third year in a row at least, this game comes right after New England's bye week. The Bills have lost the 2nd meeting against New England in the past 6 years by an average of 26 points per game or something ridiculous. Again, I don't see the pattern changing although I don't think it will be quite as lopsided as in past years. It is complete bullshit that the Bills come after the BYE each and every single year for New England. Belichick always gets an extra week to prepare for this team and its To close out the month, the Bills will travel to Jacksonville. This will be a very tough test since Jacksonville is a completely different team at home than they are on the road. Jacksonville can play with anyone at All Tel Stadium, it is when they travel that they are mediocre.
Prediction: Win vs. Cincinatti, Win at Miami, Loss vs. New England, Loss at Jacksonville (2-2, 7-4 overall)

December: The Bills have 5 December games and 3 are on the road. The Bills finish the season with 4 of 6 road games because of the early season home games to enhance attendance. The Bills will travel to Washington on the 2nd to face their old teammate London Fletcher. Washington's offense is abysmal and I don't see it improving much this year. This game is huge for the Bills to start the final month on the right foot. Buffalo will follow this up with a home outing versus the Dolphins. Miami will be struggling and the snow and cold that should appear in Buffalo (hopefully) will make things even more difficult. What is better than a snowy December Bills Dolphins game, especially when the Dolphins are vulnerable. Buffalo then travels to Cleveland, another team that should struggle this year. This is the Bills last conference game and very well could be a must win game for Buffalo's wild card hopes. 2 days before Christmas, the Bills will host the Giants. Eli Manning might be the 4th best QB of the '04 class and without Tiki Barber, the Giants could have a down year. Brandon Jacobs and Reuben Droughns at running back is a major downgrade. Finally, the Bills will close out the season by traveling to Philadelphia to face former linebacker Takeo Spikes. It is very possible that this game could determing the NFC East since it is always so tight, so the 'Link' could be rocking. Hopefully the Bills are resting starters for the playoffs. Also a flex option via NBC is a possibility for this game giving the Bills another prime time game at the Ralph.
Prediction: Win at Washington, Win vs. Miami, Win at Cleveland, Win vs. Giants, Loss at Philadelphia (4-1, 11-5 overall)

The Bills will face some tests this season but when the schedule is dissected, it appears that Buffalo could make a push for the playoffs. Of course, this all hinges on the Bills getting a running back and a linebacker, but I am assuming that Marv will bust some moves come draft day.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Schedule Release Day Eve

By Coast

On the eve of the 2nd most important day since the Super Bowl, it is time to predict what we might see on the Bills 2007 schedule.

First of all, if the Bills open with 2 consecutive road games this year AGAIN, it would be a travesty. The Bills played so many early road games, 4 of their first 6, and that made it hard for them to get off to a solid start. Although, you can't blame the schedule or location for 41-7 losses, losing at Detroit and for blowing a 10 point 2nd half lead in New England. Regardless, opening with 2 divisional road games isn't fair and pushing the majority of home games into late November and December isn't conducive to the Bills filling the stadium.

This year, look for the schedule to be weighted towards early home games. Chaz Schumer pushed for nicer weather home games so that the Bills will have an easier time selling out the games. Newsflash Chaz, the time of year doesn't matter! If the Bills are good, the seats will be filled. If the Sabres aren't good, the seats will be filled. There were 54,000 people at a must win game with Buffalo in the playoff race in December in 55 degree weather. You are going to sit there and try and explain to me that the stadium isn't selling out because of the weather?? Let's be serious. So, my point is...if Buffalo is going to make a playoff run, it is going to have to happen on the road with perhaps 3 of the final 4 games being away from Orchard Park.

For the 338th consecutive year, the Bills won't play a Monday night game. The NFL and ESPN hate the Bills. All you have to do is listen to the "on the clock" segment with the Bills. They completely tore up the team as part of their ploy to move the Bills to New Mexico or something. Also, noone outside of Western New York and Southern Ontario has ever heard of more than 4 players on this team. JP Losman since he is the starting quarterback, Donte Whitner because everyone was lost when we drafted him and Lee Evans because he is good. Maybe Dockery because of the ridiculous contract...but that is it. ESPN isn't putting this team on Monday night.

All Bills games will be at 1:00 and none will be nationally televised, at least early. The Bills have a shot at maybe getting a 4 pm game late in the season because of flex scheduling. The Bills need to get off to a solid start in order to gain some respect and possibly land Jim Nantz's team, but unless they start 7-0 at least, they aren't gaining respect because the Bills might be the most disrespected franchise in sports. It could be because of their 0 rings, 0 playoff appearances in the 2000's and because of the fact they are a small market and had 4 games blacked out. It could also be because all their good players rip up the city and want to be traded and request the team to move to Toronto. Who gains more respect around the league anyways...McGahee or Ralph Wilson?? Definitely McGahee!

Here are some odds that I came up with myself, let me know if you want to place some bets

Bills Monday night game (home) +8000
Bills Monday night game (away) +4000
Bills Sunday night game (home) +4500
Bills Sunday night game (away) +1500
Bills having any game on a day other than Sunday (+750)
Bills having any game at a time other than 1:00 (-110)
Bills having more than 4 road games after the midway point of the season (-150)
Bills having more than 4 home games after the midway point of the season (+120)
Bills opening at home (-110)
Bills opening at home vs. New England (+325) [this might illicit a sell out but I doubt it]

The Bills schedule may be more fan friendly this year, but it still will in someway screw the Bills. After all, that is what the NFL is trying to do.

Check back tomorrow for the reaction to this long awaited 2007 schedule.

Monday, April 9, 2007

An Unlikely Masters Champion

By Coast

The final round at Augusta on Sunday produced a 31 year old, American champion. His name...Zach Johnson. Johnson, edged out the other, more well known 31 year old American Tiger Woods to win his first green jacket.

At the beginning of the day on Sunday, Tiger Woods was at +3, 1 shot back of Stuart Applebee who at +2 led the way for the final pairing. After Applebee double bogeyed the first hole and Tiger grasped a share of the lead, everyone except one man thought it was over. That man was Zach Johnson. Johnson began the day at +4, 2 back of the lead and one back of Woods. Maybe Johnson was too inexperienced to understand what he was doing, especially since he has never finished in the top 15 of a major and missed the cut in the final 3 majors of 2006. It has happened all too often that the world's best players have caved on Sunday's in majors at the mere sight of Tiger Woods at the top of the leaderboard. Today, however, was a different day and Johnson was going up against a different Tiger Woods.

On the front 9, many golfers were making moves up the leaderboard, especially Rory Sabbatini, Retief Goosen and of course, Zach Johnson. One man who wasn't was Tiger Woods. Woods bogeyed the 1st and the 6th in route to a front 9 37. This was worst out of all the contenders. Sabbatini fired a 33, Johnson a 35 and Goosen a 32. Tiger's playing partner, Applebee, shot a 37. Tiger at +4 trailed all 4 men at the turn and was fading fast.

Things got worse for Woods on 10. He aimed a 6 foot par putt right edge. The only problem was that the putt moved right. It was an obvious mis read and Tiger was at +5 and playing himself right out of contention. The rest of the contenders kept playing well however, especially Zach Johnson.

Johnson took advantage of Woods' lack luster play by playing the best 9 holes of golf in his career. At about the same time Woods dropped a shot on 10 to fall to +5, Johnson Birdied 13 to get to +2. He followed that up with a birdie on the par 4 14th to get to +1 and to put himself 4 clear of the supposedly unbeatable Woods.

Standing on the 13th tee, Tiger was well aware of the situation. He was 4 back on the back 9 of the Masters, a tournament he has won 4 times and held the lead alone for a brief period on the front 9. The whole world knew Tiger wasn't going to go quietly. After an excellent tee shot, Tiger started at just under 200 yards for his 2nd shot on the par 5. He played his 2nd perfectly. He landed a 5 iron on the back left portion of the green and let the slope funnel the ball to within 3 feet. Tiger drilled the putt for eagle and just like that was 2 back.

Johnson, who was standing on the 16th tee must have heard the roar. He did, and it surely would phase him...but it didn't. On the 170 yard par 3, Johnson hit his tee shot to within 12 feet. He would go on to make that and go to Even par for the tournament after birdies on 3 of 4 during the back 9 of the final round of the masters.

Tiger would go on to miss a 15 footer for birdie on 14 and then approached the 15th knowing he would need birdie at least on the par 5. His tee shot was decent but found itself slightly behind a tree. He would need to pull off a 230 yard power fade to reach the green, a very risky shot that only Tiger could possibly pull off. The safe bet, lay up and give yourself an uphill pitch and try and make a birdie. Tiger being Tiger decides to try and pull a Mickelson. He tried hitting the power fade, the risky low percentage shot and he buried it in the water. He salvaged a par after an excellent up and down but he let an opportunity slip away leaving him 3 back.

Johnson showed some nerves on 17 by missing a short putt for par and dropping to +1 but stayed solid and hit a perfect tell shot on 18. Woods, who was on 16 now needed a birdie desperately and layed a perfect tell shot to about 12 feet. However, unlike Johnson, Woods missed the putt and remained 2 back, with 2 to play.

Johnson, standing in the fairway on 18 could taste it. Center of the green, 2 putts, get out of here with a 69 and make Tiger birdie out. It wasn't that simple however. Johnson pushed his 2nd and it was going right for the green side bunker. It was Zach Johnson's day though. His ball settled mere inches short of the sand, leaving him an easy pitch from just off the green rather than an awkward attempt from the sand. Johnson got up and down and easily entered the clubhouse at +1 289.

Woods now needed birdies on the last 2 holes and his 2nd shot on 17 summed up his week. He hit a wedge that he though was good and right online, except it was short and landed in the bunker. Woods couldn't believe it as he yelled "What the hell just happened?! Seriously, what the hell just happened? This hole is playing straight down wind!!" No Tiger, you hit the wrong club. No one else was mis judging distances from the fairway that miserably all day. You hit the wrong club, it is that simple. Woods would go on to miss the bunker shot and miss his 2nd on 18 and it was over. Zach Johnson won the Masters with a 69. Tiger shot a 72 to finish tied for 2nd.

This Sunday at Augusta was anything but normal. Tiger fell apart and played a terrible round (for his standards) when it mattered most. This tournament was there for the taking. His 5th green jacket and 13th major were in his hands, and he didn't take it. Instead it was Zach Johnson winning his first major and probably last.

One final note: They really need to do something about the green jacket presentation. There isn't a more awkward moment in sports than the former champion presenting the new champion the green jacket in Butler cabin with the chairman and with Jim Nantz. Please, change that.

Playoff Beards

by Steve

The New York Islanders of Long Island will be visiting Buffalo starting Thursday to kick off a best of 7 playoff match up against the Sabres. Without Dipietro in goal and facing the Presidents Trophy winners, the task seems nearly impossible. However, the Islanders are 3-0 against the Sabres franchise in playoff series. Also, as of late, the Islanders, with Peca or Satan or Zhitnik and now with old pal Ted Nolan, the Islanders seem to hold their own against their other New York State rivals. This series may not be the cake walk many Sabres fans are dreaming it may be. Didn't the best team of the regular season, the Detroit Red Wings, lose in the first round last year? Ryan Smyth is on the Islanders this year, an ex oiler who spoiled Detroit fan's dreams of grandeur, along with Nolan; and with their playoff experience anything possible. But instead of worrying about being dropped in the first round, the real question around Buffalo is... the Playoff Beard.

What is a playoff beard, when do you shave it off, what happens if you can't really grow a beard? For die hards, the playoff beard lasts the entirety of the playoffs. For others it is until the first loss in the playoffs. But what about those poor suckers that can't even grow facial hair, or just have an ugly looking spotty beard that looks like a mixture of a chin strap and glued on pubic hair? Those people need to concentrate on their strengths just like the players. If you can at least grow a mustache, we'll take it. If the hair only grows under your chiny chin chin then let that shit grow like a cheeta pet.

Another question is, what is the equivalent of a playoff beard for women? Is it letting your arm pit hair grow, or letting loose and forgetting the micro dermibration for a few weeks. The problem with these scenarios and or letting the leg hair grow is, it is extremely unattractive, probably more so than a dude's beard. Eh, on second thought fuck 'em they probably weren't Sabres fans or hockey fans when they were bad. (For those select few that actual were, let the bush grow, every muff diver could use some floss)

The final question when reluctant to grow the playoff beard is, what are the alternatives to the facial hair? Guys have hair everywhere, eye brow, nose, ear, eye lash, and for our drug using friends, the tongue. The best alternative seems to be letting the pubes get nice and bushy but that too can be a nuisance, so I say let everything else go. I mean how long of a life span does arm hair have, at least until the 'bres drop a game eventually.

So if you're still on the fence as to whether you should go beard or not, think about the alternatives, and if you're still stuck... Get drunk and let your friends decide. Until then, stop showering altogether and get the real feel for the lock room after a hockey game.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Buffalo Sabres over rated/under rated

by Steve

The Buffalo Sabres officially clinched the Eastern Conference title today and to celebrate, lets break down the roster and see who is over rated and who is under rated:

#30 Ryan Miller Goalie
Has a lot of W's one shut out and a mediocre goals against. Some in Buffalo want to crown him elite our verdict:

#35 Ty Conklin Goalie
Played in only a few games for the Sabres and looks to get maybe 1 more start if that verdict:

#5 Toni Lydman D
Typically plays with Hank the tank Tallinder and can be compared to a leech living off a host verdict:

#6 Jaroslav Spacek D
Received a large lump sum to the tune of about $10 over three years. Five goals ? verdict:

#9 Derek Roy C
Plays on a talented line with Vanek and either Stafford or Afinogenov, and has a tendency to dive like Michael Phelps. Seventeen goals 58 points as a sophomore. Verdict:

#10 Henrik Tallinder D
Plays on the top line, is the teams top defeseman. When healthy typically balls. Verdict:

#12 Ales Kotalik F
Played with Chris Drury, has a hard slap shot and takes vacations during the season. Verdict:

#15 Dainius Zubrus F
Traded to the 'bres at the deadline. Is getting a cold reception among Sabres fans, but keeps getting bounced around on different lines. We'll leave his mark in the playoffs. Verdict:

#20 Daniel Paille F
Rookie year and has filled in admirable. Would have liked him more if he wasn't hurt for a while. Has only 10 points but he was born on tax day. Verdict:

#21 Drew Stafford F
Max who? Verdict:

#22 Adam Mair C
Plays on the fourth line, and luck to get that. Not much expected from him but to push people around. Does he even do that? Verdict:

#23 Chris Drury C
Straight up balla CD>Briere Verdict:

#26 Thomas Vanek F
Forty goal scorer in his second year, but was a high draft pick. If Ovechkin and Crosby weren't in the same class he would be a phenom as well. Verdict:

#27 Teppo Numminen D
Old as dust, but has a kick ass mullet. Played decently well on the penalty kill. Verdict:

#29 Jason Pominville F
If he didn't come up with the class from the 05/06 campaign we'd be drooling more. 35+ goals in 06/07 ? Verdict:

#45 Dmitri Kalinin D
Still waiting for this guy to grow up into a top echelon defensemen. Maybe some new scenery on a new team? Verdict:

#48 Daniel Briere C
Gets paid five million dollars. Is high up on the scoring list in the NHL, but the whole team is scoring goals right now. Probably rated too high, Verdict:

#51 Brian Campbell D
Did this guy really start in the All-Star game? Still living off the Umburger hit. Verdict:

#55 Jochen Hecht C
If this was based on my opinion alone, I'd say overrated however, he has 19 goals. Verdict:

#61 Max Afinogenov F
Has the speed and excitement to get the women and children up out of their seats. Hasn't done anything in the playoffs and struggles to finish at times. Still puts up numbers and creates a lot of chances. Verdict:

#76 Andrew Peters F
Is a bruiser that will fight you, kind of. Also is found drinking downtown more than me. Verdict:

#19 Tim Connolly C
Can create on the power play and when the game is on the line. Can't stay healthy or skate with his head up. Played great before he got hurt vs. Ottawa in the p-offs. Verdict:

Lindy Ruff Coach
Has failed to win the big game although got the team to the Cup in '99. Couldn't win the Stanley up with Hasek? Has done a good job with this group however. Verdict:
I'll tell you after the playoffs

Darcy Regier General Manager
Makes some good moves and makes some questionable moves. Getting Ryan Miller was luck, getting Vanek was a solid pick up. Had a long dry spell in the mid 2000's, and takes too much credit for the current team. I'd like to say lightning in a bottle but thats probably unfair. Verdict:

HSBC Arena
Located right downtown with a metro rail dropping you off for free. Has not spurred any new development in 10 years. Hosts few good concerts, but still looks nice in side. Would be better with a Stanley Cup Banner. Verdict:

Buffalo Sabres Fans
Didn't show up early in 05/06 after the lock. Have shown up in huge numbers as of late with too numerous the bandwagon fan to count. Receive a lot of undue credit for loving an extremely talented and winning team. Verdict:

The Buffalo Sabres
They won the Eastern Conference. But the West is superior. Ottawa started out slow, and the 'bres struggle at times vs. Canadian teams. But argue the record I guess.. Verdict:

Sunday, April 1, 2007

2007 Baseball season breakdown

2007 appears to be another wide open contest for the World Series as the last seven years have. Here are the staff's picks for 2007 MLB campaign.

Yankees AL East
Twins AL Central
Angels Al West
Blue Jays Wild Card

Mets NL East
Reds NL Central
Dodgers NL West
Phillies Wild Card

Alex Rodriguez AL MVP
Carlos Beltran NL MVP

Johan Santana AL CY Young
Jason Schmitt NL CY Young

Yankees over Dodgers World Series

Red Sox AL East
Indians AL Central
Athletics AL West
Angels Wild Card

Mets NL East
Astros NL Central
D'backs NL West
Marlins Wild Card

Manny Ramirez AL MVP
Miguel Cabrera NL MVP

CC Sabathia AL CY Young
Anibal Sanchez NL CY Young

Mets over Angels World Series


Red Sox AL East
Twins AL Central
Mariners AL West
Tigers Wild Card

Braves NL East
Brewers NL Central
D'backs NL West
Rockies Wild Card

Justin Morneau AL MVP
Miguel Cabrera NL MVP

Dan Haren/Boof Bonser AL CY Young (tie)
Dontrel Willis NL CY Young

Twins over Brewers World Series

Red Sox AL East
Indians AL Central
Angels AL West
Blue Jays Wild Card

Mets NL East
Cardinals NL Central
Rockies NL West
Marlins Wild Card

Vladimir Guerrero AL MVP
David Wright NL MVP

Roy Halladay AL CY Young
Dontrel Willis NL CY Young

Mets over the Indians World Series

Red Sox AL East
Indians AL Central
Angels AL West
Tigers Wild Card

Phillies NL East
Cardinals NL Central
D'backs NL West
Cubs Wild Card

Grady Sizemore AL MVP
Albert Pujols NL MVP

CC Sabathia AL CY Young
Roy Oswalt NL CY Young

Indians over Diamondbacks World Series