Friday, December 23, 2011

Festivus 2011: Airing of grievances

by Steve

Being a Buffalo Bills fan, a Buffalo Sabres fan and a Seinfeld die hard on 12/23 begs for an airing of grievances so I will most definitely oblige. Here are my 10 airing of grievances as a Buffalo sports honk in honor of Festivus:

1. Ralph C Wilson Jr.

Everyone says it is tough because he is 93 but I don't give a shit. The guy has ruined us as football fans for the past 51 years (me 26). Yes he had a good team in the mid 60's, 1981 and found a golden nugget from 88-99 with Polian and co. but the guy is an albatross. Sell the team you suck and we hate you. You have not made a good decision in 13 years. HALF MY LIFE!!

2. Darcy Regier

I'd say he is the worst GM in Buffalo Sabres history but I've only known two and the other one John Muckler traded my favorite player of all time Alexander Mogilny. But I still hate the dude. 14 years? What do you need 14 more? For every Danny Briere and Chris Drury there is a Briere and Drury that walked away for nothing AND 10-12 players (Leino, Boyes, Bernier, Torres, Connolly, Zubrus, etc etc) traded for or signed that were god awful. Not to mention retaining #3 on this list for a hot 14 years as well. Yes you can draft well (lately) although most of them are undersized shrimps and that isn't good enough.

3. Lindy Ruff

This guy complains more than Derek Roy and Steve Janis combined. Whether it is the refs or someone on his precious team getting hit he is always whining. Not to mention he is a loser that makes the playoffs less than half the time and I can't even remember his last playoff series victory.

4. WGR 550

Do we really only have one sports talk radio station in this town? Zero competition has really hurt this pitiful radio station. I mean I could list each personality on the station separately because I have grievances with all of them. Schopp and the Bulldog take the cake though. Can these two be more firmly in the pocket of the Buffalo Sabres? I mean yeah the station as a whole is but jeez these guys are the worst. Does Terry Pegula own the station? And why can't Mike Schopp and Chris Parker ever disagree on anything? Instead of hating on 90% of the callers try having differing opinions once a year.

5. Buddy Nix

You lost me with your first draft as Bills GM. Wow where are all the commenters now? I am a genius. Also why the hell is Stevie Johnson not signed yet? He may get partial passes on some of his decisions (Lee Evans trade) because of #1 on this list but Nix is a bum. Although the Ryan Fitzy Fitz-Noodle-Arm Fitzpatrick contract seems to be well constructed from a Bills stand point. Furthermore, another lingering issue is a perceived if not real belief that the Bills are a racist organization that is quick to hand whities money while leaving the black players to whither on the vine. I have heard this from sources within the Bills locker room so I'm not making it up. I'm not sure if I believe if but if players are saying it then it is clearly an issue. Maybe that is #1 also, who knows.

6. Ryan Miller

We are going to have a run on Ryans here. This bum of a goalie I have been harping on since the day he signed that contract. I had to slam a crow sando for one, COUNT 'EM ONE, good season this guy has had. Every other I have been right just look up his stats. Since when is giving up a soft goal in OT of the gold medal game of the Olympics a hero making moment? Is that what America has become, second place? It isn't even just the money. The guy is a bitch. He can't take any criticism, he is extremely surely, seems bitter and has a fragile psyche. The hot wife isn't helping matters either. Cut your salary in half and we'll talk.

7. Ryan Fitzy Fitz-Noodle-arm Fitzpatrick.

I like to think he is hurt but his lack of extra protective gear and practicing every day says other wise. The guy lacks confidence, has a weak arm that forces him to over compensate and can't throw the deep ball. I like his ability to read the defense and get rid of the ball in an instant but the guy just doesn't have it. I think the Bills could make the playoffs with this guy (and Jerry Sullivan today on WGR said he would take Fitz over Tebow if he had to win a playoff game) but he isn't winning a championship.

8. New York Mets

Is this team more irrelevant than the New York Islanders? It is sad when you would rather have the Toronto Blue Jays or even Pittsbrugh Pirates be your AAA parent club. Did they even send anyone to the winter meetings??? If Wilpon can't afford the team then sell the god damn team, you are an embarrassment at best and a criminal at worst.

9. Timothy Richard Tebow

Mostly because he is coming to town for Christmas but I do not like this guy. He is genuine and seems like a good guy but I don't give a shit. He skips rocks out there, runs a high school offense and gets more run than a Chinese restaurant toilet. He is a fad like the wild cat. Work hard buddy and build me a hospital you just aren't a good professional quarterback. Grab the h-back and tight end playbooks.

10. My Self

Why am I a Buffalo sports fan? Why do I live in a climate that is miserable 4-6 months out of the year? Maybe my parents should be number 10 (for baring me here). Or you the listeners and readers of this blog for not making us more popular rich and famous. Or it should be Coast for not contributing enough. But I'll take the tenth spot just so I can self-aggrandize.



  1. Good Lord. This is my first time to this site, and it will also be my last. This post seems to summarize your site well - that the only person who whines more than Ruff is yourself. I specialize in the Sabres, so let me detail where you've gone wrong there.

    Lindy Ruff has made the playoffs 8 of 13 years. And he has a winning record coaching in the playoffs, 57-44. Mere details, I know.

    And Ryan Miller? He was in a the top 10 for save percentage in '05-'06 (10th), '08-09 (8th), and '09-'10 (2nd). And a Vezina-winning year is a GREAT year, you idiot.

    Now, you want to whine about their personalities? Go for it. You want to whine about Regier? I won't try to defend him. But if you're going to whine, at least get your facts straight.