Friday, May 13, 2022

Buffalo Bills Betting Line for 2022 Season

by steve

Draft Kings has released spreads for every game in 2022. Here are the Bills betting line spreads for the entire 2022 season:

+1 at Rams
-7 (-120) v Titans
-3.5 at Dolphijs
-1 at Ravens
-8 vs Steelers
-1.5 at Chiefs
-4 vs Packers
-6.5 at Jets
-7.5 vs Dolphins
no line for Browns
-8 at Lions
-3 at Patriots
-9.5 vs Jets
-6 vs Dolphins
-7 at Bears
pick em vs Bengals
-7 vs Patriots

Bills are favored in 14 games, dawgs once, pick em once and no line for Browns. Most surprising line is at Chiefs. Im gonna bet Bills -6 vs dolphins at home in December right now.

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