Thursday, April 25, 2024

2024 NFL Draft Buffalo Bills Preview Predictions Part 5

by steve

Here are links to the first four parts of my Bills draft preview

The ideal day 1 would be for the Bills to move out of the first round and have three 2nd round picks or two and a 3rd. Take two 2nd round receivers.

In this scenario the Bills looking around at 28 and the top 4 or even 5 receivers are already gone and there is no round 1 grade on anyone else.

If trading down doesnt come to fruition Is go either Coleman or Worthy. I could live with the white Iowa safety but it would put tremendous pressure on Beane to get WEAPONS on Friday (coleman, franklin, pearsall, worthy).

Worst case scenario is moving 3+ premium picks to draft the 3rd or 4th best WR prospect. No one knows if these dudes are going to be good and the 29% hit rate for receivers in round 1 the last 20 years is scary.

Sure you get 4 years of a cheap contract (the fifth year is gonna be at least $16mil) so you save 20 to 25 mil in cap space vs trading for someone like Aiyuk but Aiyuk is a guarantee you are getting a stud. Drafting the second best Texas or LSU receiver is certainly no guarantee. 

But fo the Bills really care that much about cap space? They just pussed away $30 mil in space on someone to help beat them this season. Cap space is a borderline myth. I dont buy the cheap contract rhetoric, plus it likely wouldnt cost a first for Aiyuk. 

I could stomach moving up 3-5 spots at best for the WR they covet but you cant lose the 2nd round pick.

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